Monkey Pox and other STDs

I’ve read that experts are saying that syphilis is surging and that it will be the next national health emergency. I hate to point this out, but there is an easy way to prevent contracting syph…

Arguably, one of the next public health emergencies will be responding to the increase in sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, STI rates were on the rise.

As health systems return to pre-pandemic delivery of services, the ongoing upward trajectory of STIs is coming into focus.

Most alarming is the resurgence of syphilis, known as the “Great Imitator” for the challenges it presents to clinical diagnosis. The latest rates suggest that far from the plans to eliminate syphilis in the 1990s and the 2000s, the disease has once again emerged as a public health threat.

According to recently released CDC data, cases of syphilis increased 52% from 2016 to 2020, and congenital syphilis cases are up by 235%.

Preliminary data for 2021 show yet another increase of congenital syphilis, considered a sentinel event in the healthcare system.

The spread of Monkey Pox (apparently first transmitted to humans through an African having intimate relations with a monkey) in Europe is connected with two rave-style sex and drug orgies. Again, maybe I’m simple, but it shouldn’t be that difficult to slow the spread.


From Davos

Know what’s even more fun than eating bugs and owning nothing?

Tracking your personal carbon footprint!

That’s right – according to J. Michael Evans, president of the Alibaba Group, a new social compliance platform tested in Chinese cities might be the wave of the future. More here…

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Combating Racism requires a Chart

For the present national forum on racism, Hispanics, Asians, American Indians, East Indians (red dot), Eskimos, etc. are all deemed to be racially “white”. Rooftop Koreans are especially considered to be “white”. Shooting inner city people who are intent on looting their stores and killing them is deemed to be “white supremacy and terrorism”.


  1. I don’t suppose the rise in public health emergencies has anything to do with all the illegal aliens…

    The only problem with a chart to combat racism is it shows that you can’t.

    You all be safe and God bless.

    • I really don’t know that anyone knows what diseases illegal aliens from s-hole countries bring with them. USGOV certainly doesn’t care.

      Walk softly and carry a big stick, LindaG.

      • Oh, the big one is methicilian resistant tuberculous… that is what they are bringing that is the real killer. I don’t see any warnings or propaganda and health warnings about that. Diseases we haven’t encountered or have wiped out in our country. Have Bluecross?

  2. LL, I am shocked that you would imply people should realize that there are negative repercussions to their self gratification and change their behavior accordingly. Personal responsibility is so 20th century. Oh the humanity.

    The combating racism chart is oh so accurate. What strange times we live in. Only way to win is to not play the game.

    • Going to a rave with genuine Africans, fresh-off-the-boat, somewhere in Europe and engaging in congress with the same and being surprised that you have a virus that came from said Africans boning monkeys (dead or alive or both) is a special kind of stupid.

      • Hard words but you are right, it is a special kind of stupid. If it was just them I would be happy to call it natural selection in action and call it good.

  3. The monkey sex theory was my favorite about how AIDS came about. Looks like nothing has changed.

    • Syphilis came from sheep. Camels are called ships of the desert because of the semen inside, and so forth.

  4. There was a cartoon a number of years ago where a young man is asking grandpa what they wore back in his day to prevent STIs.
    Grandpa’s answer: A wedding ring.

    • Maybe if you get the pox it will turn you into a flying monkey and you’ll find that inexplicably, you love Hillary.

          • Next time she’s giving some sort of public rambling diatribe outside…

            Martin Mars water drop!

            Is that illegal? It’s just water… maybe some fish or slow ducks.


  5. STIs on the rise? Go figure. Stay tuned for more of this as we lurch further into Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Speaking of monkeys, the pox adds a whole new dimension to “floor safe.”

      • Theron also seems pretty smart, from some of the interviews I’ve seen her give. Pity she has idiot politics and felt the need to virtue-adopt. Also, there is something wrong with a woman who’d take up with Sean Penn.

        Musk is not #ourguy but he’s discomfiting the Good People, so that’s good. But he’s not #ourguy.

        Re der raycissism: always remember who did the most to weaponize negroes. (And continue to do so.) It sure wasn’t Blacks themselves.

  6. Monkeypox huh…more bravo sierra from those who despise anyone “not them”. Gee, maybe quit having illicit sex against God’s prescription in hellhole places. But maybe it’s just me.

    Just now heard The Hologram after yet another shooting tragedy on his watch. Who knows, maybe because kids have been cooped up for two years and told to be very afraid. Nah, that couldn’t be it. Another 18 year-old lunatic shoots up an elementary school and this incoherent bum turns a horror into a political flaming arrow. To hear this black-souled reprobate citing Scripture and using God’s name in anger to connect the dots against his enemies (us), while conveniently obfuscating his own party’s destructive actions, is more than I can take. America deserves vastly more than this piece of human debris defiling everything he touches. Seriously frosts my shorts.

    Is this what we’re in for until November?

    In the meantime I’ll be praying that God comforts the family’s in their grief, that their pain be diminished by His infinite love, and that He warmly receive the innocent who were taken far too soon.

  7. Ex Africa aliquid semper abominatio.

    The actually educated who visit here will please correct my gutter Latin.

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