FDIC – About to become “woke”?

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is led by a five-member board, which for decades has delegated day-to-day operations to its chairman, who by statute serves a five-year term. This structure was designed to ensure independence from changing political administrations and has led to a long legacy of collegiality. For 88 years the chairman has controlled the board agenda and worked collaboratively with other board members.

That’s not true any longer. FDIC Chair under President Donald Trump, Jelena McWilliams, is resigning as of Feb. 4 and turning over the control to the Democrats who have circumvented her to arrange a hostile takeover…more here


Karim Qajymqanuly Massimov

The man was Joe and Hunter Biden/Brandon’s business partner in Kazakhstan. Karim Qajymqanuly Massimov served as a Prime Minister of Kazakhstan from 10 January 2007 to 24 September 2012 and again from 2 April 2014 to 8 September 2016. He was arrested for “high treason” by the Kazakh secret police last week and I’ve been waiting for more information on the charges before posting the information here.

Photo above: Hunter and Joe Biden with Kenes Rakishev (left) and Kazakhstan’s former  minister, Karim Massimov (right)

Some assert that Massimov was arrested because of his business relationship with Hunter and the Big Guy. Details are still forthcoming.


Blood on my Hands, by John Ondrasik (Five for Fighting), was removed from YouTube, Spotify and Twitter. Its lyrics are critical of President Brandon and key members of his cabinet who were responsible for the shameful Afghanistan withdrawal disaster.

Winkin’ blinkin’ can’t you look me in the eyes?
Willy Milley tell me when did you decide
This we’ll defend
Your sacred motto now means, never mind
Got blood on my hands
Got blood on my hands
Flag of the Taliban (he, he, he)
Over Afghanistan
General Austin, is there no honor in shame?
Can you spell Bagram without the letters in blame?
Did uncle Joe stick a drip in your veins?


1883 – Series Review

Based on the first two episodes, that I received free on the Paramount Chanel on my satellite cable feed, I’d say that they have a winner on their hands.  It’s a prequel to Yellowstone, but I think that it will stand on its own. There are minor items that I can complain about but there are minor items (like Sam Elliott digging a grave with a sharpened kingbolt) that are very well crafted.

My favorite part is the saloon shoot-out where the Ft. Worth town marshall (Billy Bob Thornton) sets things right.

And when Isabel May, the hot blonde actress, gets an arrow through her abdomen in the first minute of the series.


War of the Worlds Remake?

They should definitely do it, but this time Mars wins because they wear those cheap paper facemasks.  It’s a very progressive notion.


  1. Maybe COVID will save us all from the Martians.
    Of course, they wouldn’t be THAT heavy-handed with their propaganda….right?

    • Certainly they would, Frank.

      Having seen the rest of the episodes up thru yesterday evening, I have to say that 1883 continues to progress pretty well. Couple of things to whine about but I’ll not spoil the plot. Time has been kind to Faith Hill, so it has that going for the lecherous amongst us. I keep hoping Thornton will show back up at some point, but that’s prolly too much to ask for.

      • I watched the first half or so of the more recent rendition True Grit last night. I read the book by Charles Portis long ago. I think that they nail the Western vibe better than 1883, but they are very much both Western films of a different nature. The movie had 2 hours to show the story and 1883 has 20 hours.

        • My wife commented on Dune, pt 1 that they did really well catching the gist of the story, vonsidering they only had 2 1/2 hours, so presumably 5 for the whole thing. But they really needed 24 hours to work with. We’ll have to catch 1883.

    • I hadn’t seen that before… America 2021 and beyond I guess.

      Who is running the country? I hear news people talk about “Biden said”. Like who cares? I’d rather know what the royal vizeer said.

  2. More good news from the Cheatery I see, now they are after the FDIC. Woodshed time…or a couple of well placed lightening bolts to reduce of these people to their carbon-based slime origins.

    Appreciate the 1883 review, a great cast.

    • I think that they hate Trump voters, coincidently, people who shout Let’s Go Brandon. However, based on polling numbers that would be about 70+ % of the population. Or maybe gun owners – bring on the revolution.

    • Thank you. It has been banned/censored out of existence in most places including the Five for Fighting website.

  3. I just watched the first episode of 1883 and loved it. The show already has an IMDB rating of 9.1. I binged watched all 4 seasons of Yellowstone in December. I’d had so many American friends tell me to watch that but it’s not available over here. But I found a way. Absolutely loved it. That’s the best role I’ve ever seen Kevin Costner in. Rip is my ideal life partner and Beth is a beastly nightmare! However, she is really English which explains how she can pull that off. 😉 What a series. Looking at Taylor Sheridan you wouldn’t expect him to write such great stuff but cowboy hats off to him on these two as they are superb. There’s supposed to be a spin off of Yellowstone called 6666 coming soon too!

    • Sheridan recently purchased the 4-6’s ranch in Texas, maybe a historical drama about it that was started and had been in the Burnett family from day one.

  4. Any organization not explicitly conservative will always eventually become liberal. The FDA is no exception.

    Biden is the perfect puppet. Too demented to understand that he will be scapegoated and blamed for all the
    evil his handlers are perpetrating. When he is sacrificed the criminals behind the curtains will find a new patsy to be scapegoated when required. Rinse and repeat as needed. The vast majority of people in office are not the real decision makers. They are willing puppets doing what the true power brokers mandate. We could exterminate every elected politician and nothing would change. We must identify and address the real powerful people who remain hidden and anonymous.

  5. 1883 very good. Makes time spent in front of a screen worth it. But the screening of immigrants to secure they did not bring diseases was better in the past. I was kind of suprised they presented it with such realism in todays woke culture. Not to mention the efficient way to handle crime. It is still hope then.

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