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Woman, Man or It?
CUBE posted an interesting question on her blog. You should check it out. It seems that women born as women, even if they identify as lesbians, now object to men competing in women’s sports as women. The objections are odious and downright wrong. WE ARE ALL EQUAL. (more here)
This is the comment that I made:

I don’t think that men should have to take hormones to identify as female athletes. Men can wake up every morning and decide which of the 31 gender options (officially recognized by the State of NY) that they are – that day – or maybe just that morning. If they want to compete against women, since we’re all equal, that should be considered fair. To look at any other way would not be progressive. To be fair, women can do the same thing. One day you’re Samantha (sitting to pee), the next day you’re Sam (standing to pee at the urinal next to “the guys” as best you can) and the day after you’re one of those other pronouns that are demanded that we somehow divine or douse, and are expected to use, trying to figure out whether to sit or stand.

I have been expecting to see female line-persons at the NFL. You’ll note that there was not one person, born as a woman, who played in the Super Bowl. How un-inclusive is that? Denying women, born as women a place on the Ram’s defensive line is like denying global warming, or saying that the Ayatollah’s beard is a fake, stuff like that.

“Boys who identify as girls have been defeating biological girls in high school track and other sports in recent years. In one bizarre case, a high school boy who identifies as a girl won two girls’ state championships — as a freshman.” (PJ Media)

Going forward, it should be “let the best athlete win”. There should be no discrimination!! Furthermore, hormones, steroids and performance enhancing drugs should be banned completely. 
As a high school boy, I was denied entry into the girl’s shower. How things are changing.

Sometimes Words Fail

(Fox News) Liberal icon, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) says that people should be asking, “Is it ok to have children?” Her contention in a nutshell is simply this, ‘if we’re all going to be dead in twelve years because of global warming, why bother?’ I usually don’t quote this puerile, foolish congress-person but she doubles down on stupid every-damned-day. By pushing the Democrat Party into full communist mode, she may be the best the best hope that the Republicans have to maintain power.

19 thoughts on “Monday Madness

  1. AOC's the gift that just keeps giving.

    Then there's the old gender is a construct chestnut. It's a bit like race, ask Shaun King.

  2. I would say that in her case that AOC should definitely not have children. I would hate to see her DNA get passed along, and besides, she'd likely make a lousy mother.

  3. I'm sure that San Francisco has more. Some people seem to be a one-person option, they're so disturbed, so weird.

  4. Old people (who tend to vote Republican because of their wisdom) have been written off by Democrats as 'deplorable'.

    AOC is an idiot, a freak of great renown and has become the spokesperson for the Democrat Party.

  5. Sterilization may be the only sure way. Somebody ought to suggest that all progressives undergo voluntary sterilization. She could be the first to show the way for all of her crew. I'm sure that it would be a big hit, right along side eliminating automobiles and airplanes.

  6. Thinking on the flip side of this coin…that maybe Cortez is really a Trump operative. Her spouting the most inane thoughts and concepts may be a subversive plan to expose the idiocy and lunacy of the Left (and she never disappoints), which in turn exposes the Democrat elite as the self-loathing anti-American’s they are…especially since a host of them are buying into her daft rhetoric.

    Then again, maybe she is who she is and the infighting will continue. Either way it will be entertaining as the rats eat each other.

  7. Saw a cartoon, Doctor and Woman patient.

    Doctor: "Sir, I have some bad news".

    Patient: "Don't call me sir! I am a Woman".

    Doctor: "Ma'am, you have prostrate cancer".

  8. As much as I'd like to think that she's a genius operative for the Republicans – there's not that much cunning in the world. I'm afraid that she's an idiot who is such an idiot that she doesn't understand the cause and effect on her own party…which is good for us.

  9. I'm having a very hard time dealing with all the current craziness (and the snow and wind, too)

  10. She is an idiot, operative or not. As I watch things unfold I believe we have entered the Twilight Zone..I can hear Rod Serling in the background.

  11. Yes, things are surreal, Camperfixer. When you look back in time only a few years, they would have tarred and feathered AOC and run her out of town on a rail. Today she is celebrated as the left's voice.

    The Democrats are looking hard for a bottom, as in, 'how low can you go'. They haven't found it yet.

  12. Blog notwithstanding, I try to avoid it. I no longer have traditional television and am resisting putting a satellite receiver up. There's not that much that I want to see.

  13. I understand that there has been a problem with sexual harassment in the workplace, and that women felt put upon in many situations. Most of that has been managed by changes in the legal system and in society. However in a grievance-based culture, there is always another axe to grind.

    As with race issues, a negro US president was not enough to show that as a larger society, you could be rich, powerful and black. Hillary thought that she would be the female Obama in that sense. She could have been had she not been so morally bankrupt, corrupt and wicked.

  14. Hubby watches car shows. And Airplane shows. Now when I say shows, I don't mean like NASCAR (that was ruined, sadly); or movies like Airplane. He likes Airplane disaster shows – as in why did it crash, military airplanes, that sort of thing. And car shows like Fantomworks.
    We enjoy several of the vet shows. And we watch a lot of the Alaska shows.
    And of course he insists on watching a lot of the MSM news shows, but mostly Fox.

    There is satellite internet; but it might (will probably) drop out in a storm.

    Sorry for the rambling.

  15. AOC: she reminds me of a bunch of ranking soldiers I worked under back in the day: they figured that they had a stripe or two on me, maybe even a butter bar to shove in my face and that made them the smartest guys in town. Maybe even in the region. They would spew utter idiocy with such confidence (and Congressional authority), every body listening would roll their eyes, but after their lips stopped moving, we all had to say, 'yes sir.'

  16. What's scary is the number of people that regard her as a luminary of the democrat party. Not in the republican party's image of her either, but as a true visionary of what the democrat party should be.

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