The Ides of March have arrived and the first day of Spring is around the corner. Back at the White Wolf Mine a lot of the snow has melted and we’re bracing…for more snow. I don’t know who to blame but I could go on a groundhog-killing rampage this year just to stop this climate change.


The Final Frontier?

Call me crazy if you must but I’ve always preferred green spaceships.


    Bullet Points:

** Because of Biden’s cognitive decline, he’s trained to enter a room, read from a monitor,  turn, and leave – like a trained chimp.

** NY Post – WASHINGTON — The Treasury Department has agreed to let House Oversight Committee members review suspicious activity reports pertaining to President Biden’s family, panel Chairman James Comer announced Tuesday. The records submitted by banks to the US government may contain new bombshells on the first family’s murky foreign income and the millions reaped by first son Hunter Biden and first brother James Biden in countries where their powerful relative held sway.

“After two months of dragging their feet, the Treasury Department is finally providing us with access to the suspicious activity reports for the Biden family and their associates’ business transactions,” Comer (R-Ky.) said.

“It should never have taken us threatening to hold a hearing and conduct a transcribed interview with an official under the penalty of perjury for Treasury to finally accommodate part of our request.”

** From Jules

** Marshal Tito to Stalin:  “Stop sending people to kill me. We’ve already captured five of them, one of them with a bomb and another with a rifle. […] If you don’t stop sending killers, I’ll send one to Moscow, and I won’t have to send a second.” – Josip Broz Tito.

** The man on the top of a mountain didn’t fall there. – Lombardi

**. A Russian fighter jet hit the propeller of a U.S. Air Force drone over the Black Sea Tuesday morning, forcing it to crash, the U.S. European Command confirmed, amid rising tensions between Moscow and Washington as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine passes its one-year mark.

Two Russian jets conducted an “unsafe and unprofessional” mission to intercept an unmanned drone operating in international airspace, EUCOM announced in a statement.

One of those jets struck the drone shortly after 7 a.m. local time, forcing U.S. forces to bring down the MQ-9 Reaper drone over the Black Sea, resulting in a “complete loss.” The Russian aircraft impacted the MQ-9’s propellor. EUCOM also stated the two Russian jets dumped fuel on the drone—which had been conducting “routine operations”—and flew directly in front of it in a “reckless, environmentally unsound and unprofessional manner” that they claim shows a “lack of competence.”

What a pussy statement…environmentally unsound? Mount AIM-9s on the drones and if the Russians f-around, shoot them down. Fly the MQ-9s in tandem.

** How does an 18th Century Battleship Work?

** A river runs through it… Geography lesson for future state makers: rivers make terrible borders over time! Rivers change over time and because of that, we see portions of Arkansas and Mississippi extending over the river.


Identify The Aircraft


Identify the Tank

(not an STG III)



Aimpoint 2000 and 3000, with Weaver Carry Handle Scope Mounts made by Olympic Arms and Maryland Gun Works, respectively.

I still need to pick up a 5000 or Comp M/ML, but one is hit hard with the cloner tax and the other is just rare as hen’s teeth.


For Riverrider


  1. It didn’t take a threat to “hold a hearing and conduct a transcribed interview with an official under the penalty of perjury” to get that information, it’s the fact that The Party is done with Joe; this is Joe, slowly gliding out of the White House. On the bright side, this should totally hack off ‘Dr Jill’ and popcorn sales should go through the roof.

    The Ides of March! Think we should warn Biden? Now that I think of it, history has a spectacular opportunity for repeating itself.

    • The uniparty is tired of Biden but they seem to love the larger regime, the trannies, misfits and freaks that hold high office.

      • If i remember correctly Brutus committed suicide after his second defeat of Philippi but I don’t remember how? Did he de by his own sword?

        • Does anyone really know at this point?

          Brutus was from an old patrician family and he was a republican despite his long friendship with Caesar. You could say that what he did, he did for the Republic. My sense is that he fell on his sword, but with a second present to finish him in the event that he botched the job. That was the pattern.

          • Got it. Yeah well he probably couldn’t forgive himself and opening up his veins in a warm bath tub wouldn’t have been suitable for him Thanks LL.

  2. I shake my head when seeing Shuffler Joe’s controlled micro public interactions while Trump opened up the end of his Iowa rally to audience questions for 20 minutes, something no politician ever does. How anyone can defend that we have an actual operating President is beyond reasoning, and Constitutionally fraudulent.

    Drone- instead of calling Putin up and telling him if one of his fighter jets ever so much goes near one of our drones, oh, and you us 200 mill for the one you clipped, instead we get the wussy spackle-over job from a bunch of limp wrists. Speaks volumes who owns who.

    • I particularly liked the ‘…environmentally unsound…’ part of the briefing in response to the alleged Russian fuel dump in the drone’s flight path.

        • Ah, but it does matter, to Them. It’s one of their magic Bad Words of Shaming. One of Them would be devastated to be labeled as such in public, so they assume you will also be devastated. And it’s setting you up as the villain in their morality play.

          “Environmentally unsound” is practically excommunication. (Actual excommunication would be “vaccine skeptic”, and excommunication with a big punitive fine on top is “racist”. And I’m not even going to mention the biggest label-of-shame in their arsenal. It’s just too strong and evil to even type.)

          By the way, if you disagree with me (a Chinaman) then you are guilty of anti-Sinotism. Shame on you for having anti-Sinotic thoughts. As a rabid anti-Sinite (proven by you having anti-Sinotic thoughts) you will be barred from public life. (THAT was an example of why they say stupid-sounding (to us) stuff like the “environmentally unsound” phrase in that context.)

          • Such people don’t actually believe the Chinese and the Russians think the same as they do but the proper virtues have been signaled to the echo chamber people with no ill effect. The last assumption is probably not true and what this does is indicate the Americans or at least those making decisions are not to be taken seriously. Given current circumstances, that is bad.

          • “the proper virtues have been signaled to the echo chamber people”

            “Such people don’t actually believe the Chinese and the Russians think the same as they do”
            A) you are of course correct. The “enviro” thing was really about sending messages to other cloud people;
            B) Probably half of what they think Russians think is psychological projection. These are twisted, paranoid people who have their short-fingered hands on the levers of Western power. Very scary;
            C) despite B) above, they seem to think* that if you bring a 73-IQ Somali to the US then that guy will fit right in.

            * their rank-and-file mostly do believe in Magic Dirt (as we sarcastically call it), or the Brotherhood of Personkind, as they think of it. Their “elites” aren’t stupid, they know a functionally retarded person from a culture in many ways fundamentally opposed to ours will not fit in but rather be a huge problem. Which is why they are so keen to enrich places full of white Christians. And poor communities that don’t have the money or political pull to oppose them. In my AO, do we see Somalis bright in to enrich say, Newton, or Brookline, or Concord, Mass? Of course not. They get sent to Lowell, MA or Lewiston, Maine.

          • You forgot that ‘end to beat all’ ubiquitously used 2020 term, “abundance of caution”…however you get a free pass as it really is difficult to keep up on the Left’s idiotic obfuscatory terminology created put of thin air to sound “more dire”.

            Was at a veterinary Stem Conference with MrsPaulM, they kept saying “adipose tissue”. I could infer what they were talking about but wanted clarification so I asked her. “It’s fat”. Me (the engineer brained and her vet tech): “Why don’t they just say that, it’s only one syllable instead of five?” Her: “It sounds more doctor-y.”

          • “sounds more doctor-y”
            Welcome to my world. The obfuscatory, “in-group/out-group” part of it anyway. Sigh. I agree with you. Specialist terms if and as needed (usually for precision and making it unambiguous) but general terms when possible.

          • On the subject of ‘doctor talk’, I had a doctor girlfriend once and had just come back from a course (see, went to school once too) and she brought up ways to kill people. I told her that I preferred to chloroform the target and then inject adenosine into the nictitating membrane on the inside of the eye using a .50-gauge needle. She gave me, ‘the look”.


            (I’d been practicing it in class along with the other students)

            Some of us work on the supply side of the equation.

            It’s easy to cut a femoral artery with a knife or thrust an ice pick through the medulla oblongata, but coroners have a way of pointing out that those were not deaths by natural causes. I will point out that the Arkancides attributed to the Clintons were not carried out by artists in the craft.

          • Call: “not a death by natural cause.”

            Response: Well, no, it wasn’t. But he had it coming.

            Speaking of femoral arteries, an astonishing amount of blood comes out VERY quickly from a measly little 6-French (2 mm; speaking of “sounding doctor-y” since a French is 1/3 mm) hole in the femoral. Back in the old days we mostly did coronary catheterization via right femoral access. Afterwards you had to “hold the groin” for some period of time, lest it start bleeding again. And a person can easily bleed a liter of blood INTO their own leg (so it’s not immediately obvious). Holding groins was a rite of passage for the cardiology trainee. If the cath lab nurses and techs liked you, they’d take over, so you could do the 27 other things you needed to be doing at the same time. If they didn’t like you, you never got help.

          • “ Some of us work on the supply side of the equation.”

            A seriously creative description of services rendered. But hey, supply and demand are certainly necessary factors, both in business as well as nature.

  3. i think i’m in love, again…..iran nearing nuclear success, rumors israel found the ark of the covenant, china and the saudis linking up w/ iran and all of them linking up w/ russia, i’m getting an uneasy feeling…..i want to see brandon crime family’s taxes versus expenditures versus assets. how do they hide their ill gotten gains, in the billions by now? and we know his brother stole most of an 8 billion contract to build houses in afghanistan, or iraq i forget which. when the balloon goes up i hope they smoke dc first so i die with that last thought.

    • The Ark of the Covenant is safely stored in a government warehouse, just like that documentary narrated by Harrison Ford showed.

      Pretty model even has a flip-spout bottle of binocular oil.

      the large anti-shock bodies on the upper trailing edge of the wings, to increase the critical Mach by reducing transonic drag. The inboard shock bodies, which were larger, were also used for additional fuel tankage. […] The inner set of pods were used to route the fuel-dump tubes from the fuel tanks, terminating in a prominent outlet.

      You mean the chemtrail sprayers?

      • RR’s girl is also wearing Sitka camo. I like their stuff, but sizing is confusing. I’m a “small” in their most of their parkas but a “medium” in a few. Makes buying mail order a crap shoot. 😳

    • I suspect that we have solid AWACS on the collision and that they can tell what happened. So yes, a prop-bump seems likely.

    • What is interesting is that supposedly the Russkie actually stuck it’s nose into the drone’s propeller, rather than just shooting it.

      That makes it an ‘accident,’ right? A very expensive accident to the front of the Russkie plane. Wonder how much damage was done.

  4. Drones in duos – in South Africa they had one scout running along following the trail signs, while being followed by one or two guys looking ahead for possible ambushes. It worked fairly well as a way to avoid losing scouts. Wouldn’t be surprised if similar tactics were used back in the day of stone clubs.

    • It’s a rule when cutting for sign. You never do it without somebody riding or walking cover. Better two covering than one.

  5. The aircraft is a Convair 990 “Coronado”. The wing pods were to reduce transsonic drag.

    One of the clan married a local gal who looks identical to the young lady pictured. She’s a Veterinary’s Assistant, and she hunts, fishes, and can ride like the wind on a horse.

    And she’s one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.

    • The wing pods were to reduce transsonic drag.

      Which is why we’ve seen them as a common design feature on exactly none of the other of the aircraft pictures posted here? The Glomar Explorer was a mining prospecting ship, too, and Hobbes’ ‘warre of all against all’ is a common human social-instinct failure mechanism illustrated by hundreds of famous examples throughout human history.

  6. Rivers make fine borders. The problem comes when idiots think that moving the river doesn’t move the border.



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