This isn’t so much of a movie review in the sense that I usually do them.

I won’t be viewing Jane (Hanoi Jane) Fonda in her role as First Lady Nancy Reagan in the feature film, “The Butler“. Whether anyone who reads this blog does or does not see the movie is frankly irrelevant to me. I’m much younger than Fonda but I still recall Hanoi Jane in her glory days and feel that supporting any film project of hers is the same as condoning what she did during the Viet Nam War and what she has done since.

(Fox News) When Jane Fonda was cast as former First Lady Nancy Reagan in Lee Daniels’ forthcoming film “The Butler,” some Reagan fans were not pleased. Now, with the biographical due to hit theaters in October, a movement to boycott the movie is gaining some momentum. 
Larry Reyes, a Navy veteran and founder of the “Boycott Hanoi Jane Playing Nancy Reagan” Facebook page has been particularly vocal about the casting decision, given Fonda’s past frolicking with the enemy during the Vietnam War. 

This week, Fonda had a simple message for Reyes and the page’s fans. “Get a life.”

I haven’t bounced through the Internet to Reyes’ Facebook page so I’m not sure precisely what he said beyond the Fox News article, however I feel that Fonda’s conduct as a propaganda tool of a nation we were at war with (declared war or not) constituted treason. There were a lot of people who protested that war. There were a lot of people who disagreed with the war privately. Fonda, a high profile public figure, used her status to advance the war against America in favor of North Viet Nam.

Time has passed. In 2005, Fonda (now near 80 years old) said that she regretted her behavior, sitting on an anti-aircraft gun, simulating shooting at US Aircraft, and calling Americans, “war criminals”. Maybe that passes for an apology. I still don’t plan to see the movie.

The Democratic Party’s financial scion, Harvey Weinstein, who produced “The Butler”, is thrilled with the attention that Hanoi Jane is getting because he must feel that more people will then go see what he created. I doubt that will be the reaction, but we will have to wait and see if the shock jock hatred that Weinstein and friends feel toward the Reagan era will translate into financial success.

Recommendation: DON’T SEE IT


  1. Dems have no couth. They insult the memory of Nancy Reagan. They seem to revel in insulting conservatives.

  2. Hanoi Jane as Nancy Reagan? Have these f***ing libs lost all decency? May the traitor bitch rot. That sums up how I feel?

  3. If you are a progressive, you may insult conservatives at will. If the shoe is on the other foot, they don't like it.

    I wonder if they'd like it if I played Barack Obama in a movie and wore black face/minstrel make-up? That's what it's like to have Hanoi Jane play Nancy Reagan.

  4. Jane is a very good actress. But – the only performance she couild give that I might watch would be if she set herself on fire.

  5. I will not watch any film with that person, even on free tv. I have kept that rule since the 70's.

  6. If this piece of trash was not charged with Treason, then what exactly is the definition of Treason??? How could we as the American people let them spin this away?

  7. Will not pay to watch it. Would not watch if it was free. I so remember her spitting on the faces of our military when what was left came back. She called them nasty names. Get a life Jane Fonda.

  8. I won't spend a nickel to see this movie, but I WILL spend a few hours picketing my local theater on opening night, October 18th !!!

  9. During World War 2 and in previous eras, her conduct would have met with a firing squad. Today we use drones to target American Jihadi turncoats in Africa and the Middle East. Jane squeezed into a time period where she skated. But I hear you. And it's a good reason not to see the movie.

  10. During the Viet Nam War there were a lot of people who behaved in socially unacceptable ways to soldiers returning from the war. She was one of the worst because her father was so well known and so loved — and she was his daughter. But simply spitting on soldiers was not treason. That was defined by giving aid and comfort to the enemy and encouraging them, by helping them wage a propaganda war and by glorying in shot down pilots and aircrew. She may regret her conduct — and many mass murderers find Jesus in prison. But it doesn't negate what she did. And it's a reason not to see the movie.

  11. Remember that Jane Fonda's ex-husband, media mogul Ted Turner said that suicides by soldiers who had returned from Afghanistan was a good thing. "

    Both Ted and Jane would seem to be cut from the same piece of cloth. Ted started CNN, which explains (at least in part) their liberal bias.

  12. Have I ever got a comment!! As a disable vet, that bitch tells us to get a life, I want her to return the 4 lives that were taken durring her visit, a COL.passed her a note to bring home to his wife,bitch gave that note to the gooks whom in turn, beat him to death and 3 bout if bitch trades her life for thires right now.we got our lives,bitch is the one that needs one.and being a low life don't qualify as having my name is stan clifford, BITCH

  13. Aside from the fact that her actions during the Vietnam War towards the soldiers and our country are unforgivable. (Yes, I know she gave a half-hearted apology that she later mocked the Vets because they did not understandably accept that hollow apology.)But I have never thought that Jane Fonda was an actress with acting chops that would draw me to any movie. In my opinion, the only reason she even got anywhere in the acting profession is because of her father Henry Fonda, and not because of her own skills. So on every level (she is a traitor and a crappy actress), I won't watch that movie.

  14. I will do what I can to persuade people "NOT" to see this piece of trash, including picketing if I have the chance!

  15. Jane Fonda is nothing more that Hollywood trash and I do not go to garbage dumps. I have not seen her in anything she became a traitor to this country. I lost friends over there.

  16. Between our government and Hollywood she considered a saint. Between the people of this country and all the veterans like myself and my whole family that are all vets. Hanoi Jane and Dick head Kerry Jane Fond is a traitor and Kerry is a low life coward. May they both burn in Hell.

  17. As a Viet Nam era Marine I remember all too well the tramps actions….I have avoided and shall continue to avoid anything this tramp does….nuff said

  18. That she plays Nancy Reagan is a real slap in the face. I think that Hollywood needs to understand that there are a lot of people in America who have not forgotten.

  19. Do Not Plan to see it. If boycotted at a local theatre. I will picket this movie. And of course will NEVER buy a book. She betrayed our loved country! Now: She can go "get a life". Hopefully in another country that hates America!

  20. I hope every movie review written looks just like yours! People try to brush off what she did as a "mistake" from long ago. A mistake is forgetting someone's birthday or burning the roast. Making many anti-American radio broadcast and speeches, taking pictures with and hugging the enemy is a treasonous crime for which she was never punished! And she only fake-apologized when it suited her own purposes and greed! All the money she has made since she stepped foot back in the USA should go to the Veterans!

  21. There's a heavy greed factor at work in all of Hollywood. Fonda married liberal media mogul Ted Turner for his money — and maybe for his liberal outlook. Remember it's Mr. Jane Fonda (Ted Turner) who publicly announced that it was a good thing that the suicide rate for GI's returning from Afghanistan was so high. (Who says that??!! – well, apparently Ted does)

    Fonda is unhappy that her treacherous behavior has followed her. I don't think that 'regrets' in any way equal restitution. Not financial restitution, an attitude of repentance and wanting to set things right. I have never seen the slightest shred of humility in Jane Fonda.

  22. Let's also not forget what our present Sec. of State did upon his return from Vietnam. He is also a traitor, yet is given the position of Sec. of State.

  23. That's true, Sandra. But he's not playing Ronald Reagan in a feature film. He's the Secretary of State — and his selection for the job speaks volumes about why we're in the fix that we're in. Judgment at the highest levels of government seems to have failed.

  24. I would like to know why she was not exiled? Instead she was given some type of lifetime award a year or so ago… I am relieved there is at least some type of audience that feels compelled to keep her actions alive. I still believe she should have to pay for her actions. IT is unbelievable how so many people have either forgotten or are not bothered by her.

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