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Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly announced Monday that a new ship will receive the name USS Arizona — the first time since its original namesake sunk at Pearl Harbor in 1941.
USS Arizona

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey touted the announcement Monday afternoon. “This ship and the name, ‘USS Arizona,’ hold special meaning for our country, its history and the people of Arizona — and today, that legacy begins a new chapter,” Ducey said in a statement Monday.
Since the battleship Arizona is still commissioned at the bottom of Pearl Harbor, there’s going to have to be some razzle dazzle to change things, but all in all, it’s a good move. 1,177 of its crew members died when the Arizona was sunk in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
The next USS Arizona will be a Virginia (774) Class nuclear powered attack submarine (SSN).  I wonder whether or not I can scam a seat at the commissioning?

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  1. Decommisioned makes sense, now. Tje ladt os the Dec 7th Arizona veterans wad buried along with his brothers.

    And the Virginia class is today's BB…

    And in reference tobthe next thread, do enjoy your barrel of monkeys, LL!


  2. Beats the hell out of the oiler they're naming after Harvey Milk, of all people. Or the LCS they named after Gabrielle Giffords.

    We could do a hell of a lot better for our CVN names, too.


  3. Per the wikipedia, the Arizona was struck as of 1 Dec 42, which means she's no longer commissioned.

    However, she's still allowed to fly the colors as if she were still a commissioned ship, as the US Navy still retains title.

  4. The ship naming scheme of the Obamanation was as shameful as the rest of what they did. It's a stain on our honor as a nation.

    Fortunately President Trump defeated the witch.

    And we have another 5 years of President Trump to look forward to.

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