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There’s definitely a pattern here.


The Navy SEALs have continued to use and upgrade the M60E3, (which came out in the 1980’s), because of its portability and low weight for its caliber. The MK43 Mod 0 is an improved model that was developed for the U.S. Navy SEALs in the 1990’s to replace their existing stock of M60E3 machine guns fitted with shorter “assault barrels”. It has extra rails for mounting accessories, and a quick-change barrel. The M60 machine gun is gradually being phased out in favor of the heavier M240 machine gun, which is more reliable.
M-43 Mod 1
The US Ordnance MK-43 Mod 1 machine gun is fitted with the short (17.5 inch), fluted barrel. It is topped with a Trijicon Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight on the distinctively angular machined feed cover’s rock-steady integral rail and a PEQ-2A laser aiming module on the Mod 1’s new Rail Interface System forearm. The Tango Down vertical grip allows the weapon to be operated without a bi-pod by the shooter. This is likely the last evolutionary move for the M-60 before the SEALs start cutting down the M-240 into something more functional for a single operator (instead of as a crew-served weapon system). The limiting factor for this sort of weapon is the amount of ammunition that can be carried to support its use in the field. Though load-outs of SEAL platoon vary based on Team and platoon preference depending on the mission to be undertaken, the MK-43 is still a regular fixture.

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  1. Back in the day everybody humped at least one belt for the pig. That wonderful thing saves lives.


  2. It's worth distributing ammo. Light units/recon units are designed to pack a heavy punch if discovered, but they run out of ammunition when confronted and engaged by heavier forces, operating near their own logistics train. The MK-43 throws down the lead while you break contact.

  3. I thought you were on the road shamelessly begging businesses for money, LL. Got a little down time between obsequious groveling to post some entertaining ordinance info?

  4. Interesting gun post. Wasn't aware of the M60 evolution. But New York? Good luck. I always have fun there, even though I'm against it…

  5. It's arctic this week in NY. All the result of that global warming — or weather, depending on how you want to look at it. You have to hand it to the progressive left. They found a way to tax the weather.

  6. As the owner of a Mk43Mod0, I cannot say enough about the upgrades that transformed the stock Pig into a fantastic weapon, indeed. Alas, mine's for sale, and I'll surely miss it when it's gone.

  7. Now that's tragic. I'm sorry that you have to sell it. I carried the old M-60 before the MK43 and loved it. It was heavy, and everyone who humped one had a love/hate relationship with the pig, but in the event of trouble, it laid down firepower and there is where the rubber met the road.

  8. Murph's is in great shape. I've shot it. And they did put out some firepower… Hanging out the door of a Huey on a gunner's belt with four or five cans linked, THAT was the cat's meow for getting guys out of trouble.

  9. This is a question I've yet to get a man to answer directly. I've tried. They're always very evasive. Do they think they'll be judged for having too few or too many? I truly don't know, though I suspect the former.

  10. It's easy to get into trouble – and if I don't go looking for trouble, it will come looking for me. Getting out of trouble takes more creativity.

  11. …yeah, well a mini-gun would be nice. I don't think that I could afford the ammo I'd cycle through it…unless I took your credit card to the gun store…

  12. We don't like to disclose this information on the internet. In person is a different matter.

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