US Farmers Paid to Destroy their Crops?

THIS VIDEO comes over the transom from WSF who doesn’t know if it’s accurate any more than I do. I hate to report things only to learn later that it’s a hoax. However, given what’s going on in DC, I would not doubt that something like this COULD happen. If it is happening, it’s serious.


American’s Turned Back in Kabul?

“Of all the disturbing and heartbreaking stories coming out of Afghanistan this weekend, this might be the most infuriating of all.

“Two highly trusted sources, investigative reporter Lara Logan and Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL who lost an eye in an IED explosion in Afghanistan, are independently reporting that over the past few days, Americans have been turned away from entering the Kabul airport. (more here)

The whole article is worth reading.


Barack’s New Gig

Sure,  he and his cronies whisper in Slow Joe’s ear during press conferences. It’s his third term in office with none of the hassles and all of the power.

As it turns out, Obama himself is heavily lobbying for the green energy business and taking a hefty chunk of the stimulus money that is earmarked for green energy projects. Every huckster and flim-flam artist that sucked the money during his administration and then went BK is back in business. And without any congressional oversite or scrutiny from the press, they can do whatever they want and steal as much as they can.

It’s justified with the threat that if they’re not all successful, we’ll all be dead in five years as the planet burns to a cinder due to global warming. What’s a few trillion?


Identify this tank, stuck in the mud.


Identify this Aircraft and the nation for which it flew.




Photo-of-the Day

Storage Solutions Matter, they just do.


  1. I’m not smart enough to get to the bottom of the video. For many years farmers have been paid not to harvest certain crops because of overabundance and no place to store the harvest.

    The plane is probably carrying Finnish Air Force markings. As to what it is, I don’t know but looks Italian.

    • Something that occured to me while driving. There are many reports floating around that both the Chinese and Bill Gates/ et al have been buying a lot of farmland. So if this video is correct, who is being paid and who isn’t?

  2. Finally soon enough to post answers before anyone else!
    The tank is a knocked out Soviet KV-1. Or maybe just abandoned due to breakdown. The aircraft is a Fiat G-50 Brecchia in Finnish service. Flying an open cockpit plane in Finnish winter is only for the truly tough and well-dressed.

    • Yeah, the KV-1 had the 76mm gun, upgunned, like the T-34, to an 85mm gun.

      Slow. Bad turning ability. But could shrug off shots of the early German tanks.

      • I read a story once about a KV-1 that dug in hull-down opposite a single lane road where a German armored column was expected. Sure enough, when the column was stretched out, the KV-1 took out the first and last tank and then proceeded to dispatch over twenty of the sitting ducks. When they returned to base it was noted that the tank had been hit over thirty times, with no damage.

        • Correct.
          This could have been #1: the “Battle of Raseiniai” in June 1941 or alternately #2: the engagement at Krasnogvardeysk in August 1941.
          #1: General Raus, the commanding officer of the 6.PzDiv described the tank which held up his whole division for a full day as a KV-1. Other accounts vary and describe it as a KV-2. Anyhow, this lone tank withstood multiple attacks by AT guns (killed them all), Panzers (killed a lot of them) and 88mm AA guns (killed one, was perforated by another but kept on fighting) until it was finally put out of action by ‘Sturmpioniere’ (combat engineers) and infantry in close combat.
          #2: The engagement at Krasnogvardeysk on the outskirts of Leningrad stopped the advance of the 8.PzDiv. Five well-prepared and dug-in KV-1 executed an ambush on the vanguard of the 8.PzDiv at a carefully selected choke-point and in half an hour destroyed 43 German Panzers and some artillery guns. This action finally stopped the German advance to Leningrad for good. After the engagement the crew of the lead tank counted 135 hits on their tank; none of them was fatal.

  3. Open cockpit, Finland, winter. I don’t believe the wind chill chart goes that low. Brrr.

    Quite an elegant storage solution for taking some firearms out to be function checked.

    Here in the Northwest the hot summer with no rain is doing a number on the grain crops. No letter from the government needed.

  4. Have you seen the video of a Taliban Blackhawk hanging a “traitor” over Kandahar? This thing only gets more stomach turning.

      • Hard to say what that was exactly. I think the video was real but the person was in a harness and not a rope around his neck. Out for a fun ride beneath a chopper? (Thanks, I’ll pass) or flying him around to scare the bejabbers out of him before they finish him off, can’t say which.

  5. Here is a different panned out view from the one I first saw. This is from Michael Yon’s site. Doesn’t really look like the object is hanging from the neck area; more like from the under the arms but cannot tell for sure.

  6. Pegged the tank as Russian, but for some reason was thinking the KV-1 had a longer barrel.

    Got the Finish markings and knew it was an Italian model, but couldn’t remember which.

    Storage. Very nice. On the upper with the can, do the BUIS co-witness with the Eotech? At the far end, G-code taco mag pouches. Have some, like ’em.

  7. Let’s see, grow a nice crop, only to have some government moron extorting the farmer to destroy said crop. Completely flipped from four years under Trump, an actual normal thinking person who only wanted the best for America, not this crew who are intentionally crippling our country, bringing it to its knees in short order. Afghan is another cow chip on the manure pile they are creating, then spray painting it shiny as if we’re stupid enough to believe their narrative.

    Pushing for an invasion by our enemies, and/or civil war. It won’t be pretty for them.

  8. Perhaps the farmers shouldn’t have become so addicted to the govt. teat to where they will just follow whatever orders they are given.

  9. Farmers being paid to destroy or not plant crops is something that’s been going on for a very long long time. It makes some sense. Too much product from our overly efficient farmers makes the price per bushel less than it costs to produce said bushel, and then farmers go out of business.

    That there are farmers being paid to destroy crops now means that all the news reports of horrible crop losses this year are bupkis. Then again, the ones who have been saying there were horrible harvests ahead were also the ones telling us that a paper mask will stop a virus, that Biden was intelligent (and awake) and that Trump was an idiot (and also lost the election fairly.)

    Yeah. No.

    Farmers in California and along the Pacific Northwest are losing crops because of feckless government programs that didn’t save water and didn’t make the forests and scrub-lands fire-resistant. But in Iowa, where last year the Derecho flattened crops and farms, the harvests are expected to far exceed what was expected (by government bureaucrats, not the farmers and seed suppliers who have planted seeds with an expected yield that so far looks to be realistic.)

    One of my brother’s wife’s family has made mucho dinero by the FedGov to not plant or to burn crops for years. Then they got paid mucho dinero by the FedGov to plant corn for ethanol production. And, yes, Iowanians…

  10. I skipped to the bottom so I couldn’t see the answers of others. The plane appears to me to be a Brewster Buffalo with Finnish markings.

  11. Well, Joe swore that no Americans would be left in Afghanistan, so that means leaving them was always the plan.


    • They’ve been projecting “all those who want to get out”, which is how they’ll justify leaving them….along with the military dogs, in crates. Special place in Hell reserved…

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