Iran’s Ballistic Missile Attack

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Based on current information, Iran lobbed a dozen or so conventional warhead ballistic missiles at the Iraqi desert and hit their target. They certainly had targeting information sufficient to drop their missiles within the perimeter of the Al Asad Air Base. But they apparently did not. The missiles used were likely the older Shahab A, based on the North Korean Nodong missile. (I expect that “no dong” means something different in North Korea than it does in the USA)
Iran likes to walk right up to the line.

17 thoughts on “Iran’s Ballistic Missile Attack

  1. Well, it lets them lie to their domestic audience about a "mighty vengeance strike", w/o incurring much retribution, if any.


  2. Locally produced variant of the Scud. Since they're using their "old stuff", I'm guessing this is more of a nuisance strike. Still, I wouldn't put it past them to lob something newer with a nastier warhead.

  3. Commenting on the name of the missile.

    We had an oriental guy at the place I retired from who has a similar name. His name is Long Dong. He knew what the American vulgar is and had a good time with his given name.

  4. Smoke and mirrors?

    What I'm seeing from the American Media Maggots (h/t BZ) is the missle have hit the airbase with unknown casualties.

  5. 15 missiles, 4 went off guidance, 1 hit Irbil and 10 hit near Al Asad AFB. No US casualties. They could have hit the target if they'd used their good missiles.

  6. They like to walk up to the edge, but they know what the result of an attack that results in the death of Americans. Ask the late Gen. Soleimani.

  7. Don't we have Patriot batteries in-theater? With the advances in radar since Gulf War I, I'm sure they were tracking these from launch to impact. Possibly we knew they weren't a threat based on the incoming tracks, and just let them fall.

    Otherwise we would have blown them out of the sky….

  8. I don't know where the Patriot batteries are. Possibly Baghdad? I thought the same thing. Why didn't they interdict the ballistic missiles?

    They landed in the area of the air base, and I don't know precisely what THAT means beyond "the area of the air base".

  9. Before I shut down last night, I heard a talking head on FNC speculating that they deliberately missed us so that they could talk a big story about how tough they are, but not have us reciprocate with a payload we can put through the desired window in a large building.

  10. Oops – sloppy keyboarding. I meant to add that you seem to be agreeing that's what the attack was all about. Saving face.

  11. Lots of Iranians hate their government.
    Any response should be very targeted to remove same-not a mass mailing, a personal love letter. Like the one we just mailed.
    Skin in the game, so to speak.

  12. This latest "incident" (which I liken to a 6 cyl. 70's muscle car…all show and no go) has forced me to not listen to anything the speculative editorializing talking head media tries to pass off as news on their peat & repeat blathering. I'd rather read what folks – who have been there and seen behind the curtain – like yourself, have to say on the matter…cut through the stupidity for the truth.

    This morning President Trump was pissed but disciplined, the gloves are off but he isn't stupid enough to react to provocation.

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