Not Enough Rioting for the MSM?

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The Zimmerman Self-Defence trial had every element that the media would seem to love.
  • An element that will inflame black people — even if it’s completely fabricated. In this case, calling  an absolutely clear cut case of self-defense, something else.
  • Pretend that cause and effect exists — add a white person, even if they are not white (as in the case of George Zimmerman).
  • Firearms in the hands of an honest citizen. The media hates firearms more than they hate broccoli, and persecuting somebody (even a non-white person) who has one, always takes on the element of a Salem, Massachusetts trial —- which is precisely what they wished to do in this matter. That 6 good and true people found Zimmerman not guilty is clearly NOT the media’s fault.

Media people do own firearms and they are secretly in love with them, but they really don’t like the fact that people who are not on the same wavelength as they are (for example, the people in “fly over country”) own firearms. They’d prefer one set of rules for themselves – elites – and another set of rules for the ‘great unwashed masses’ who listen to their drivel.

The media loves NOTHING better than a good race riot to report on. If they have to incite one with fabricated “facts” and inflammatory rhetoric, so much the better. 
My sense is that people like Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow are profoundly saddened by the fact that the nation didn’t erupt into a bloodbath in which (primarily black owned) businesses were looted and black rioters were killed by the police, in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict. They tried hard to make it happen but the mainstream media didn’t deliver enough hatred.
The hate merchants tried. Sharpton, Jackson and their band of thuggish “pastors” were there in force, egged on by the US Department of Justice. What’s happened to the tried and true propaganda? I’m sure that the media moguls are in huddles in boardrooms on the 52nd story of a glass tower trying to figure out where they went wrong.

14 thoughts on “Not Enough Rioting for the MSM?

  1. Don't give up on them yet, they're STILL spinning this as hard as they can to keep REAL news off the front page…

  2. yup, the media did everything they could to stir the pot on this. it wasn't the mayhem they hoped for, thankfully. excellent post and the picture is perfect! 🙂

  3. There might be a civil trial in which case it stays in the news for another year or 2, and the media gets another bite at the race war apple.

    They want Zimmerman locked up with Nakoula, the anti-muslim filmmaker.

  4. When people are riled up about the Zimmerman self-defense matter, they won't think about the myriad of Obama scandals – Benghazi, domestic surveillance, Fast and Furious, DHS focus on Americans as the "real threat", IRS, etc.

  5. They tried hatred after Sandy Hook where all who owned firearms were spotlighted (targeted) by the press, but that backfired.

  6. The mainstream media does like taking pictures of dead bodies. As the Don Henley song says, "It's interesting when people die, give us dirty laundry."

  7. What happened to the Nidal Hasan prosecution? Clearly not self-defense. Where is the media's indignation?

  8. Yeah.. a few blips here and there but over all it was pretty quiet. Quieter than I thought it would be. The tinder just wouldn't erupt into flames the way "They" wanted it to.

    Maybe the Left has been too successful in grinding the self reliance out of the poor and downtrodden. Too lazy to work? OK, someone else will provide for you. Too lazy to take care of your kids? Ok, someone else will take care of them. Too lazy to riot?…

    Enough is enough… I'm not I'm going to flip my own car over for the lazy bastards.

  9. It's sad when the "entitled" are too entitled to bother to riot.

    Those hippies from the 60's in the MSM, now with their gray pony tails, still yearn for the good old days.

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