New Fangs for the Navy

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Naval Hypersonic Strike 
(link) The Navy intends to deploy its conventional prompt strike hypersonic weapon on Virginia class attack submarines, after previous discussions of putting the weapon on the larger Ohio class guided-missile submarine (SSGN).
The Ohio Class SSGN is a cruise missile carrying submarine, pictured left, mounted (additionally) with two Dry Dock Shelters for MK- 8 SEAL Delivery Vehicles, that I’m intimately familiar with. The SSGN’s carry a LOT of Tomahawk cruise missiles and can provide a devastating strike capability.
As the Tomahawks are phased out, I’m sure that the SSGN’s will be transitioned to hypersonic weapons – within the next decade.

In its Fiscal Year 2021 budget overview, the Navy outlines a research and development portfolio with 5 percent more funding than this current year – for a total of $21.5 billion – that is aimed at “providing innovative capabilities in shipbuilding (Columbia class), aviation (F-35), weapons (Maritime Strike Tomahawk), hypersonics (Conventional Prompt Strike), unmanned, family of lasers, digital warfare, applied [artificial intelligence], and [U.S. Marine Corps] expeditionary equipment. These technologies are crucial to maintaining DON’s competitive advantage.”

20 thoughts on “New Fangs for the Navy

  1. Old grouch that I am, why did we build a 5 layer roof over the sub pens at Bangor (Hood Canal) if not to be used?

  2. Said the "Land Crabs" who have never had to scrape and repaint the hull of a sea going ship – or in this case "Boat"

  3. If we're going to phase out the Tomahawk, I hope we remember to send all the old stock downrange.


  4. I think that things have changed for the better under President Trump. Barack/Biden had a special place in their hearts for trannies in the military.

  5. Chipping paint – the heart of maintenance at sea. I didn't have to do that, but appreciate the men who did.

  6. The transition to hypersonic weapons is underway. And while it's both inevitable and necessary, I'm an old guy – and sort of a traditionalist. The Space Force, hypersonic missiles, rods from God, and the Chinese plague make me less comfortable.

  7. We ferried a few frogmen back in my time in but the pressures of being a young seaman trying to Qualify and not being dink were all I remember of them being aboard.

  8. I think that's an old photo. The DDS platoons have migrated everything from the old MK-8 to the new Advanced SEAL Delivery Vehicle, which doesn't need a DDS and can be accessed through a docking trunk. I don't think that an ASDV would fit on an SSGN because of the length and the interference it would cause with the launch tubes.

  9. "a special place in their hearts"
    I don't doubt Barack had a "special place" for trannies, but are you quite sure it was in his heart?

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