Heir apparent for Barack’s job as President? Biden 2016? He says YES!
Slow Joe’s wrong score is only exceeded by a very few in Washington:
Barack Obama, wrong 99.7% of the time, Nancy Pelosi, wrong 100% of the time 
and Hillary Clinton, who says regarding her ‘wrong score’ “What does it matter?”


  1. Yep, not pretty at all… and this is the 'best' the dems have to offer??? And we can't seem to get them out of office? We're doomed…

  2. Happy idiots such as Biden are useful dupes as front-men. The power behind the throne simply buys votes with our money.

  3. On the plus side, the GOP will have a hard time fielding a candidate that is dumber and less appealing to the nation.

    On the down side, they always seem to manage that. Is it Dole's turn again, or is McCain coming back? I always lose track.

  4. The problem with Biden is that he makes Hillary look like a champ. Hell, he makes a lampshade look like a Jeopardy champion. When he debated Paul Ryan, and was ridiculous, he got a pass and was said by the pass to be playing the role of "attack dog", never mind that he was wrong about many things. They won't play that nice when he is up against Hillary.

  5. I do think that he plans a run against Hillary in the primaries and I will sit back, eat popcorn and enjoy the show.

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