The man is looking at invading Soviet tanks. August 1968. Czechoslovakia was invaded by Soviet, Polish, Hungarian and Bulgarian armies, because Czechoslovak government wanted to adopt democratic changes, which wasn’t supported in Moscow.


Arizona – Still a Free State

You never know how long it will remain free, though. A lot of people are fleeing the depredations of California, Oregon and Washington, and they tend to bring progressive traditions with them. I mean, we don’t want to end up like Colorado. They’ve been Californicated and will pay hell to evict the scum from positions of authority.


Identify the Handgun

Answer below


Maybe this is part of the Problem

183 million Americans live in population centers.


The Sermonette

Walk softly and carry a big stick




Identify the Handgunanswer – Mateba Model 6 Unica – Italian recoil operated semi-automatic revolver.


  1. Kansas is still mostly free though that seems to be changing. The current governor, who was elected by the nine most populous counties, was quick to jump on the mask wagon and is a supporter of Bloomberg’s moms. Unfortunately we have at least two more years of her.
    Interesting revolver. I wouldn’t mind trying one though I do think I’ll stick to auto pistols for most applications.

  2. I always wanted one of those modernized Webley-Fosberry types! IIRC they’re in .357 so a good modern caliber. Fires off the bottom of the cylinder too, so should be a nice low bore axis.


    • P.S. – as for why?

      My best guess is that it isolates the trigger from the action of turning the cylinder,
      so theoretically a lighter DA pull?

      Or maybe just because you can.

      • Because you can. I can’t see any engineering reason for it or any particular advantage gained from it. I had hoped to stump y’all.

  3. That Italian Stallion revolver is new to me. There was a time when I would have been tempted by a Webley-Fosbery, just because. Now, it would be a Smith and Wesson M1917 in 45 ACP.

    • There’s always another firearm that is needed. I don’t care how many that I – and apparently you – have. Some call it a disease. I call it lust.

      • Great minds think alike. Yes, always another, although I will admit that my pace has slowed somewhat from my younger days. I have enough “projects” to keep me happily occupied for the foreseeable future. For instance, long ago I came into a sizeable stash of surplus 30 caliber 173 gr FMJ bullets, for the asking. Something in the box with them had rusted away and was all over the bullets. Well, enter case tumblers with stainless steel pins and voilà, shiny new bullets. I was able to shoot some recently in my scoped M1A. They are not Sierra Match Kings, but I was pleasantly surprised with how well they shot.

        My pat answer to “How many?” is “More than two and less than 100”.

        • Easy goes there, RHT….less than 100? I’m not anywhere near the century mark, but don’t be too limiting.

  4. One of the things I like about this sermon is the way you, the preacher, identify our urban issue. How many of our major cities have Dem Mayors? A lot.

    Maybe things will change as these places become depopulated hellholes. Or not, just look at Detroit and Baltimore.

    Of course they’ll revert back to village status in the end, but in the meanwhile, the harm’s done.

    • Detroit and Baltimore are examples of Democrat machines that are both self-perpetuating and self destructive. It’s incredibly progressive.

  5. I spotted the Mateba as soon as I’d scrolled down a bit.

    I first became aware of it when I started watching the “Ghost In The Shell” anime series. The character Togusa carried one. I came *this close* to buying one, but kept getting outbid on, and didn’t want to spend the $$ it would have required.

    Firing from the “bottom” of the cylinder was intended to reduce the muzzle flip.

  6. I had a new in box, unfired 6” Mateba in .44 Mag I picked up from an estate sale. Matte nickel finish. Detachable factory muzzle brake. Gorgeous gun.

    Did I fire it?

    Oh, hell yes I did.

    I think I regret almost every gun I’ve sold, that one was very high on the list of regrets.

    The fellow I sold it to took it out shooting, didn’t tighten down the muzzle brake. Called me in a panic, saying it ‘blew up’. Damned shame.

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