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Just because, I thought I’d add a little piece about Persian Caphracts.


Party Armor


The pushtigban was an elite military unit of the Sasanian period, which acted as the bodyguard of the shah (the Persian king) and were equipped as heavy cataphracts. The pushtigban-salar was the commander of this unit. Thus his armor was fancier. The depiction of the armor above is based on historical artifacts.

The Sasanian Empire is also known as the Second Persian Empire (the first one being the Achaemenid Empire, the nemesis of the Greek city-states that was finally conquered by Alexander of Macedonia). The Sasanian dynasty of Persia ruled an empire that lasted from the 3rd to the 7th centuries (the time known as the Migration Period). During this time the Sassanids were the main Asiatic enemies of the Roman Empire, but also fought wars with steppe nomads such as the Huns and the first Turkic khanates. The Sasanian Empire finally collapsed in the mid-7th century with the Arab conquest of Persia.

The Arab conquest ended the Zoroastrian religion that the kings of Persia had practiced since the Achaemenid period. As you know, it was replaced by Islam, and Persia became part of a gigantic caliphate, heavily influencing the subsequent Early Medieval Islamic world which is not all that different than the Islamic world of today.

Following the Islamic conquest, many Persian Zoroastrians that refused to convert fled to India, being the ancestors of the modern Parsi community of India, and the last members of the Sasanian royal family fled in exile to the court of the Tang emperor of China.


  1. Back at the homestead. If I don’t read or listen to “the news”, it’s quiet and calming here. Then I read and the Zen gets lost. America is a train wreck loaded with dumpster fires. If it works The Left/Dem’s will fix it…and we take it in the shorts. Brother’s drove back to PA, Iowa City diesel $5.14…in PA, $6.48. Nah, nothing happening on purpose. Bums in DC hamstringing America with created food and fuel shortages, then, in their “are we not merciful” voices, do some tiny thing as if they are our savior. Next it’ll be the power grid, already starting in some places. Reagan was spot on.

    Went to the Tetons, Jenny Lake is very low, and huge Jackson Lake is near empty, looks lower than last September, channel is running strong. Where the heck is the water going?! Runoff is starting, fresh snow over the past month loading the high country, rivers are already roaring. But the Park Service says “there’s a drought, so the lakes are low”. Not true. It’s a total false flag to create bad optics for the General Public, who will panic and get on board with the “anthropogenic global warming” lie. According to local non-Lefty’s the water is going to California (who just nixed two desalination plants). We are being lied to…everyday.

    I’m limiting my direct interaction with the outside world.

      • Every year we get from “the state” hyperventilator’s that the “snowpack is only 3/4 of normal” (whatever that means) so it’ll be a dry year”…usually right before the Spring storms hit and the high country gets hammered. Despite PhD special status they have no crystal ball…altho might be a Magic 8 Ball, the Lefty version.

        Push narratives for more control while creating worry in the willfully ignorant.

        • 1/2 of the moisture that Northern Arizona receives comes in the summer during monsoons. It’s been that way since people started keeping track. They could build more reservoirs here in deep canyons, but the environmental impact of doing that is “prohibitive”…

          • For nearly 30 years the “they” have been trying to build Glade/NIST reservoir, filling in the valley 20 miles below us, requiring rerouting of Hwy 287 and displacing a few folks. The water goes to Greeley, east of Fort Collins. As you know water rights are big business in the West, go to the high country to some body of water only to find out it’s “owned” by Denver or Aurora and there’s a “use fee”.

            The ever-expanding infrastructure leading to more government to cover “expected” growth and associated costs. If you build it…

          • I found it interesting that Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA), the water authority that services the Las Vegas area has been working diligently to acquire water in West-Central Utah – Snake Valley. They have proposed to pump water from the underlying Basin and Range Carbonate Aquifer that supplies local agriculture and is a relatively large source of water for that agricultural region.

            Relatively high ranges like the Snake Range, Deep Creek Mountains, and the Schell Creek Range allow a large snowpack that recharges the regional aquifer. So it’s been stable for a long time.

            The water development project is proposed by the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA), the water authority that services the Las Vegas area. In the proposal, a pipeline would be built from Snake Valley (and Spring Valley) to supply pumped groundwater to be used as municipal water for the Clark County, Nevada region, with amounts ranging up to 137,000 acre-feet (169,000,000 m3) per year.

            Without draining Utah, the casinos wouldn’t have those large water fountains and the Las Vegas area would begin to dry up. They pumped Lake Mead dry and human remains sent to swim with the fishes are showing up. There is no lid on the demand for fresh water and places like Clark County have a nearly inexhaustible supply of funds.

          • I worked on a proposal to use Small (Nuclear) Modular Reactors/Generators which are advanced nuclear reactors that have a power capacity of up to 300 MW(e) per unit, (which is about one-third of the generating capacity of traditional nuclear power reactors.) to be placed outside of fault zones to power desalination plants placed along the pacific coast. Those plants would supply California’s Owens Valley, for California municipal uses and would be piped to Nevada for the use of the SNWA. That would take much of the pressure from the Colorado River system. The proposal didn’t stop there. SMR’s would also be sited in Mexico for the use of powering desalination for Northern Mexico and a pipeline would be built to transport that water to supply Phoenix. Phoenix has a vast supply of underground water, but it’s under pressure because of the migration of Californians fleeing the pseudo-communist regime there.

          • I’ll conclude my fresh water rant by saying that the only logical solution to the critical water needs of the Southwestern United States must come from nuclear-powered desalination facilities that operate safely and responsibly (just like all of the nuclear-powered ships and submarines in the US Navy). It is a massive undertaking and if we started tomorrow, it would be fully operational (supplying the southwestern US and Northern Mexico) within 20 years, with early production coming on line much earlier than that.

            And if you want a robust power grid to support the needs of the nation and 100 million electric cars added to the mix, it can only come from nuclear energy. Solar panels and windmills are not the solution.

            (so let it be written, so let it be done)

          • Brilliant. Good “rant”.

            I’m with you…unfortunately the Dem’s don’t want solutions to problems they’ve created. (My newest axiom)

        • One of our extended clan just retired from Northern Water, and was telling me about that “new” reservoir that the greenies have been fighting for years. It should have been on-line by now, but….

          The developers want to keep building, without much thought to the additional strain it puts on the infrastructure. They need water, water treatment, power, and all the stuff it takes to provide those things.

          And even in the five years we’ve been here, I can’t believe how much new housing has been built. Wellington has exploded like a mushroom patch after a good rain, and East of town here, along Harmony rd, there’s many new apartment buildings going up.

          How do they expect to continue with the limited resources we have?

          • Think back on SoCal. How could you build houses without transportation infrastructure, power infrastructure (not a windmill and a hope for a breeze), water infrastructure, schools, etc.? But they did it and they took the money and ran.

          • DrJim, Exactly. They like the tax revenue. When we pastored our church, MrsPaulM and I never looked at numbers, whether it was 3 or 33. Our activity was never “how to grow” (besides being a rural shop so the numbers would never be large). Always quality over quantity.

            City and county managers like growth at any cost, to them it means they have been successful.

    • The horses were armored and I don’t think that they moved very fast. Maybe it wasn’t necessary?

      • Good question and to be fair, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone really make the comparison, which makes me feel I’m missing something. Maybe speed was it — more of a royal guard perhaps. Interesting.

    • The proper course of education for boys, ancient Persian curriculum.
      Teach your boy:
      1. to ride
      2. to shoot straight
      3. to speak the truth and shun all lies

  2. On the Park Service ,,,,back around 2014 we were in Glacier NP, late one evening we were at some viewpoint admiring the glacier that wasn’t suppose to be there.The work crew showed up bought dark to remove the sign that claims the glacier would be gone by 2012 . This was a contract crew and we had a good laugh about it. I offered them $50 for the sign, but they said they had to account for every one and they were being melted down. Whodathunkit?

    • The green agenda and the notion that man-caused global warming is drying up the oceans is based on a series of lies. I listen to well-put scientific arguments that climates change and tree rings going back to the earlier trees we can find show that’s true. Climates get warmer, cooler, wetter, and drier. We can do something about pollution and some nations do. Others (China and India as examples) don’t seem to. Russia is horribly polluted from the days of the USSR.

      The sign that you point out is just an example of the culture or lies that the government seems to rest on.

      • Had a large Ponderosa die by the barn, took it down to slab for a table and mantle. Counted 73 rings, all of various wet and dry years. Last 6 have been a little drier but not “drought”. You could easily see the mid-70’s wet years, and really wetter in the 50’s with wet/dry periods in the 60’s.

        Might be a little drier now than then, but what do I have to say about it? Nothing. It’s nature. But the foolish among us believe otherwise, especially if it involves “taxing the weather to change the weather”.

        • Having a weather tax is a powerful incentive for the woke green lobby in DC. And if you don’t agree with them, you’re a terrorist.

  3. The war in the Pacific was caused, in part, by the Roosevelt Administration cutting off oil exports to Japan. Economic “sanctions”. Rather than backing down, Japan went for the oil in Java.
    The Biden Abomination is now waging war on Russia by means of “economic sanctions”. Do they expect the Russians to roll over and play dead?

    • Russia will have to content itself to be China’s bitch. They’ll trade oil for finished Chinese goods. It’s not a great solution for them, but they don’t have a lot of options at present.

      Biden & the Congress would really like a nuclear war and they keep talking about it – Russia or China both. I don’t understand the logic, but Brandon is an empty shell who shouts shit out like a crusty, grumpy old man, yelling at neighborhood kids to get off his lawn.

    • WSF,

      The Biden administration has a two front war, the second is being waged against the lower and middle classes.

  4. I’ll try and stir things up.
    Taiwan: Everyone talks about China invading, but do they have to? Wouldn’t a blockade accomplish their goals better? Preceded by a statement to the UN that this is an internal afair and that any international interference will not be tolerated, they could then provoke the ROC into firing first.
    Does the US have the means, and more importantly the will, to charge into a war zone to defend Taiwan?

    But hey, the Navy has a plan to battle Climate Change!!!!!!!

    In other news, the Army is going full woke

    • If the question is: Could the US Navy and Air Force prevent the PR Chinese from successfully invading Taiwan – given adequate warning, I think that the answer is yes. We could do it today. It’s much easier to keep the PR Chinese from successfully invading Taiwan than it is to handle the invasion. The Chinese ports that must be used could be mined, submarines and aircraft could be used to thwart much of the Chinese fleet and the Nationalist Chinese have defenses of their own.

      Could we do it given another 6 years of Democrat malfesience? Maybe not.

      • True. But mining ports and firing on PLAN ships are acts of war. We have no treaty obligation to defend Taiwan as there is with NATO. If the Chinese don’t declare war or fire on us first do you really believe we would have the national will to go to war with a nuclear power that also has a good percentage of our National Command Authority on their payroll? And does our Navy have enough commanders willing to go ‘In Harm’s Way’ to go head to head with PLAN? I have my doubts.

        • If we engaged in an effort to stop the PRC from invading Taiwan, the smart thing to do would be to fire a first strike nuclear scenario/surprise attack and it would be Katie-bar-the-door.

          Yes, our National Command Authority has people like the traitor, General Millie, and likely SECDEF Austin on their payroll.

          My response is not a “practical answer”, but I think that we could stop them if there were no traitors in the Pentagon and White House. Should we go to war over Taiwan? No. China is presently in self-destruct mode – worse than we are – and Xi is clinging to power very tenuously at this point. His survival in office for the next 12 months depends on how ruthless he is. There is a current round-up of Xi enemies going on in the PRC. Will he get ALL of the right people? Maybe…

          • Someone else was saying he couldn’t see how China could remain an intact power through the end of this decade. However, he had a touching belief that China wouldn’t want their population to undergo deprivation and starvation, so his analysis may be a bit off.

          • When you look at the BRUTAL extended lockdowns, people’s inability to work, to get food, to live – with the goal of 0 covid cases, when the testing is 50% accurate, I doubt that Xi cares what the people endure.

  5. I agree with the esteemed Paul M in that I can only ingest “news” in small doses. So much of it is phrased with a smidgen of actual data and the rest is inflammatory propaganda designed to sway you one way or the other. Put a few rounds through a rifle yesterday which is how I get rid of being pissed off at the world. Can’t be mad and shoot accurately at the same time, or at least I can’t. Was very relaxing.

    Don’t think Russia has a way to back down now without Putin being removed and Ukraine ceding some territory (Donbas?). Between that and food shortages and fuel shortages and whatever the next plague coming down the pike is this should be an interesting summer. Oh and let’s not forget the mid term elections.

    • It’s more fun to set off claymore mines near rusted-out cars and pick-ups on the Hopi Reservation (desert) – than just to shoot at the range, or so I’m told. Shooting into tannerite is more fun (along the same line) than shooting a paper target. Again, the joy that is derived is only a rumor that I am unable to substantiate.

      • Oh agree tannerite would have added to the experience but I used all that I had about two weeks ago and need to get more. Besides I was shooting rimfire at 100 yds so I don’t know if the round would have enough energy to initiate the reaction. A friend of a friend told me that shooting tannerite that is in a piece of heavy cardboard tubing from the center of a roll of carpet with a small cutout for the round to go through to launch a projectile is fun as well.

        No experience with Claymores whatsoever other than for a short time I had a plastic replica on my desk when I worked with a “For Service Pull Tag” lanyard on it. For some reason or other my supervisor asked me to put it away. Don’t know why.

        Way back in the day when EOD was a munitions career field I helped them shoot unexploded cluster bomb munitions on a bombing range with a .50 BMG. Believe it was called SMUD (small munitions unit disruption) or something like that. That was truly a hoot.

        • You two are having way too much fun making pieces outta stuff. (Can you have too much fun? Nah.)

          • Good point.

            Decompression is necessary, especially for those who have been “in the ugly mix” that most of us plebes could not comprehend even on a bad day. (huge thank you for your service h/t)

        • Beware the backblast of Claymores. Yeah, I know front toward enemy – and they’re directional for the most part…but you need sand bags BEHIND THEM if you are behind them. The shrapnel won’t be stopped by wood or drywall and the bricks will shatter and spall.

          Since they have a command detonation option, you can put them as far away as your cord will allow. It allows for creativity.

          Never rule out the use of (modern) bangalore torpedoes is you can lay your hands on them. Yes, I know that they are used to tear up wire defenses, but they do the same thing to flesh and bone that they do to wire. They’ll take a deuce-and-a-half APART in a very satisfying way.**

          **There may be some sort of Geneva Convention prohibition against using them in an anti-personnel role. I’m not quite sure. There is a rumor that ST-5 trained with them in an anti-personnel role and used them in South America against drug cartels (in cooperation with the local military) with some effect.

  6. Kle – the Night Owl Bar (yes, a dive) is north of Mission Bay somewhere. It’s not adjacent to Linburgh Field. I am not familiar with the F-102 Bar if it’s the SRO Bar, it’s now a drag queen bar – was a pilot’s joint once. I don’t roll that way. San Diego has changed and the places I used to go to are places I don’t go. The various Officer’s Clubs are still ok, but the vibe is very restrained.

    McP’s in Coronado is occupied by tourists now who want to go to a real SEAL Team bar. It’s to be avoided IMHO. The Salty Frog in Imperial Beach may still be OK. Women who went in there were initiated by having blue and green chemlights cut open and poured over them. It ruined their clothes, but clothes didn’t stay on long in that place and in that time (now passed) for those desiring to be turned into amphibians. The Plank, right on the beach in IB was not as wild as the Frog. I have no idea what is going on these days. People who couldn’t hold their booze would walk out onto the sand and barf – a lot. You wouldn’t want to walk the sand there at night. It was either barf or somebody would throw some sand on a jellyfish. They were equally bad.

    Sometimes Marines would go to the Frog in search of a fight. A guy I know woke up in a residential area on somebody’s grass one morning in Santee when the sprinklers went on. He wore a Marine staff sergeant’s shirt, his own tousers – levis, and had half a dozen USMC ID cards in his pocket without a clear understanding of how it all came to be. He only suffered a loose tooth and a cut lip. The Frog in the late 70’s or early 80’s.

    • Yeah, the Nite Owl is kinda near a Der Wienerschnitzel over there. I didn;t mean that it was near the other place, I was just reminded of it because they both have good signs.

      I looked the other place up, it’s the Aero Club. I guess it isn’t a pilot’s hangout, judging by the website. Maybe it was once, but it looks like it’s been gentrified since. Here’s a picture of the place, and the nice sign:

      I can imagine women tourists maybe going to a “real SEAL bar”, to pick up SEALs. I can’t think of a reason male tourists would go to one, unless I suppose they want their ass kicked? Not my scene.

      But, people have weird motivations.


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