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There are fourteen shopping days left before Christmas. The temples of greed (shopping malls) depend on you spending your hard-earned money to buy stuff that will end up in landfills. This might be a good time to post your Christmas list in the comments section below.

Or maybe you’re waiting for Kwanza in the hopes of getting what you want (or possibly deserve)?

Go ahead, max out that credit card. It’s good for corporate America, which pins its hopes on you doing that at this time of year. You can pay it back eventually at 25% interest.


Boxing Day 

What are your plans for the day after Christmas? It’s the worst possible day of the year to have a birthday… If your birthday is on December 26, you’re upstaged by Jesus every single birthday of your life. Everyone lays around the house, exhausted, and explains that your Christmas present IS  also your birthday present. Of course. Have a plate of leftovers. Warm them yourself. We’re going back to sleep.


What do you make of this?

h/t Claudio – We emailed about the situation and this article. Without sharing my opinion directly, I’d like to hear yours in this open forum environment if you want to share it.

Note: Claudio and his family have scheduled a get-together with me over the break between Christmas and New Year’s Day. It should be a fun luncheon at one of the prettier places on the planet, with a lot of free-flowing conversation. We have been planning the summit meeting for a few months now. I’m very much looking forward to it.


Books & Entertainment

I have my favorites, of course, but you can also make suggestions for holiday reading for your fellow travelers through life who visit this blog.

In a few days, Jack Reacher Season 2 will arrive on Netflix (eagerly anticipated). Rebel Moon will be released on the same day for your viewing pleasure (also on Netflix) — When the ruthless forces of the Motherworld threaten a quiet farming village on a distant moon, a mysterious outsider becomes its best hope for survival. I can’t even guess whether or not it will suck.

The list of holiday blockbusters is very short – as in, I can’t think of anything coming to a theater that I’d want to spend my money to watch. Maybe you have an opinion on the matter that you’d like to share? Does Disney have a blackwashed remake of a classic coming out for the kids?



  The pale blue dot…  

Earth and Moon were seen on October 2, 2017, by OSIRIS-REx, when the probe was “only” 5 million km away from us. © NASA/OSIRIS-REx team and the University of Arizona


This tickled me:


  1. I worked with guy who had birthday on 26 December and would complain about the one present for birthday and Xmas.

    I managed to refrain from saying it might have something to do with him being a total jerk.

    Boxing Day in Australia is the equivalent of Black Friday in the USA. Don’t go near the shops unless you have to.

    Used to go to the range with friends to try out new toys on the 26th but they don’t open that day now. Just planning to see some of the family I won’t see on Xmas day. Sometimes I have too many relatives.

  2. On Israel, if any of the allegations are corroborated, forget a trial, the only question is whether a firing squad is too quick and painless,

  3. Question for L.L. / Claudio?
    Is the name of this system ( gospel A.I. ) being used on Hamas legit?
    Article from India news;

    Also, as I read the details and implications of new technologies in warfare and other services to the public I’m reminded of Matt Damon sitting in front of his parole officer in Elysium.
    ” You will be happy, and own nothing” echoes as Matt along with you and I ( brothers here pining in ) tries to negotiate with a i. in regard to life depending decisions. The buck stops at no one person’s desk. No one has the final word, as far as the public is concerned. From the Doctor to the police officer, and especially your local banker in regards to the loan you’re applying for, ALL are looking at the screen as saying, ” well sir, the system says…”
    Reacher….x2. May rewatch all the previous episodes before the new season. On Netflix this year? Or Prime? Or is this Tom Cruise sequel movie and not tv season?
    Kiddo’s; last evening our granddaughter just sang a theme song to me she just learned from Dumbo. K. I. S.S.

    • AI has been used for decades in terms of overhead analysis. It wasn’t called AI, then. Prioritizing targets in the context of Hamas and Gaza still involves/involved extensive HUMINT that is not discussed in these articles. Israel has/had a massive ground game on the West Bank and Gaza that didn’t involve AI.

  4. just like to mention the made-up poll tptb are trotting out showing tricky nikki beating slo joe by 18 percent. yeah, right. if you didn’t already, now you know the rhino sellout candidate.

  5. I beg to differ on Dec. 26th being the worst birth date – being born on Dec. 24th, as I was , gets you a lifetime of “combination” birthday/Christmas presents ( which never quite add up to the equivalent of two separate presents) , and no one has time to spare from their Christmas preparations to go to a birthday party .

    Not that I’m bitter about it .

    Actually, I suppose that being born on Good Friday, or Yom Kippur, would be somewhat worse .

    • I had a co-worker and buddy who complained to me that December 27th was the worst day of the year to have a birthday. I said, “I’ll bet you lunch that mine’s worse.” He said, “You’re on!” I said, “Mine is December 26th.”

      I let him off easy, and he bought cold roast beef sandwiches at Bud’s Meat Hut (Slogan, You can’t beat Bud’s meat).

      The question of whether December 24th is worse than December 26th is a fair one. Both are undesirable days to expect anyone to care that it’s your special day.

          • When they do, they stop being Californians (locusts not withstanding, because they never were Californians, only locusts). Any remembrance is like an immigrant fondly remembering the old country that no longer is, because it was destroyed.

            Texas is deferent. There they teach Texas history with US history being an elective. If a Texan accidently manages to leave to another state, they are just as lost as if they were on Mars.

  6. Reacher S2 is much anticipated as Prime kept releasing every type of other program they had in the can from Spring until now. Waited this long 5 more days won’t matter. One thing became apparent, they certainly have a bunch of busy writers and producers churning out viewer fodder. But R-S2 means the bad guys get it quick and righteously, which is very satisfying.

    Tucker’s new platform – Thinking this will be a game-changer and another brick removed from MSM’s foundational hold on “the news” (WSJ has a longer article but behind their paywall):

    I predict the MSM Democrat Propaganda Media will be dead in five years…sooner would be better but like ancient way past their warranty politicians some may hang on by their rotten fingernails for a while. Even, CNN seems “more moderate” these days as The Fox Boys wreck daddy’s “fair and balanced” powerhouse.

    For something fun, and God knows we could use some happy faces…got these from a brother last night; two Christmas Markets, one in Poland and the other in Copenhagen. People are having a great time…and not a mask to be seen. Folks here could learn a thing or two, especially if you have been to either place at this time of year; Nyhavn, Copenhagen for MrsPaulM and myself:


        • Noticed that as well, wearing their Helly Hansen and heavy Dale of Norway sweaters. Anthropogenic Globalwarmingclimatecoolingchange is total bunk…Mama Earth does what she wants while God looks on mumbling to Himself, “Not the evolutionary result I was expecting, some of these people are stupider than a caveman.”

          December 2005 we took MrsPaulM’s parents for an early Christmas family visit (back when SAS had the “beverage” cart)…was warmer than now. Got up to Helsingor for their JuleMarket and a tour of Kronborg (Hamlet’s Castle…you can see Sweden from there). That’s a lot of stone, which became apparent to me why they hung massive tapestries all over the walls and rugs on the floors, a damp cold permeated the entire place and those helped “warm” it up as the 42 fireplaces did little to heat.

          Americans need to find their happiness, tell these Morons in Charge cancelling Christmas events to go pound sand, not theirs to cancel. Time to again enjoy Christmas in spades, put a smile on…it’s good for a person.

      • What cultural hellscapes are these? Where’s muh sacred diversity? People queuing up, engaged in quiet conversation, and tables full of easily-pocketed items just out unguarded in the open? Unnatural!

        What those places need are some Scholar-American youths. They need shouting, mad dashes through the crowd, spontaneous explosions of loud emotional displays over nothing, twerking, and random violence perpetrated by stupid people for no discernible reason. That’s what Dane-mark and Poland need.

        It would be too great a sacrifice for the US to ship over some of our diversity (diversity IS our greatest strength). But maybe we could spare some of our “intellectuals” and “visionary leaders” to guide the Danes and Poles toward nirvana on earth. I hear that Bob Iger (PBUH) needs a new gig…. We could probably send zombie Noel Ignatiev too.

        • Yes, exporting our inner cities to places needing diversity would be something noble, in my opinion. Share the American experience with the Danes, the Poles, and the Hungarians. Let them “take up the white man’s burden…(Kipling)”

          • Well…there you guys go…adding fuel to the fodder fire to lead cultures astray from great food and fun on a cold wintry evening.

            Next you suggest the Danish Santa be black (“Black”?) and speak Swahili wearing Air Jordan’s while quoting the Koran in a diversity scoring attempt to abolish such happy times enjoyed by all. I mean, who could go against Aebleskiver with Lingonberry except for a DEI operative because it has no equitable quantity of Non-GMO mystery lab meat or organically raised bugs?

          • Speaking a of a Danish Black Santa, have you heard of his travelling companion Zwarte Piet, or Black Pete?

          • Just plowed more Globalcoolingwarmingclimatechange…I’m in for a bit. Had a bobcat sitting on the back porch early this morning, recently lost a bran cat (dangit!), now we know why. But we are an all-inclusive many-nature-spirit tribe here in the Colorado hinterlands.

            But no, had not heard of Black Pete, “part of the traditions of the low countries“. Then again the Dutch are not part of the Scandinavian club so tend to color outside the lines, but because – as noted by LL in today’s post – over half a million in-country blacks have been protesting the tradition Poor Black Pete is on the cancel chopping block. Nothing is allowed to be fun when the crazies get their ire revved up.

          • “bran” cat…hahah, “barn” cat, altho in our organically grown world bran could be accurate for some city folk.

        • “Leading astray”? Why no, I LOVE me some Danish culture. It just needs to be improved, to be repaired. As a high-IQ and highly ethical (more ethical than any of you lot) person, my duty is to repair your culture, your nation, your mythos (“I’ll destroy your mythos in a minute, baby” – Taika Waititi). If you don’t like that, then you’re an ignorant bigot. If you decide you don’t like ME because I’m busily repairing something that belongs to YOU, not me, and which I have no business monkeying with, then you’re committing Hate Crime. Them’s the rules.

          Besides, look how well it’s working out so far. The Little Mermaid is now a (fish)person of color, exactly as beloved author Hans Muslim Andersen intended. (Watch the vomit-inducing “interview” of Rachel Zegler by Halle Bailey.) Also, be of great cheer. Dr Who shows us that Sir Isaac Newton is a half-(dot) Indian queer. (Actor’s self description, not me making a slur. The “queer” part. Prolly not the dot part.

          • Heh…that was brilliant….AND…I suspect the Danes would let you live there to help them regain lost culture.

            (Really needed the humor as there’s some weird global warming inversion going on, might have to break out the Dale of Norway svettah.)

        • $9 bucks per month, $70 per year…when after commenting here (and a sprinkling of other blogs when the spirit moves) leaves me little time to watch a bunch of videos to justify more intel. I subscribed to FoxNation for one year under a half price deal, a lot of great content not seen elsewhere (ironically watched mostly Tucker interviews) but dropped it (as with Dinesh’s) after the year was up…not enough time in the day. Besides, I get all I need to know from VM, it’s like Prego.

  7. Haliva needs a long walk down a short plank if any of that is true.

    Not for all the Xi in Chi-nuh would I venture into a retail store on Dec. 26th. Or the 24th, for that matter.

    Christmas list? Surely you jest. You know where the gun stores are. Anything SIG, pre-Hilary Hole Smith or Colt will be fine. I got to fondle a brand-new Colt Anaconda the other day. It had arrived at the local Merchant of Death about 15-minutes before I did. The trigger pull was exquisite, both single and double. The MoD said, before you ask, it’s going in my personal stash. Another one that got away.

    “Most ricky-tick” That’s about how I remember it, except that would have been an M-60 sticking out the door. Get some!

    • Just like the guys at the bottom of Pearl Harbor, those Israelis are casualties of a war that needed to be fought but hadn’t yet begun due to lack of popular support.

      Wild Wild West, say what you will about the MIM parts and the Hillary Hole, but I bought a new J-frame Smith a year ago after trying it. It has without a doubt the best factory trigger of any revolver I’ve ever used. My Blackhawks also have wonderful triggers but every one was seen to by a gunsmith.

      Anyone have ideas on how to block the readability attacks on LL’s blog?

      • You might be right, SP, and thanks for the heads up. It’s just something about the aesthetics of the thing, and Smiff grips don’t look near as good these days as they used to. I’m kinda superficial about things like that. I’m told they’ve eliminated the hole on some of the new J-frames. I continue to monitor this because I’ve always preferred Smiff revolvers to Colt.

  8. Any recommendations on dog training? I’m sadly living the condo life (not for much longer) and adopted a 4 yo mixed (first dog in about 30 years) who, being a great judgement of character, took an instant dislike to the resident a$$…. with all the associated HOA b.s that goes with it. (He quite the board in a huff too when I pointed out the “irregularities ” of some of his contract negotiations we’re still dealing with). Avoidance has only worked to a point; starting some obedience training today, but suggestions welcome.

  9. What to get me for Christmas? There isn’t a lot that I require. I do tell folks that a bottle of high end adult beverage would be welcome, as are most calibers of ammunition. Now if you just have to get me SOMETHING, a nice custom 1911 would be welcome. I do prefer commander size.
    My mother-in-law’s birthday fell on Christmas day. That appears to be a contender.

    • Brings to mind, White Squall…a true story from 1961 where TPTB didn’t believe the Skipper that a rogue wave hit their “Summer at sea” sailing vessel, Albatross, drowning six, including the Skipper’s wife. Skipper was played by Jeff Bridges who served in the USCG. From a quick web search (paraphrase)…and the basis for the Skipper’s 1960’s naysayers…the idea of rogue waves were “legends”, then this incident, then a paper in 1964 by an esteemed Proff (Draper) for “freak waves” by way of wave height measurement efforts started the science investigation in earnest.

  10. Has anyone else noticed the similarities between the Tet Offensive and Oct. 7th?
    Tet brought the fighting in Viet Nam to forefront yet in the aftermath the VC were all but wiped out and this allowed Hanoi to decide the course of the war.
    After Israel is finished in Gaza, Hamas will ceased to exist with the exception of small terrorist cells.
    Could the Mullahs in Iran have wanted this outcome?
    What say you guys?

  11. And they want you to have more credit cards as you do pay off any debt.

    A Christmas birthday probably ranks right up there with a Boxing day birthday.
    My main plan is to thank God for each day he gives me.

    Pretty much nothing Hollywood does interests me any more.
    “It’s a Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart and “Miracle on 34th Street” with Maureen O’Hara are my Christmas go to viewing. With A Charlie Brown Christmas.

  12. Hamas and Israel. There is a constant pattern during my lifetime of intelligence ‘failures’. You can drive yourself crazy trying to connect the dots. My thought is these failures always involve REMFs staffed by people who step out of the shower to urinate.

  13. There were a lot of allegations early on that Israel, including Bibi set up the attack ala FDR and Pearl Harbor to allow the subsequent obliteration of Hamas.
    I found that cynical. About Bibi, not FDR.
    Glad to read Glick.
    “Hayun told reporters he is convinced that if he had been listening in the weeks before Oct. 7, the invasion would have been prevented.” He still would have been ignored.
    Firing squad, with forfeiture of rank and privileges to boot.

  14. Reference: Haliva has got to go

    What is new under the sun? Nothing. You don’t have to look at Israel to see actions at the highest levels bringing death and destruction to the peons. Just look at D.C. or your state, or your local government to see how far down sedition has crept into our country.

    Kissinger kicked off and there were oodles of stories about how great he was, but only a tiny bit telling of his sell outs such as not wanting to recover POWs or MIA remains from Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos. No one wants to remember his diplomatic failures in Africa which left peons dead in large quantities.

    Look at the current sellouts in the administration and in Congress on both sides of the aisle. So Speaker Johnson wants the border closed. Why doesn’t he follow his oath of office and put our officials who aren’t obeying their oaths in jail. They come in to testify and lie before Congress. It was OK for Pelosi to put individuals in jail and abrogate our constitution, but where are the congressmen and senators who actually follow their oaths. Why doesn’t Johnson use his authorized authority as the Speaker of the House to take action on those who are lying and violating laws?

    How many Americans have to die at the hands of illegals before our elected officials enforce existing laws?

    There is nothing new under the sun.

    • ” Why doesn’t he follow his oath of office and put our officials who aren’t obeying their oaths in jail. ‘ How is he supposed to do that? He is not law enforcement.

      • Ed, the House Rules used to allow the Speaker to jail those who were in contempt of Congress. That authority was used a few times in the first 200 years, and to the best of my knowledge the authority is still there.

        Contempt used to be not answering questions or perjury while under oath while testifying. Of course that went away during Trump’s phone call investigation when just about every witness lied to Congress.

        “Contempt of Congress is when an individual intentionally interferes with Congressional action. Congress has the power to restrain such individuals from interfering with its actions. It is a form of contempt, similar to contempt of court.” Cornell Law, Contempt of Congress

        • Who enforces criminal contempt?
          Like other federal criminal offenses, the contempt statute is enforced by the Department of Justice (DOJ).
          Congress may not act as a “law enforcement agency,” and thus it must rely on the executive branch to
          prosecute violations of federal criminal law, even when the offense is committed against Congress itself.
          Congress’s reliance on DOJ to prosecute criminal contempt charges represents the key weakness to the
          use of criminal contempt as a subpoena enforcement mechanism against executive branch officials.
          Although 2 U.S.C. § 194 explicitly states that it “shall be the duty” of the U.S. Attorney to present an
          approved contempt citation to a grand jury, DOJ has not interpreted the statute as creating a mandatory
          duty, asserting instead that it retains discretion over any individual contempt referral from Congress.
          Since 2008, the House has held ten individuals in criminal contempt of Congress. Of those referrals, the
          DOJ sought the indictment of two.

          • The Sergeant at Arms takes them from the room where they are testifying and puts them in the slammer. It’s that easy. You don’t rely on others to do your job as the current turn coats in Congress do.

            Those in the slammer have the ability to appeal to the courts while they are in the slammer unlike others who are denied the right of habeas corpus, extended detention without charge, not allowed to see counsel and other such legal issues which our courts are overlooking and which our representatives and senators are not willing to stand up for.

            Marbury v Madison, the decision that made explained all laws repugnant to the Constitution are null and void, also allowed Congress the ability to take care of proper legislation in their chambers. My wording is not exact, but the point is that Congress has the authority to work inside the constitutional limits to allow proper legislation. That includes holding for contempt of congress. The constitutional detention limits still apply as do our other laws so a charge would be brought forth. The authority is available, just not properly exercised.

            By the same token, Justice does not have the authority to push into congressional business such as Contempt of Congress.

            That being said, just look at the mess that is before us right now, today, and ask yourself why are our laws not followed by those who took oaths to support the constitution in the performance of their duties. At all levels, we are being scammed by those who have no idea what the constitution demands.

  15. Maj. Gen. Aharon Haliva should be relieved for failures that led to the Gaza war. However, that is not a solution. The Israeli system promoted Haliva to Major General and did nothing to defend the Israeli people. The people of Israel need to make very significant changes to the system that put Haliva in charge. With the application of enough artillery, Gaza and Hamas will be destroyed. If the people of Israel do not make changes in Israeli thought, Hamas version 2.0 will rise from the wreckage and attack Israel again in 10 to 20 years.

  16. Temples of Greed.

    Preach it, LL.

    Boxing Day? In the old days we’d invite the parish around for enchiladas. Always beautiful and no one dared steal the silver.

  17. FYI on the Emperor Scorpion while being the biggest (i think) of the species they are docile and have a sting no more than a bee. People who keep them will sometimes have a black light on their setup as they showup a neon fluorescent green under it.

  18. Er, uh…re. get together with Claudio:
    I assume OPSEC, attorney on retainer with phone number on speed dial, combat parked, and bail money in the Mason jar in the kitchen cabinet behind the Skippy’s?

    • Yeah. Damn it. Gone too soon. I wonder what his stories would have been like had he lived another 10 years. The tone was getting progressively lighter as he aged, from grimdarkOMFG to almost optimistic. (Could you imagine the Hammer’s Slammers Drake writing a character such as Pal of Beune?)

      On a purely selfish note, I am sad that I won’t get to check every few years on how Daniel Leary and Adele Mundy are getting on. And I really really wanted to know how the world of the Time of Heroes series works. Is it all an ailing simulation, like being in an incomplete (or degraded) game?

      RIP, Dave Drake


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