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Captioned Photo: Driving the Ship of State



It’s the opening day of Major League Baseball, and each player is allowed to have a walk-on song played. What is YOUR walk-on song?

** You are not allowed to pick “The Lap Dance is So Much Better When the Stripper is Crying” by the Bloodhound gang.


Bullet Points:

** Communism vs Capitalism – When the Berlin Wall came down, who ran to which side?

** Where do the wealthiest women in the world get their money? Joe Rogan answers the question.

** The genetic predisposition for alcoholism – Peterson.

** If I move out of a neighborhood, it’s termed “white flight,” and it’s racist. If I move into that same neighborhood, it’s “gentrification,” and that is also racist.

** Behavioral scientists aren’t just wrong about how to win over electorates to crackpot progressive policies; their evident contempt for the masses has contributed to the global populist revolt (more here). Who doesn’t appreciate the rise of intellectual fact-checkers?

“Nothing strikes as much fear through the establishment’s fact-checkers and hate vanquishers as the rise of ‘populism.’ Democratic backlashes against dominant ideologies and policy agendas are the natural and inevitable reaction to the intransigence of those who advance them. These reactions, which look likely to sweep many populist parties to power in elections this year, are seen by incumbents as the re-emergence of ‘dark historical forces.’ However, our leaders have no other words for the challenges to their authority than ‘far-right.’ They cannot grasp what’s going on – indeed, one of the causes of their unpopularity – because they’ve placed too much faith in what has turned out to be really bad science.”

** What makes the most creative people different? They can play and explore ideas not for any practical or immediate enjoyment but to play for their own sake.

** Cassini’s last photos before the plunge (here). If we can send spacecraft to Saturn to record, we should certainly be able to do better at home.

** If any of you feel insufficiently educated in the subtle points of diversity, equity, and inclusion, or you want to have your dick whacked off and become a womyn (who knows what a womyn is these days, but you can become one), perhaps you haven’t ‘walked on the wild side,’ but you’re willing to learn — maybe today’s military is right for you.

** Pedo Joe’s Budget – A Plan for America. The budget proposes the federal government spend trillions more than it will take in, increasing the already unsustainable federal debt by $17 trillion over the next 10 years.

** Jules prepares for Easter with details of the feast and a short story about a spiky hedgehog. No hedgehogs were harmed in the story’s writing, and I’m reliably informed that none will be eaten on Easter. You can also find out what “cling film” is—two people separated by a common language.



Sometimes it’s just that Simple


Sniper Check

It’s always good to know that if there’s a sniper out there, the butterbar or the RTO will buy the farm, sparing the platoon.


From Musk



Tourism in the Pax Romana period, when Caesar Agustus had consolidated power, and the civil war ended (27 BC until he died in AD 14), was popular (long Wikipedia article on the subject).  Of course, it continued past that period, but it started when the killing stopped – for the most part. Rome became rich, and people had money to spend on tourism.


When you’re Unwilling to Share the Bacon you’re Cooking

Don’t feel bad. The bear is obviously a socialist who wants to take what you have without earning anything. The least it could do would be to bring the cold dead body of Justin Trudeau in exchange for the bacon.


A View of the Rising Generation




US Cicada broods map


Abortion laws in the US and Canada.



Parting Shot



Another Parting Shot

44 thoughts on “Unwitting Accomplice

  1. I did four years in signals, mostly at HQ doing coding / battalion to regiment or other tasks but did carry different radios in the bush more than once.

    Any sensible person folded the antenna down and stayed away from young officers. I did con several into carrying a 77 set by telling them it would be more efficient.

    1. The RTO is the first to get it… The old PRC-25 had a very long antenna and pointed at the RTO packing it…

  2. Amazing how (supposedly) the black box is missing a couple of minutes of data. Just like with Epstein or the attorneys who worked for Mueller.

    My MLB song – Johnny Cash’s “God Bless Robert E. Lee”. Sure to be a ratings hit-and-run trigger all the right people.

    1. It would be interesting if President Trump and a Republican Congress would change the base names back to those of Confederate Generals. That’s a great walk-on song.

      1. He’d have to fire Triple Face Masked Austin first, who, oddly (or not so oddly) we haven’t heard hide nor hair of the scaredy cat.

    1. “And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts
      And I looked, and behold a pale horse
      And his name that sat on him was death, and hell followed with him” — how appropriate!

  3. How about making abortion legal out to 18 years? For specific groups. Hear me out: Since they can’t be tried as adults, I propose that “child” rapists and murderers be placed into this protected class.

    This is a vital matter of restorative Justice. We know that these poor youths acted out only because of systematic inequities (such as racism and homophobia and consequent lack of access to health care including mental counseling). Abortion is a fundamental health-care right. Providing late-term abortion to these poor youths who acted “depraved on account of they was deprived” is only the first step towards making things right. I would gladly pay out of my pocket (I mean directly, not just through taxes and printing of moar fiatbux) to make these very late-term abortions happen.

    1. You’re discussing “retroactive birth control,” a popular topic with some people. The concept can be taken well past 18 to any age—removal from the gene pool before they can reproduce. Call it an anticipated and assisted Darwin Award. Clairvoyance is not required to anticipate the social need.

  4. 1. “From Musk”
    the invasion of the United States is proceeding apace, funded by the very people (taxpayers) we propose to subjugate.
    2. “Abortion laws in the US and Canada.”
    a. “Legal after the 18th week”:|
    therefore no penalty attaches to murder, by definition
    3. Parting Shot
    blocks B1-3

  5. Sniper check – out in the zone, saluting the butterbar who just arrived from the States and demanded that you respect his authority.

  6. My 1SG was in Vietnam in the early days when the OD uniform had bright rank and name tapes. He told me how they learned very quickly to wear their shirts inside out.

  7. Cleopatra- Why does she look like Kim Kardashian (or the other way around)?

    Stealth Bomber- Could also use it as “Latest Biden Siting” (or a shot of an unfinished basement lighted by a single flickering bulb).

    MLB Walk Out Song- Ok, that got me thinking…but first…gotta include “Wild Thing” by The Troggs. (I can hear Bob Uker now). But here’s a few that came straight to mind that sends the right message:

    – Uncle Ted’s “Stranglehold” (opening riff of course…MrsPaulM suggested it so it gets first billing)
    – Gladiator “Hold the Line” (mid point…Prager uses this as his main bumper)…just because.
    – AC DC “Back in Black” (opening bars)
    – AC DC “Shoot to Thrill” (opening bars…hey, it worked for Tony Stark)
    – Metallica “Enter the Sandman” (a few bars in)
    – 2Unlimited “Get Ready For This” (it works)
    and of course…
    – Survivor “Eye of the Tiger” (first bars…ya just gotta include it)
    BUT…at this point in my (zero) ball career it may be “Out To Pasture” by Misery.

    1. Cleo’s ass is smaller.
      Wild Thing is the classic, of course. Enter Sandman was my walk-on-song for a long time. For older guys, there is the ‘Theme from Peter Gunn’. The Blues Brothers. Elwood: “It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark… and we’re wearing sunglasses.” Jake: “Hit it.”

  8. That cicada map… Sure would be nice if the mapmakers told the cicadas they they’re officially to stay on the other side of the river!
    In reality, those county borders are about as porous as… our southern border. Sadly.

    1. I would think that the sound would lull you to sleep and wake you in the morning. I’ve heard them when they’re as loud as a car alarm. You might want to post copies of the map around your home.

  9. Considering I was just informed that it was time for me to retire (as in, get out before we throw you out), my “walk off” song is whatever music is playing in the background of the ANOTHER PARTING SHOT cartoon.

    1. W.W.W.
      Hint, hint. Back in the day a customer was laid off by MaBell. He and another casualty formed a LLC. Soon MaBell was paying through the nose to use their services. Seems nobody was left that knew how to fix certain things.

        1. X3..don’t get mad…success/living well is the best revenge. Try this:

          “He Turned 55. Then He Started the World’s Most Important Company.” WSJ article, pay-walled, but the gist is: Morris Chang had decades of experience before he founded a business that’s indispensable to the global economy. What can other middle-aged entrepreneurs learn from him?

      1. Thanks for the advice, but for once, and perhaps the last time, WSF, I’m way ahead of you. WAY ahead.

        Thanks also, L_L and Paul. I’m busy making lemonade as we speak.

  10. One can’t do much better than Flogging Molly’s “Swagger” for a walk-out song.
    Also, the (very simple) lyrics suit me.
    Don’t know where I’m going
    I don’t know where I’m going, yeah


    But at another time in my life [lugubrious oversharing redacted — you’re welcome].

  11. Sportsmoneyball players walk on song? Stripper music or porn music. Straight up. Maybe a few are better, but… Really, sportsmoneyball? Don’t friggin care. At all. Better yet, stop all forced citizen payment for anything to do with sportsmoneyball. Wanna play for $50mil a year and you want to play in a new stadium? You pay for the damned thing. Sticking a gun to the head of taxpayers to allow sportsmoneyball players to have a super-nice shower room while homeless vets get clean when it rains pisses me off.

    Other than that, well, would rather have a baked potato with sour cream and real chives (not scallions, scallions ARE NOT chives, you rat bastards!) along with that rare meat, and a bunch of fresh bread slices or rolls (French bread, Chicago rolls, water rolls, sourdough) to sop up all that good juice.

    And the swear jar? Oh, hell yeah. And distribute copies to every employee.

    1. Why I “left” pro sports, especially baseball, completely disconnected from the patrons yet demand we pay for their big-a$$ over-designed stadiums. I like Coors Stadium, brick yard type…then The Important People decided the Bronco’s needed a new stadium (because, apparently the old one was…err…old.) Taxpayers footed the bill on that plus paying a small fortune for tickets and $20 for a lousy hotdog. Big money machine. No thanks.

      Reminded me of my last year in league baseball, I was 15. The coach was hardcore, took all the fun out of it. Or that scene in Moneyball, Billy Bean (Brad Pitt – great flick) recruited right out of High School for the money on the heels of a total timeshare style sales job (5-tool player bravo sierra), only to fail miserably in The Show because of needing a bit more growing up first. Can’t imagine kids these days being pushed in Junior High (or earlier) to operate as little pro teams in every way imaginable. Too serious at that age.

  12. My walk on songs would be a combination of:

    Paloma Faith – Upside Down
    The Who – My Generation
    Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love
    Lady GaGa – Poker Face
    Queen – We Will Rock You
    The Rolling Stones – Ruby Tuesday

    Happy Easter one and all. X

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