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Maybe he’ll be Replaced?

Belarusian dictator, Alexander Lukashenko checked into a hospital near Minsk, according to Belarusian publication Euroradio and watchdog Belarusian Hajun. They reported that Lukashenko’s convoy arrived at the hospital at around 7 p.m., during which time access to the clinic was closed off and the roads to it were guarded by armed enforcers.

Polonium-210 is an isotope of polonium. It undergoes alpha decay to stable ²⁰⁶Pb with a half-life of 138.376 days, the longest half-life of all naturally occurring polonium isotopes…


All War is Based on Deception (Sun Tzu)

Russian State Media is claiming that the 4 Russian Military Aircraft which were Shot Down over the Bryansk Region were “Ambushed” by Ukrainian Air Defenses in the Chernihiv Region of Northeastern Ukraine in what was called a “Carefully Planned Operation.”


Bullet Points:

** May thy knife chip and shatter – Dune 2 Trailer: A boy becomes the Messiah of nomads on a desert planet that has giant worms that protect a commodity called Spice. Spice changes people into travelers, mystics and madmen. What price will he pay to become the new ruler of their universe?

** The Indian Republic Day Parade – I have worked with the Indian Army and their Intelligence Service (R&AW) in the past. Sometimes people in the West discount India, but I do not. China, with a population similar to that of India to its south, remains concerned about the potential of India to engage China directly in kinetic warfare.

Respect to India.

** No Brown People in da Hood –  Cartels taking a more hands-on approach to trafficking in Chicago and the black people are not happy about it.

** It won the West.

** Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) pulled to a stop at a traffic light next to a very pretty lady, also stopped at the light. He smiled at her and lowered his window. She looked at him and lowered her window too. Fetterman asked, “Have you farted as well?”

** Trivia – Sean Bean, actor in the Sharpe series,  playing the title role, is holding a weapon.  Can you name it?

** Re-crafted, re-imagined, Toyota FJ-40 with a bed.  I don’t know that it’s practical, but it’s awesome. Nobody ever accused an FJ-40 of being a soft, smooth ride, but where it counts they definitely deliver.

** RFE/RL Afghanistan on May 13 reported its first polio case this year after a 4-year-old child was diagnosed with the crippling disease. Kamal Shah, the head of the communications department of the UNICEF Polio Eradication Program in Afghanistan, told RFE/RL the case was recorded in the Bati-Kot district of the eastern province of Nangarhar. Two cases were recorded last year. Afghanistan and Pakistan are the only countries in the world where wild polio is still endemic. The viral disease can only be prevented by vaccination. Islamic militants often target polio-vaccination teams, falsely claiming the vaccination campaigns are a Western conspiracy to sterilize children. To read the original story by RFE/RL’s Radio Azadi, click here.

** Over the top with bayonets fixed through wire, into modern artillery and Maxim guns.

Film: “My Boy Jack”, depicts the Irish Guards taking part in an attack during the second day of the battle of Loos. The officer, played by Daniel Radcliffe, is John Kipling, the only son of the author Rudyard Kipling. John Kipling was killed in this action, and his body was never identified.

** Fun with armor…

** The Star Wars Original Trilogy is peak fiction because they took a fairy tale and set it in space, then they gave the princess in distress a laser gun. But even better they gave her a sharp tongue and the power of revolution. They made the “dragon” a depressed cyborg father with asthma who doesn’t understand his own emotions and does murders because of it. And they made the knight a blond Barbie boy. And then they said, Oh yeah they’re all related btw. All the galaxy’s problems are this one family’s fault. Hope this helps.

** New Chinese Espionage Law (h/t Claudio) The newly approved law also expanded the Chinese government’s possibility of using legal excuses to arrest foreigners in the country.

** The Woke Declare their Divinity –  Conveniently for the Woke, enlightenment requires no effort. No actual enlightenment is required, and no standard needs to be met. They are not elected by the people, crowned by the Pope, nor anointed by the prophet Samuel.
They merely anoint themselves on their own authority: for they are god. They are god because they say that they are. None may gainsay god.


Identify the Tank

43 thoughts on “Not Quite All of the News

    1. In the interests of OCD, I think that’s a Harley WLA and some mark of Stuart tank also in the frame.


      1. It’s a Wolverine, Surly’s correct. I was throwing a twist and the AI threw it back!

  1. Won the West. Indeed, and connected many local party line telephones.

    Over the top. A movie I highly recommend is “Goodbye Christopher Robin”. The story takes place post WWI.

    Tank. British M10 ‘Achilles’ Tank Destroyer?. Bogie wheels look right, not sure about the main gun.

    Taking my better half to Babe’s for Mother’s day. Each guest gets half a chicken–breast, drumstick, thigh, wing. Sides are all you can eat. All served family style. Pass the gravy please.

    1. Not an Achilles, which had the 17-pounder cannon with its distinctive ball-shaped muzzle-brake.

  2. Thats a bad feeling when you run out of bullets happened to me may the 12th 1975

  3. The Star Wars family – with all the genetic mods our illustrious geniuses are introducing to the human race, those differences might end up being trivial. The real black sheep of the family could have been Jabba.

  4. Hmmm! I believe hromadske is a Ukrainian site out of Kyiv; can it be trusted to report news out of Belarussia?

  5. FJ-40…i want one, might even sell the Ram 2500 for a [probably tiny in comparison to cost] downpayment.

    1. When you get serious about an FJ-40, I’ll connect you with a friend who has forgotten more than I know.

      1. LL- One of MrsPaulM’s favorites, all about those curved rear pillar windows that does it for her. Thought this was a new offering. Toyota is missing the boat.

        Yet…as Norm said to Bob Villa on the original This Old House when they ran into a rotted sill and the cost to replace it…”It’s only money Bob.”

  6. I can hardly imagine the amount of work involved with placing original barbed wire fences. It’s bad enough to install it with machines and steel T-posts..

      1. That scene in Seabiscuit, Tom Smith (Chris Cooper) on horseback rides up to a spot, stops, steps off then walks up to a newly installed barbed wire fenceline…a perplexed look comes across his face. He realized civilization is encroaching. Then there’s Open Range…those damned freegrazers.

        Tank. Yeah…must be the new Finnish “Tank Scandi Flick Racing”…they get bored that far North. Heck, anyone can do that with a heavily modified Porsche or Mitsubishi… even James May.

  7. Tank…LOL 95th carried Baker Rifles, accurate to 200 yards, when the average was less than 100 yards. And Barbed wire could also be used as a telephone line out in the country, too.

    1. It could put nearly every shot into a 6′ diameter circle at 300 yards, so useful against formations. Probably further with an above average rifle and shooter.

    2. Quite a few other regiments also bought Bakers for their light infantry companies.

      1. I hunted deer with a .50 cap/ball rifle. No, not a Baker, but I could put that .490-patched round ball through a paper plate reliably at 200 yards, which was how I practiced. Single shot, true, but it was a deer slayer. To me, cutting for sign and stalking was the essence of the deer hunt, and I never recall seeing another hunter during black powder season. The deer weren’t spooked.

  8. I have been looking forward to Dune 2. I felt they didn’t carry the storyline far enough in Dune.

    1. It really needed the 10-hour treatment Prime or Netflix or HBO could’ve done for it. 5 hours total means it skips a lot. Movie length is just inadequate for most novels, especially such complex novels as Dune.

  9. Indian Armed Forces
    100 year old news now. My father was in India during WWII. Learned to speak a couple of dialectics common in the Assam area. He had a high regard for the locals he worked with.

    You have to love having a camel corps. Only question? Can the Indians find even more ways to be gaudy?

    1. Gaudy? It’s in their DNA. But their soldiers are good when it comes down to it. If I was China, I wouldn’t poke the cobra.

  10. Dune I (book) was good. Dune II (book – Dune Messiah) was OK. The rest were sucking on the gravy train.
    Movie I (1984) OK (IIRC) but hard to put into movie even if it had been 3 hours. Haven’t seen new version. Might, might not.

    1. The 2 mini series that was on SyFy were excellent. Both Dune and the 2nd/3rd books, both mini series did the books proud.

  11. It’s easy when labor is cheap. Just mount 3 rolls on a rod on the back of a wagon, one guy leads the wagon horse, two alternate between posts stapling the wire. Advance party of 5-6 guys and another wagon digging holes and installing fence posts.

    Not hard at all.

  12. It really needed the 10-hour treatment Prime or Netflix or HBO could’ve done for it. 5 hours total means it skips a lot. Movie length is just inadequate for most novels, especially such complex novels as Dune.

    1. See the Dune and Children of Dune mini-series that were filmed in Eastern Europe.

      Very good.

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