Not Very Progressive

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Brevet Major General G. A. Custer, US Army
Anything in life worth doing is worth 
overdoing; Moderation is for cowards.

Chief Geronimo, Bedonkohe Apache 
Never shoot a large caliber man 
with a small caliber bullet.
Lieutenant General Nathan Bedford Forrest, CSA

When fighting, get there the fastest with 

the mostest and keep the scare up.
US Deputy Marshal Wyatt Earp
It’s better to shoot first

Captain Phil H. Bucklew, USN
Father of Naval Special Warfare

No sky too high, no sea too deep, no muff too tough

6 thoughts on “Not Very Progressive

  1. Hill was the inspiration for the terms: rough ol hide and coyote ugly, as well as the mandated ROE to carry a paper sack…

  2. Enough torpedo juice would make Hillary a 5 and based on Naval tradition, if it's alive, it's a 5.

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