6 thoughts on “One Size Fits All

  1. Bill Bowerman, Nike founder, was a WWII vet who received the silver star. I imagine he would be rather disappointed in what his company is doing. Nike could have picked better former NFL players, actual stars rather than a mediocrity, to represent them. Roger Staubach and Rocky Bleier come to mind.

  2. What an excellent and popular shoe. And so cheap given all the brand new, never used, mint condition surplus from the former Eastern Bloc.

    A bit like the Mosins of yesteryear.

  3. "A bit like the Mosins of yesteryear."
    Indeed. I hear tell that the Finnish version of the shoe is superior to the original EastBloc shoes.

    I stopped wearing Nikes decades ago when they changed the last. Initially regretted that because I'd run many miles in my "Contrails" but after seeing the direction the company took, I'm glad there is no dilemma for me: Not only do I despise their sportsball representatives[1], but their shoes don't fit me properly either.

    [1] to be fair, I don't care for sportsball (of any kind) in general, but my dislike of dandelion-head is specific.

  4. I've never bought anything Nike. Their shoes don't fit me. Any company that has management openly playing politics won't get my consumer, or investor, dollar if an alternative is present.

  5. "One size fits all". Of them. Nice bright colors. Good IFF and targeting aid.

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