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China in Focus:    (video)

  • The Bamboo Locust Plague has hit China and authorities say that it will have to be accepted as the “new normal.”
  • Chinese Civilian Passports are being invalidated and reissued to insure that only the “right kind of people” are allowed to leave.
  • Weather Warnings and continued flooding in China continue as the Three Gorges Dam continues to show evidence of buckling.
  • A Whistleblower from Wuhan recounts how the Communist Chinese undertook to hide the virus from the rest of the world even as people from Wuhan traveled and spread the pandemic.


Chinese Fishing Fleet Invades the Galapagos Archepelago:    (video)

This is a video update on the 260 Chinese fishing ships that were discovered near the Galapagos Islands sparking concerns that they will damage the marine eco-system in the area.

Chinese Fishing Fleet arrives like Locusts

Sun spokesman John Hourston told Sky News: ‘The threat that the industrial Chinese fishing fleet poses to the unique and spectacular marine life of the Galapagos archipelago cannot be overstated.’ He also said the vessels were ‘sucking the life from this biodiversity jewel’. ‘Marine life doesn’t recognize lines on a map. Unless the high seas are given protection, the ocean is in danger of becoming become a lifeless desert.’

The Plot Thickens –

Ecuador is not traditionally a mining country, but the industry was given a more prominent role during the Correa administration. His government, which was marked by strained relations with the United States, looked into diversifying the economy from its dependency on oil exports by attracting external investment to tap into the country’s rich mineral reserves. Although Mirador is considered the country’s most significant mining project, several concessions for major projects have been granted in recent years, many of them to Chinese companies. At some 16 million people, Ecuador’s entire population is smaller than that of Beijing – but despite its size, the country isn’t just attractive to investors from the Middle Kingdom, it has rung up a huge debt with China. Out of 15 countries in Latin America that have received Chinese funding, Ecuador is among the top three borrowers, with a total of 15 loans estimated at US$18.4 billion.

It turns out the glorious prosperity the Chinese promised by complying with their demands has not materialized. So they sent the fleet to the Galapagos to collect on the debt by stripping the sea around Ecuador of life.

16 thoughts on “China Update

  1. While I know we can interbreed, do the Chinese have anything in common with the rest of mankind? They seem to respect nothing including the Earth and anything that shares the planet. Isn’t that heir history going back forever?

    1. I have a lot of love and respect for Chinese people. I’ve spent time in China and I’ve worked with a lot of Chinese people. Under other circumstances, I might have had a Chinese wife. The culture goes back many many thousands of years and the culture is rich. I know many people who studied China all their lives and some of them even came to understand China – some but not all.

      Kipling said that East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet. It’s even true of the Middle East, which is not Chinese but it is Asiatic.

      I don’t claim to know China or the Chinese people. I’m not one of those old China hands, a true China expert who knows the literature, etc.

      Chinese people pride themselves on predictability. Westerners don’t. So China is predictable.

      The Communist brought nothing but pain to China and the Chinese people in my humble opinion. Their disregard for human life and their tolerance for human suffering is legendary. The same can be said for ALL communist nations.

      I get along well with Chinese, understanding that Chinese view “relationships” and “friendship” differently. A westerner confuses the two but the Chinese do not. We could talk endlessly about Chinese mindsets and why they are.

      The Russian Eagle has a head that looks toward Asia and a head that looks toward Europe. It is a nation of two mindsets, often in conflict. I get along with Russians. I understand their (often morbid) sense of humor. I’ve been around them. I know their prejudice and their virtue.

      For me it was studied over a lifetime. Sometimes because of work, and other times because it fascinated me. I think that there is a shooting war coming with China because I don’t see any way around it. China has to be stopped. They will not stop on their own, unless the people rise up and topple the Communists, and I don’t see that happening. I hope that it doesn’t devolve into a nuclear exchange, but it might.

      1. I’ve worked with Chinese people at several companies. I found the “Americanized” or born here people to be quite nice, while others were very cold-blooded and calculating. Can’t say they were “predictable” as I wasn’t watching things like I do now.

        And I’ve worked with Russians and Ukrainians, spending quite a bit of time around them. Some of them lie through their teeth, while others will take anything not red-hot or welded down. Still others seemed to be pretty decent folks who were pretty much like “us”.

        We have FAR more in common with them than we do with the Chinese…..

  2. First sink the support vessels, the fuel ships, the processing (sorting, freezing, canning) ships.

    Then let the small fry die. Deny them port access, keep them from getting supplies from other ships. Any vessel getting frisky should be a smoking hole in the water.

    Treat them like the way sharks treated the USS Indianapolis sailors.

    Central China… Oh, boy. The people can be nice and wonderful. But as a gestalt entity? The Han always wins. The Middle Kingdom mentality has never left the country, ever. Just keeps getting renamed with new faces and the exact same attitude.

    Asia is… Asia. Japan is an island of space aliens in human skin suits. So much like us, but not. Same with all the countries that still have their own identity. Alien places to us westerners. We can go there, we can live there, we can marry but we’ll never really understand them.

    It’s to the point I’m willing to let locusts, the cyclical die-off of bamboo (all species of bamboo have a cyclical die-off measured in decades to centuries where 90% of the species dies, weird but true,) the failure of big long-term projects like dams, buildings, islands and such, and their predatory loansharkish financing, all wipe out most of the country and let see what happens when Taiwan comes calling for cleanup. Will be interesting. I’ll laugh myself sick.

  3. Somewhat tangential, but on the topic of travel and passports, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has decreed that the US is divided into lower-risk and high-risk states for COVID-19. Anyone traveling to Mass from a high-risk state must provide a negative Corona-chan test, dated 72h PRIOR to arrival in Mass. Without a negative test, persons must quarantine for 14 days. Failure to quarantine is penalized at a minimum of $500/day.

    What are low-risk states, I hear you ask. Glad to inform you that the low-risk states are: MA, NH, VT, ME, RI, Hawaii, New York, and New Jersey. EVERY OTHER STATE is high risk. None of this makes any sense. NY and NJ “low risk”? Sure, their rate is decreasing, but only because they were rotten with WuFlu for a very long time. This is obvious political bullshit. Also, the 72h prior rule makes no sense either.

    For purposes of mockery I may have to dig out the PFD (type III “lifejacket”) to wear around along with my mask. Never know when there might be a flash flood or a tsunami, you know. Safety first.

      1. Sooo…I hear you saying that Mass does not want tourism? Not that many people are planning trips there. I hear that Joe Biden’s senility is getting incrementally worse and the Dems are scrambling for a replacement. Elizabeth Warren is a woman of color, she’s from Mass (Home of Mike_C) and she’s very progressive – professor of grievance studies. She checks the boxes. I guess that would rule out a nominating convention in her home state. She and Kamala Harris would make a great team.

        1. The only good news about that ticket is that I doubt the two of them could co-exist. It’d be like putting two rabid minks into a sack – two psychopaths enter, one (or zero? we can hope) psychopath leaves.

          Liz Warren also has the magical power of making Harris (or Hillary, or… Stalin) look better in comparison. Not good, though.


          1. Warren and Harris would spend what portion of the term that they spent together, each plotting the murder of the other. Which would be more entertaining than Biden in a vegetative state.

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