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There has been quite a bit of discussion here on this blog about people who live urban areas in some states and settle in rural areas. Part of that may have to do with the fact that I’ve discussed my experiences in relocation. Most things in life are somewhat cyclical. Inner cities crumble, or they are allowed to crumble, then Democrats leave office and they are built back, only to see another round of rot and decay set in. The vile nature of the political class, the craven pandering to the inner city people who work very little and feed off the system like a biomass of parasites, makes staying in an urban center more difficult over time.

Order is born from chaos. The first few verses of Genesis lays that out. At the moment there is an obsession that Black Lives Matter MORE. Whether they do or not remains to be seen. But those who can leave urban environments will. Business will find it increasingly difficult to remain insured in areas where looters and arsonists are allowed to prey on them. Tax revenues will fold. The police will be defunded all or in part, and the inner cities will become wastelands. More or less, wherever Democrats hold office.

The difference between previous exits and the present one lays in the change that technology has wrought. UPS and FedEX deliver to places like the White Wolf Mine in the remote Arizona highlands. The Internet (though my bandwidth does suck) is available in rural America and the television (satellite) feed works. Cell phone technology allows you to be “working” wherever you are. The only difference in real practicality between living in a city, clogged with traffic and living in the country, comes with the distance I drive to the store. And when you factor in the difference traffic, it’s not THAT much difference. In one case, you move at 10 mph through bumper-to-bumper traffic, in the others, greater distance and speed.

Good people don’t seem to be willing to take a stand against evil. Many, as with me, decide not to fight the mosque that the city approved down the street from my house and an Islamafied neighborhood, we just move.

Some people, including me, think that the radical left is shooting itself in the foot with its embrace of violence. Firearms and ammunition are blowing off the shelves as people come to terms with the fact that in a “defund the police” environment, they need to look to their own defense. The howling political left’s efforts to curb or abolish the Second Amendment will be increasingly difficult to implement at a time when people are rediscovering why it was written in the first place.

The Marxists may be proud of their revolution in the USA at the moment, and it may be that they can rig the election in November by rigging the mail-in vote. But I suspect that more people than polling indicates, will repudiate the Donkeys.


What will they do without statues?

Map of where pigeons live – dark red = native, pink = introduced.

The thugs never ask themselves “what will the pigeons (flying rats) do” if the statues are torn down.


How high should you Stack Pancakes?

…asking for a friend.


Progressive Going-Out to Dinner Wear

I’m sure it will be mandatory in New York City by the end of the week. Maybe you can go to a bar if you wear one. Straw included.





19 thoughts on “Second Twos-day Blog

  1. “There has been quite a bit of discussion here on this blot…” I know, typos are sooo unfair, but this one made me laugh.

    Lady reading “Guns and Ammo”—nice guns (you may take that however you wish).

    Pancakes–as high as you want. I like waffles too, but haven’t tried stacking them.

      1. No one needs more than one pancake at a time. There is no legitimate sporting purpose for a stack of pancakes. Ban the high-capacity plate now!
        Won’t someone think of the children?

        1. What about all the starving children in Africa?

          The solution, of course, is to mail that extra half dozen blueberry cakes via surface/ship post to Oprah, care of her school for girls in Africa.

          1. Speaking of cows, there is a nearby pasture where many more than half a dozen flatish objects in various stages of solidification and freshness can be found and I would just love to mail a box of them to Ms Opie (a) if I didn’t think some underling would have to do her unpacking and (b) if it wasn’t illegal as hell to mail such things via the U.S.P.S.

  2. A consideration of those of us in our seventh decade is the distance to a hospital and how soon EMTs can reach us. That rules out many otherwise wonderful places for my COLOEXIT.

    1. I have a fire station (with casevac helicopter) and 24/7/365 paramedics not much more than a mile away. And I was elected to the Fire District Board (unopposed, nobody wanted the thankless job) so I know how well they are equipped. 3 Medic/Ambulances that have almost everything that a hospital would have for emergency medical needs. That weighed heavily in my choice of locations, WSF.

      Staffing is first rate. Most of the firemen and medics work at other fire departments in the big AZ cities and drive up to do shifts where it’s beautiful and the temps don’t roast you.

    2. That’s one of the reasons we live here, rather than further out. SLW, who can’t read a map and has no conception of distances here, insisted we be “close” to good medical care.

      “Close”, of course, is relative, and even though the hospital in Long Beach was closer to us than it is here, it took 2~3 times as long to get there than it does here.

  3. Visited relatives in Chicago once, and 10 mph only occurred when traffic was REALLY moving.
    Have no desire for a repeat performance.

  4. Well it’s Kamala , a real threat. This darling learned her politics at the knee of consummate politician Willy Brown. Uh , well, ere , it was some part off Willys anatomy.

  5. Joe did choose a VP on Tuesday. I am amazed, and obviously wrong.

    Congratulations to Kamala Harris. If a miracle occurs, and they win, she will quite possibly be the 46th, but more likely, the 47th President before 2022.

    Does Team Trump go after fracturing the loyal Democrat Base, by pointing out that Senator Harris is a Jamaican-Indian America with slave holding great-great grandparents, and currently married to a White Jewish Entertainment Lawyer? There are a lot of African-Americans that harbor deep seated feelings about people with similar relationships.

  6. Everything that comes around, goes around.

    War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength… Tokenism is Inclusivity.


  7. “howlling” — the Left are certainly shrieking like the demons they are.

    What a gang of satanic nihilists.

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