Bullet Points:

* Sam Bankman-Fried: I don’t know where $10 billion dollars went.

* The Pentagon: We don’t know where $2.2 trillion dollars went.

* The IRS: You just sent $601.37 don’t. forget to report it!


American Communism vs Russian/Chinese Communism

There is a difference. The modern left is the anti-work crowd. Their view of communism is a system where you sit at Starbucks with your iPad and expensive coffee until it’s time to meet your underachiever friends who live in their grandma’s basements too, at the bistro where you eat expensive food, talk about the latest video game and bitch about life in general.

Russian and Chinese communist party apparatchiks oversee you at the collective farm where you work 18 hours a day for no pay and live in an unheated room where you contract pneumonia and because of a lack of medication, you die.  Or you starve to death despite the fact that you produce food because it’s sent to feed the party elite.

American Communism is a movement invented whole cloth in academia and populated by well-off parasites who think that playing video games all night and sleeping all day is work. Their communist life consists of receiving a large check from the government and being a bum.


Identify the Tank


Mauna Loa afternoon update: NE Rift Zone eruption continues w/little change. Fissure 3 feeds lava flow, fissure 4 sluggish, fissures 1 & 2 inactive. Map shows active flows (red) & older flows (pink) in Mokuʻāweoweo Caldera & upper summit area.


The drop in home values will continue.


Central Bank Balance Sheets v. Bitcoin


The Season


Gasoline at the Pump


A Poll



  1. That is a Jackson TD I believe. Joe Biden is mostly controlled by the Obama faction of the Democrat party. Marines may be window lickers, but they are not stupid.

      • The M36 Jackson had better mobility than the Wolverine, as it was based on the more mobile M4A3 chassis, and not early M4 and M3 Lee chassis. The 90mm gun was capable of doing equivalent damage to that of the 17 pdr of the firefly, albeit with more accuracy and APHE ammunition. The 90mm M3 was able to penetrate the Panther’s mantlet from 1500 meters.

  2. The Marines are just training on situational awareness.
    This is a test to determine if they aware that they should not tuck dollar bills into the young ladies attire.

  3. Am I reading th e CB/BC graph correct, Central banking became aligned with Vapor currency? With the FTX/SBF thievery it appears there’s a lot more going on than any of us can know. Bums.

    Proven that Biden was installed, not elected. Yet we’re the crazies.

    The look on that kid…priceless.

    Marines are not stupid.

  4. Nice to see the latest “stealth” aircraft painted non black.
    Lockheed produced a night camouflage for F-117 after determining black wasn’t in fact the best low observable color. Some 3 or 4 star decided he knew better and ordered black.

  5. Drop in home sales doesn’t seem to be happening along the Colorado Front Range. Everywhere I travel on my “part time” job I see new construction. Additionally, I see few for sale signs in front of existing homes. If 2008 was any indication, when the bottom drops it will be epic.

    • After 30 years of handwringing and litigation they started on the reservoir. Despite the water being slated for Greeley City/County officials figure they will need the extra water for expected population growth.

      • One of our friends out here worked for Northern Water. I remember him telling me two years ago what a Charlie Foxtrot it was turning into. I’m surprised it finally got approved.

        • “Expanding Halligen Reservoir will meet the demand of future Fort Collins Utilities’ water customers and provide increased reliability for existing customers in the event of prolonged drought and emergencies, such as fires, floods, landslides and infrastructure issues within the watershed.”

          A typical “for our own good” government justification statement. Could have dredged 60 gears of silt from it, kept the same acre-feet of surface (less evap), and have all the wash sand for concrete which is in short supply due to existing growth. Just another government gambit. Next it’ll be concessions, boating permits, and congestion like Horsetooth…with extra Park personnel on the city payroll. Progress.

          • Are we talking about the same “new” reservoir, Paul? The one our friend was telling me about was up off the 287, North of Ted’s Place, I thought…

          • That’s the one, land owned by Greeley, water being a constant western battle between municipalities, was slated for them but seems FC has dibs now. According to rancher neighbors this has been embattled for decades. They actually have to move 287.

          • As Norm said to Bob Vila on This Old House when they discovered something that broke the budget, “It’s just money, Bob.”

    • Same here in the Northern Rockies Wyoming. (Not Jackson!)
      Keep in mind there will always be pockets where the real estate will always move no matter what the price.

    • As an officer and gentleman by act of Congress, I feel that the recruiting tent is in the right place because future officers will go there if for no other reason than to put their coats around those women.

    • Why isn’t Hillary, or Hunter Biden and the Big Guy, Or Comrade Obama and the Mooch, or Pelosi and friends? Or most of the current administration? What about all the US officials (military and non-military) who openly crowed about stabbing Trump in the back?

      It’s almost like there’s a common bond between all of the above and SBF and his weird friends. Hmmm. Can’t quite put my finger on it, starts with, I think, the letter ‘d’ or something and ends with a rodent-like name…

  6. Just asking for a friend, if the chic’s came first or the egg. There’s been entries and comments on here recently how tax dollars flow in circles. Could the pole have been funded by diverted recruiting allocations? I have a very high regard for all the branches of our military and their personal, having never served myself. The reason for my 2 questions springs from terms in today’s sermonette, which I’ve extensively mulled over with gratitude to L.L. For some, ” it’s all about the aesthetics.” A preacher long ago used the illustration of the subtley of new car advertising, ” …buy the car, get the girl.” Is my recall of that possibly close to ” Travel the world, see the girls” ?
    The closest I’ve come to the rigid discipline and physical asceticism of Seals, Rangers, ect… has been high school sports training and some enduring overtime logging. My hat tips to you Vets.

    • There is class discrimination in the Naval Service (of which the Marine Corps is a part) from the days of fighting sail. I’m sure that there is a beer tent on the other side of the ladies, out of camera view because officers need to be properly refreshed in order to lead.

  7. In the good old days, one might have reasonably concluded that, like the many “gentlemen’s” clubs that sprung up around many military bases around the country (perhaps the world), the girls spotted opportunity and set up the pole next to the Marine tent.

    • IIRC it flew okay, although there were some vibration problems. Japan built something on the same model, but only one I think.

      Early blended wing-body.


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