Kamala Harris was announced as the Democrat candidate to replace Biden once he is in office. The media roared with a single voice, reading from a script, that Big Brother Loves Her, and you must also, because nothing about the content of her character matters, only her skin. As a half-Indian, she now identifies as a Negress, while Elizabeth Warren identifies as a Redskin. But not the team, which identifies itself as “The Washington Team.”




Shelby Cobra (Varient)


Is it wrong to want one?


Toyota FJ-40

You can do a lot with them, and make them much better than when they rolled off the showroom floor, forty years ago.


Magazines for Men (now it’s sexist to have them).


The Electoral College

Democrats resent the Electoral College. What they don’t understand is that without it, there would be no need for states to remain in the USA. The absence of an Electoral College is revolution. Why would any state remain if it had no say in how the nation was governed?



I usually tip generously if service warrants it.



Theodore Roosevelt c. 1916, at his home, Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay, NY


Colour Sergeant William McGregor (c. 1865)


The shortest, tallest, and fattest men in Europe playing cards together in 1913.


Abraham Lincoln – a Younger View


  1. Abe looks positively malnourished in that picture. We are blessed to live in the land of bounty that we do. Our poor are suffering from an Obesity Problem, not starvation.

    I am sure that Joe, Kamala and their brightest, elitest friends can fix the obesity problems after they are elected.

    • Abe was known as a log splitter and much of his political campaigning mentioned that part of his work history – a “westerner” (when the west was Illinois), and a hard worker. Low carb diet and hard work…

    • The road to peaceful development won’t happen quickly, but “peace” means not attacking Israel or supporting those who do. The Saudis haven’t exchanged ambassadors, but have done all but that. The thorn in everyone’s side is Iran (beloved of Barack). But they have suffered setbacks with their nuclear program and Hezbollah’s arsenal blew up and leveled Beirut the other week, so they’ve had some restless nights. It wouldn’t take much for them to retract their horns, but they’re a stubborn lot and want to control Mecca and the meteorite.

  2. The way things are now, we are already too damn close to not having an electoral college that matters, considering only a few states control which way the selection goes.

    Jefferson foresaw this.

    • Jefferson was also adamantly opposed to the two-party system, which he believed would lead to divisiveness among the American people.

  3. Blasting– My things represent parts of my life that I spent earning the money to pay for them. My life is worth defending, in part or in whole.

    Love the old photos. Jeff Cooper was right. The past is another country (and they do things differently there).

  4. I do care more about my things than the life of a person who breaks into my house.

    Doesn’t everyone? Why not?


  5. “Things? How DARE you call my wife and children ‘things’? Why are you such a misogynist and child hater? I bet you support child labor and think that The Handmaid’s Tale is an instruction book! Shame on you. Shame!”

    The best defense against liberal jackasses is a strong counterattack using their own biases and terminology. (Well, not the best, but I shouldn’t say what the best defense is.)

    As to Kamala (KAM-uh-la; to say kuh-MA-la [as Biden does] is apparently racist and a hate crime against negros, or Tamil Indians, or part Jamaicans, or whatever she is) Harris. The softball interview she did with that ass Stephen Colbert is painful to watch. The woman has absolutely zero gravitas, and is dim-witted to boot. The giggling works as a distraction if you’re in your teens and cute, but even then it’s a clear marker of “not to be taken seriously”. When you’re in your mid-50’s and have held high offices, it’s pathetic.

    “Tipping is not a city in China”.

    • I’ve always have and always will call it

      Ka = Caw – like the sound a crow makes.

      ma = maw – like a gaping hole, which she is.

      la = la – like the sound a brain-dead adult makes, or a child while playing.

      Thus: Caw-ma-la.

      Don’t care what she thinks or anyone else thinks. I’m me, so I’m right.

      • Yes, you’re right, Beans – up until the point when you disagree with me, then you’re not, anymore ;^)

  6. It is not wrong to want a Cobra. For an original, 7 figures will get you one, if you can find one for sale. Even a replica-Cobra can run 6 figures for a nicely done unit.

    For that kind of dough, I would prefer a 1989 Lamborghini Countach, and for around $380K, I could get one in red, one in blue and one in yellow, all for about the same scratch as one original Cobra.

    I am a practical guy, you see.

    • Not only that, if you have three Countaches and a good mechanic, and a pile of dough, one of them might sometimes work!


      P.S. – A friend’s brother had one new back in the early ’80s. They ride like forklifts. He got rid of it to avoid early back surgery.

      • Kle, I think that I could do a lot of the work on a Cobra (kit) in the garage – Chevrolet 6.2L LT1 V8 engine, (460 horsepower) 465 lb. -ft. of torque. On that Cobra frame, and 0 to 60 times in the 3.5 second range. A Countache? What many of you don’t realize is that Fredd is a master mechanic of some renown. (Fredd is not his real name) He could work on the Countache and it would hummmmm down the road. I’d need a mechanic riding shotgun to keep the thing on the highway.

        • Keeping a Lambo running is not a job for the feint hearted or weak knee types. Parts are available, but cost an arm and a leg. Anyone with a small fortune, a Hayne’s manual and some nerve can do it.

          It helps to possess some mechanical aptitude as well, you know, righty tighty, lefty loosey. Stuff like that.

  7. I was talking to a number of AC Cobra owners at a car show last weekend.
    Each was a replica.
    One was interesting in that you order the body, chassis and the drive train you specify and it was under for about 60k and you add the motor.

    • I’ve heard the same thing. I looked into that project seriously before I moved to Arizona. Now I’m back, thinking about it again. I’m thinking about buying a condo in Scottsdale, AZ in addition to the mine (for winter months), and could keep it there along with the Ducati. Right now, it’s just me thinking on the project.

  8. Tipping is either “Good job, here’s a bundle” or “You are a loser, so no tip for you.”

    Funny how most good tippers are conservative folk, often on the lower spectrum of financial worth. Yes, exceptions, but that redneck bricklayer tips better than that ex-flower child teacher.

    As to stuff, you ever notice the people who use that stupid line about stuff ain’t worth a man’s life have the money to afford to buy new stuff? Sorry, I’m broke enough that my X, Y or Z is a significant amount of money. Steal my car and I’m screwed. Sure, I can get insurance to pay for the car (minus deductable) but there’s the registration, the being not mobile until at least insurance provides a rental (and many rental companies are going Tango Uniform) and so forth and so on. So. Yes. I will shoot the mofo who messes with my car.

    Anybody wanting to get rid of the Electoral College just should be denied the ability to vote, unless they can provide a 500 word or longer essay that provides a sensible reason for elimination of the EC. Trust me, I’m a very harsh grader. I take off for grammar and spelling errors, muhahahahahahaha.

  9. Per Colorado state law….

    18-1-706 Use of Physical Force in Defense of Property
    A person is justified in using reasonably and appropriate physical force upon another person when and to the extent that he reasonably believes it necessary to prevent what he reasonably believes to be an attempt by the other person to commit theft, criminal mischief, or criminal tampering involving property, but he may use deadly physical force under these circumstances only in defense of himself or another as described in section 18-1-704.

    Part of the “Make My Day” law…..

  10. “What they don’t understand is that without it, there would be no need for states to remain in the USA. The absence of an Electoral College is revolution. Why would any state remain if it had no say in how the nation was governed?”

    The absence of an Electoral College is revolution — they’re certainly pushing it and, I’d argue, they’ll wish they hadn’t.

  11. On the subject of Shelby Cobras….

    One of my friends bought a gen-you-ine 1965 MkIII 427 Cobra as a basket case. It had the “good” 427 (“high riser” heads, two 4bbl carbs, solid-lifter cam), not the 428 Police Interceptor engine. The engine was properly rebuilt and blue-printed, and generated something around ~600 HP on the dyno. It took him a couple of years to get it put back together and running, and it was the most violent, brutal car I’ve ever driven.

    600HP in a 2400lb car is something you have to experience to appreciate.

  12. In the 1970s, the mechanic I sometimes used had worked for and with Carroll Shelby. Understandably, Bobby had ‘connections’. Round about 1977 he offered me an original Shelby Cobra for ‘only’ $24,000. But it might as well have been $1 million since I couldn’t afford it anyway.

    Also at that time, I met a man who had put his beloved Boss Fastback. It had been stored on blocks since nearly new. All for the low price of $8,500. I could have afforded that but it would have been a very poor financial decision to buy.

    • In 1985 I had a chance to buy a 1973 Porsche 911RSR for $18,000 but it had some rust under the battery tray so I passed.

    • My friend paid about $9500 for the Cobra in 1973. People thought he was nuts.

      He still has it, and it’s been appraised and insured for $2 million…..

  13. *Fastback up for sale. Stored in a garage on blocks. Original paint was near perfect. Some deals you just kick yourself forever thereafter for passing up.

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