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About that Oil

Obviously there are different schools of thought in America in regard foreign policy and I keep coming down on the same side as President Trump. 

(Foreign Policy) Donald Trump says so many strange and outrageous things that it is impossible to remember them all. But one Trumpian remark that has stuck with me is the US president’s repeated insistence that, after conquering Iraq, “we should have kept the oil”.

Damned straight. After ‘liberating’ Iraq from Hussein, the US should have demanded reparations to the last penny spent including reparations to the families of fallen Americans and allies and rehabilitation payments to the wounded. The Trump hating globalists recoil from that thought, but American nationalists seem to share a different view. The same would be true were we to intervene in Venezuela (and I oppose that at this point). IF we were to intervene, we should be paid for that intervention with Venezuelan oil (or concessions to take gold from its rivers and mountains).

Venezuela can afford to pay for nation building and we should hold them to it. Humanitarian relief has a cost. Military intervention can be measured in dollars and cents. At present, Russia, China, Cuba, etc. are poised to condemn the US for its involvement in Venezuela, but President Trump has not taken the bait. It annoys them because Trump is not a politician in the stripe that they are accustomed to. (Our withdrawal from Syria was an example of leaving the Russians holding a bag in a no-win scenario.)

My company would benefit/profit greatly from American intervention in Venezuela, and I’ve been on the phone with  associates who keep asking me questions (which have been asked and answered before). The Venezuelan people are not willing to fight for their own freedom at present in sufficient numbers. Why should we spend political capital, national treasures and American lives to save them from their own bad choices if THEY are not willing to put it all on the line? Until they are, the US will remain on the sidelines. But if we do become involved, we should take the oil until the debt is paid in full. 
Globalists believe that America should expend the lives of its youth, its treasure, etc. to involve itself in conflicts and civil wars not of its making. Inside every Middle Eastern Muslim, there is not a democracy-loving American screaming to get out. We should have learned that lesson by now. Wasting resources better spend at home on worthless and endless war is something that America should know better than to do.
Name the Royal Baby?
The Dutchess of Sussex has given birth. The most popular name in England for new male births is “Mohammed”. I say that the British Royals should name the new baby Mohammed. How politically correct is THAT? Prince Harry and his wife, Meagan, pride themselves on being progressives. That’s clearly the direction that the UK is progressing.

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  1. Venezuela… The urge to do what we did in Grenada is strong. And even the same military 'aid' for the bad guys is there (Cubans, why does it always have to be Cubans…) but you are right, we need to wait until the people of that nation (Venezuela, not Cuba, but…) start fighting back in a large way. Which most likely won't happen as the Cubans take control.

    As to the supposed Royal Baby, well, I'll believe it when they print matching gene scans of child and the father (and the gene scans be done by a third party, in plain site, with lots of people watching, much like royal births started and finished back in the day,) and they are verified. Until then, the kid will forever have an asterix next to whatever its name may be (like some sportsmoneyball stars during the golden days of steroid abuse.)

    Mohammed (Sax-Coburn-Gotha) Windsor…

  2. Being reimbursed in oil or gold makes sense. That is why it hasn't happened, IMO.

  3. For the baby name, I suggest "Surplus Tyrant".

    We fought a damn war to get clear of that pack of useless, parasitic aristocracy, I'll never understand why Americans follow their trivia.

  4. I'm both shocked and appalled that the royal couple had the temerity to assume their baby's gender.

    At least the child will be vegan.

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