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It’s a very woke aircraft.

Convair NB-36H Nuclear-Powered Plane: Carbon Net Zero, Promoted as the pinnacle of fuel efficiency for heavy lifting in commercial and military applications, Convair’s NB-36 was equipped with a 3-megawatt nuclear reactor.

Constructing a prototype of this aircraft was relatively straightforward, but the project was ultimately abandoned in the late 1950s. The reasons for its discontinuation were its exorbitant cost and substantial safety risks. Nevertheless, this aircraft accumulated 215 flight hours, of which 89 were clocked with the nuclear reactor operational.


Heavy is the head that wears the crown.


Bullet Points:

** Secret Federal Law Enforcement Shootings. I’ve seen this firsthand.

** Define Socialist – Somebody who wants everything you have except your job.

** Mike_C – mentioned in dispatches again.

** Natural Selection. That is an interesting clip from Rogan.

** For my twelfth birthday, my grandfather bought me John le Carré’s collected works. I can still remember what he said about them. They’re made up. But that doesn’t mean they’re not true.

** USS New Orleans, LPH-11, Haze Gray and UnderwayI interrogated high-value Panamanian Special Forces personnel on that platform during Operation Just Cause (Invasion of Panama). It only took five days before Panama capitulated, so it was no great shakes but an interesting experience. A round-bottom carrier…



Corporate America


Practical Solutions


Identify the Armor



Identify the Aircraft (Jumbo Edition)





32 thoughts on “Living in the Wood Dragon Year

  1. That nuclear powered plane is a weird idea. Doesn’t it work on ships by using the heat to produce steam? How would a nuke be used to power an aircraft, I wonder?

    1. It never did in practice, they just flew a reactor for proof-of-concept. The program died at a fairly early stage.


      The way it was supposed to work was the the coolant loop ran out to the turbines, where a heat exchanger would super-heat intake air, taking the place of combustion. I had never thought of it this way before reading about how it worked years ago, but any hot gas can make a gas turbine work.

      – Kle.

      1. If you used a nuke system like on a sub: generate steam, spin a turbine, generate electricity, power electric motor driven propellers; would there be a power to weight ratio that would make sense on something like a big lumbering cargo plane, or a B-52?
        That would never need refueling?

  2. Identify the Armor:
    M76 Otter

    Identify the Jumbo Aircraft:
    2. TBD
    3. Bristol Brabazon
    4. Antonov An-22 Cock
    5. Handley Page Type O

    1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Otter before. Nor heard of one. Cool.

      IDK what #2 is, either.

      – Kle.

    1. Nice! Waiting for LSP to weigh in on “Tay Tay”…altho Sharpest Knife in the Drawer Joe thought he had a great Half-Time campaign rally.

  3. Nuke on a plane…what could possible go wrong? (Albeit, if it were possible to keep the module safe from Ne’er-do-well’s, having a micro-sized reactor at each home would eliminate central power control, wind and solar gambits, grid problems, and government interference…which is why it’ll never happen: money and control.)

    John le Carré’s Books- Will need to take a look. Grandfathers are important…so are fathers. Over at Kim Du Toit’s this morning he posted a commentary on “…The Crisis of the American Male” (linked), plus his own 2017 and 2003 posts on “The Pussification of the Western Male”, that starts We have become a nation of woman. All three commentary’s perfectly encapsulate what has occurred to get us to the skinny jeans and wimpy armed unfocused male, much of which is rooted in Feminism that begat fatherlessness, shifting authority to the feminine. There must be a concerted effort to reverse course that is at a pinnacle; these mothers, doctors, pop-psyche crazies, telling little boys they are girls…assuming that’s possible as society teeters over the abyss at the hand of the demented.

    1. Slowly, ever so slowly, Small Modular Reactor designs are being approved for operation in the US. They would be able to provide power for most American counties and the only power grid would be local. What a great idea for all of us in fly over country. One is being built at the Idaho National Laboratory if you are interested.

      Unfortunately, the greens have such a strangle hold on my local government that they are unwilling to move in that direction even though they want to meet all the silly electric everything goals.

      1. Private sector (as in LL etc) will provide the solution(s). Problem – as with nearly everything nowadays – government is in the way, purposely, because they get nothing out of it if successful to offering people a better mousetrap. Look at clothes washers, government screwed them up so bad with water restriction regulations they don’t actually get clothes clean (except for Speed Queen). Result is less task useful while costing more.

    2. John LeCarre:
      Smiley books,
      Spy Who Came in From the Cold
      A Perfect Spy.
      Of them all, A Perfect Spy really got my attention.
      The dissection of the motive for betrayal of one’s country.
      I thought of Bill Clinton a lot when I read that book.

      1. Did not realize Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy was his, or The Constant Gardner.

        I am once again further enlightened by visiting VM.

  4. @ Paul M
    The New Fashionable moms (NFMs) of the current age bring their little boysup to be sitz-pinklers. Why? so their little boys grow up being very careful “not to make a mess on the floor” that mommy will have to clean up. The little boys grow up to be very careful/ashamed of their male member.
    The NFMs also strongly believe in uni-sex rainbow-colored clothing and “fashion acessories” for their very young male children.
    I believe you’ll find the NFM plus male child is mostly a single-parent household.
    So please look at the “the skinny jeans and wimpy armed unfocused male” and have rachmones (BTW: there is an adverbial phrase missing from the Wiktionary definition – very deeply heartfelt); he knows no better having been trained (and I do mean trained) this way from birth.
    One of the worst, deliberately intended effects of Feminism.

    I finally broke down and begin reading “Red Mist” – it began to molder on the shelf – the other stuff’ll just have to wait. I’m making editing notes on the inside front cover. I’ll send you my copy when I’m finished reading it the second time, so it might be while yet. palate indeed!

    1. Spot on…look at middle class suburban woman, aka “Karen”, annoying and misguided (at best).

      I had a dad who was a real man. As a young father did a 2-year Marine stint, then taught his boys “what’s what” by instruction and example (how he treated our mother, a homemaker and no less than dad, the household was hers). Dad demanded we step up to the role. And we three now see the failing all around us – all ages – “guys” playing video games, refusing becoming men. (Wanna really know? If you can stand it take in 5 minutes of The Bachelor. Besides being scripted and mostly bogus, it decidedly paints most males as immature…because they are…25-30 year-olds in skinny pants who work out for the beach bod yet have no clue other than calling gals “smokeshow” while hoping for more popularity hits on their IG accounts.)

      Every sense I have knows the ills of society are based in this “cultural war on men and the balance God demanded between the two sexes.” Woman are the gatekeepers…but when they drank the Feminism Kool-Aid coupled to severe indoctrination by more woman, then decided to debase themselves and be like “guys” (because gals are lousy at being guys…duh)…then all bets are off. Real men will eventually say, “Fine, I’m going [fishing, hunting, etc]…leave me alone.” Kim says it better, and so does “G. Washington” (his linked article).

      What would happen if you gave your nephew le Carre’s books, or even Hardy Boys? How many “modern enlightened” moms would have a conniption fit then call you a misogynist or call it abuse?

    2. I’m a sitzpinkler because I’m the one who cleans the bathroom! Do you track mud in the house because your wife cleans up after you? What’s the difference except that splattered piss smells nasty?

  5. How much wood would a wood-dragon, uh, drag, if a wood-dragon could drag wood?

    As to soy males. Sure, understanding and empathy are great. We could all do with a bit of those (giving and receiving), but they are Not free passes. At some point the poor poor victim of his upbringing has to look around, take stock of how others are behaving, compare to himself, and make changes if/as needed. Uncharacteristically, I was in a Chinatown type area this weekend. Various FOBs were doing the snork/hoick/patooey thing so common among many Chinese. (This is where you make a horrible noise sucking up your snot and phlegm, rattle it around in your oropharyngeal cavity for a second, then spit out a giant loogey.) If that’s the custom “guo nei” (literally “Nation within” — meaning back home in China) that’s none of my business. But you don’t get to do that stuff in public in My country. We don’t hold with snorking and spitting in public. Don’t like it? Go home. A Chinaman in the US needs to look around, notice that normal people don’t hoick-patooey, and thus refrain from doing so himself. I shouldn’t even have to say it. But if someone has to tell him to not hoick, and does tell him, then he needs to freaking stop, not whine about his cultural background or his people’s history of oppression or whatever. The Opium Wars and Unit 731 are not a free pass. In the same vein, a nut job feminist mother is no excuse to REMAIN a soy boy.

    Actor and professional left wing whinger Wil Wheaton is super traumatized by Larry David pretending to assault Sesame Street’s Elmo on some talk show. WW is loudly and publicly melting down, because he was apparently abused as a child. First, it’s terrible that WW went through that. It not something that we as a society should allow. Second, from what I saw of the clip, LD grabbing Elmo’s face and shaking him wasn’t funny (to me), and I think it was in rather bad taste. I’d prefer that LD not assault puppets. (Even sex-criminal puppets like Elmo is. True! But I’m not the boss of LD, and he wasn’t on my show.) All that said, get a freaking grip, Wil Wheaton. Sheesh.

    1. Ok, the dude uses one ‘L’ in Will, and his tagline is “he/him” (gag me with a pitchfork), let alone his entire life is trying to maintain some symbolic fame relevance…online.

      Mike_C, Nail/Head. Wil-ee-Soy Boy is a prime example. (I despise calling others names, even tho I do here often…but where we are in society, at the hands of these people, so that requires calling them the “Brood of Vipers” they are, constantly screwing the the rest of us who only want to be left alone and not be forced to partake in their mental ineptitude.)

  6. Source me: At the Convair/GD/LM Air Force Plant in Fort Worth, there was an old wooden / dirt bunker I used to walk by with my Dad. They called the Nuclear building on the far north end by the lake. There were rail road ties around the door and a single fence a ways out. It was cleaned up in about the 90’s. About the time you would see guys in hazmat suits drilling monitoring well in the parking lot next to your car. …. And who know what was leaking through the basement walls. Nothing lake the taste of PAO in you lunch crawling up the walls. I never had a window the first 41 years.God bless Covid. I have my own private window now.

  7. Why not make a real blockbuster as good as Bond or Bourne or any other assassin but for real? Here are 50 plus reasons why Hollywood should make a film based on the life of the accountant/banker come spy Bill Fairclough’s. Fairclough (MI6 codename JJ) aka Edward Burlington is the protagonist in TheBurlingtonFiles series of fact based spy thrillers. If you enjoy noir and genuine espionage read the news article dated 7 August 2023 entitled Bill Fairclough’s Known Life-threatening Incidents in TheBurlingtonFiles website and thank your god you are still alive. After all, you probably weren’t protected by Pemberton’s People in MI6 (see another intriguing news article in the same website dated 31 October 2022 about them).

    The news articles were released several years after Beyond Enkription was published which makes them all the more beguiling. Little wonder it’s mandatory reading on some countries’ intelligence induction programs. All this is not only mind-boggling but backed up by some evidence so who needs fictitious spies like Bond and Bourne anymore? Just like the spy novel Beyond Enkription based on Bill Fairclough’s life in 1974, these articles make for sobering yet superb reads as long as you don’t expect John le Carré’s delicate diction, sophisticated syntax and placid plots.

    The links to these articles are and

  8. I drew a blank and plead ignorance on the Boys by the train picture, well dressed as they are…but what’s the reference?

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