The Canadian Gold Standard

Guns are for hunting and target practice, but never for self-defense, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said this week, continuing his crusade against firearms.

Trudeau, who is pushing a sweeping measure aimed at freezing the sale, purchase, or transfer of handguns in Canada, said that his country takes a completely different view of firearms than its southern neighbor. No one in Canada has a right to defend themselves, their family, or their property with a firearm, Trudeau declared.

“We have a culture where the difference is: Guns can be used for hunting or for sport shooting in Canada – and there are lots of gun owners, and they’re mostly law-respecting and law-abiding – but you can’t use a gun for self-protection in Canada,” Trudeau said. “That’s not a right that you have in the Constitution or anywhere else.”


Ukraine War Update

Ukraine Army forces are pushing the Russians back in the Kherson area on the Black Sea Coast. It has been confirmed that Tavrijs’ke is under Ukraine’s control (see map).

Overall Situation

In Ukraine, the Russians have been lobbing Kh-22 (AS-4) anti-shipping missiles into Ukrainian territory. In their anti-shipping role, the radar acquisition process is thought to be generally accurate, in the land attack role, it is not.

It carries a 1,000 lbs warhead. The Kh-22 were replaced by the updated Kh-32, but they still had some in inventory and while obsolete and decommissioned in their anti-shipping role, they could still be fired at Ukraine in the general direction of something that they wanted to hit. From a Russian perspective, why not shoot them in lieu of decommissioning?


Wear the Patch Proudly


Historic Photo

Wouls you have been able to identify the Luftwaffe Bücker Bü 181 Bestmann light trainer armed with Panzerfaust antitank rocket launchers (in the last days of the Battle for Berlin, Apr 1945) pictured above?

These units saw very limited use in the final days of the war due to the war situation. However, some anti-tank missions were carried out, achieving moderate success but at the price of severe losses. One restored Bestmann on the tank buster configuration is on display at the Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin.

Melitta Schenk Gräfin von Stauffenberg, a highly decorated German test pilot of some renown and sister-in-law to Colonel Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg – the key figure in the 1944 “20 July plot” to assassinate Adolf Hitler. was shot down on April 8, 1945, by a US fighter over Germany while flying an unarmed Bü 181.

I’m sure that the pilot saw a low-flying German aircraft and shot it down – pro forma.



  1. And people wonder why Canadians are moving to the US… I think the Russians are just in a ‘kill anything’ mode at this point.

    Re von Stauffenberg, a target is a target. Seconds to ID/analyze and shoot. I doubt the pilot even knew she was a woman.

    • Agree all the way around. Though I’m not sure that a move to the US is much of an upgrade these days. As to the US fighter pilot, he did what he should have done. Melitta was on a mission to find her husband when she was shot down, camp to camp. A tragedy all the way around.

  2. It’s a very Canadian trait to enjoy feeling superior to another group of people. Not all of us but when you notice it you really notice it. Traditionally it’s been against Americans in general. But anyone who enjoys shooting here is immediately grouped in as a deplorable.

    Which is odd because Canada is near the top of the list in terms of per capita gun ownership. Discounting ties and tiny places like Falklands and New Caledonia, and a country in a major war (Yemen), we are 3’rd place, in a tie with Uruguay. A lot of Canadians have no idea how big hunting here is in many communities for food.

    Growing up we had a gun range in our high school. The school rifle club was run by a WW2 vet and two local police officers from our small town detachment.

    I live in BC in an area where run ins with bears and cougars are not uncommon. In conversation with two women I mentioned how unsafe it can be to be forced to go unarmed with that threat around. They were beside themselves explaining to me how much better it is that way than in the States where everyone walks around with a gun.

    People are idiots. Covid should have taught me to not be surprised at anything anymore but people still do.

    • I worked a lot with RCMP and other Canadian law enforcement over the years – lifelong friendships. As with the US, there is a schism between people who live in cities like Montreal and Toronto and people who don’t.

    • The desire to feel superior to other people has been handicapping humanity from the git go.
      You can say it’s the first multi-national endeavor.

  3. Canada is like America’s “Attic”, dark and cold and musty, and loaded with dust, junk, hornets, raccoons, bats, and the occasional skunk. It is literally not part of the house living space, so largely ignored 99% of the time.

    Same goes for America’s “Basement” except for the addition of scurrying cockroaches.

    • That was joke, btw. Back in 1980 spent a month canoeing thru a part of Canada, ended up in Ottawa on the way out. All along the stream met the nicest people and tunning backcountry. MrsPaulM and I always wanted to explore Canmore (Last of the Dogmen filming territory), won’t happen until Trudeau is gone.

  4. Canada has come a long way since I bought a moose rifle in Canadian Tire for $35 CAN. Very little has been what I would call progress. So is it okay to defend your self against a bear or moose with a firearm but you just can’t defend yourself against the 2 legged threat? That sucks if you are physically inferior to the attacker.

    • I vote the little potato gets to face an angry bear without benefit of protective detail, or the firearms he says he doesn’t need.

    • They are working on not defending oneself against wildlife with a gun because for the same reasons in the States. “Oh, you could have used bearspray or an air horn or run away or…”

      Yeah, reduce it to ‘hunting’ and then once ‘self defense against wildlife’ is long gone, then take away ‘hunting.’

      It’s incremental removal of rights. Wearing away at the ‘cake’ as Lawdog so eloquently put it.

      Here or in Canuckistan, once a right becomes a privilege, then it isn’t a right anymore is it?

  5. Canada, Australia and New Zealand produce some great soldiers. What has happened to their manhood?

  6. Canadians don’t have a right to defend themselves? The “First Nations” ought to be an example to other Canadians of what not having enough guns gets you.

  7. I remember in the 1995 movie Canadian Bacon where a little known office in the pentagon was obsessed with invading Canada. The guy in charge kept saying, “You can’t trust those cannucks, they’re evil and sneaky.” Hilarious movie. John Candy at his best. I think I’m going to take a ride on the wayback train and watch it on youtube. Might as well laugh a little.

  8. So Gay TrueDough is saying people basically have no Natural, God Given right to self-defense using a firearm.

    Is he going to disarm his body guards? Surley ANY human life is as valuable as his, isn’t it?

    Isn’t that light aircraft the same one James Garner stole in The Great Escape?

  9. Nope, I would not have gotten that plane. Maybe not even if I looked it up.
    We had a guy who did something similar with one of the little Piper observation/liaison planes and bazookas.

    Canada has always been a tyranny ruled by a foreign hereditary dictator. How can you be a free country (or a country at all, actually) in that situation? They have always had good marketing, however.

    It has often been a great place to visit, with lots of good people, though.


  10. !!!!!!


    Wow. This is a post among posts.

    And to think it started off with Justine cuddling a plushy.

    Good work.

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