Justice in Texas

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Free speech does irritate Muslims.

GARLAND, Texas — Two armed men who opened fire on a security officer outside of a provocative contest for cartoon depictions of the Prophet Muhammad have been killed, authorities in the Dallas suburb of Garland said Sunday night.

They decided to shoot up an art contest in Dallas, TX. Unlike France, the Texans were ready and the event was successful in many ways. We haven’t heard anything from the White House yet and Texas Muslims haven’t taken to the streets looting stores and burning cars. I can’t imagine why.
News Report Here:

The event is instructive at several levels. 
We need to have a lot more of these “draw Mohammed cartoon” sessions across America. Put SWAT Teams in place and thin the ranks of the jihadists. It’s like tethering a goat…for a jackal to attack it.

20 thoughts on “Justice in Texas

  1. Pam Geller, the organizer of the event is a hero to me in so many ways (and way hot to boot!). She stands steadfastly against the Radical Muslim radicals as well as pointing out the genocide being carried out against Christians by this scum. For this she is vilified and worse by the powers that be. Her stand for Freedom of Speech and ideals has got to be heeded by all.

    Kudos to her as well as to the police who ginned down the radical scum.

  2. I am willing to volunteer to draw cartoons or shoot. Wherever I'm needed most.

  3. As soon as I got to work, I said, "Hey guys, I've got an idea…" Which was interrupted by several calls of, "HOLD OUR OWN CARTOON DRAWING CONTEST!"

    I just read they both got it from one patrol officer and a pistol. If you made that up, nobody would believe it…

  4. (1) In Texas they shoot straight and they shoot .45's.

    (2) Don't you New Jersey guys start horning in on the plans of the common citizens to hold a drawing contest. Your boss is a (closet) Muslim. How would he take it if you were cartooning the holy prophet?

  5. How many pictures of Jesus are drawn in Sunday Schools in Texas every week? It has to be hundreds of thousands.

    In the spirit of religious freedom and expression, they should be allowed to cartoon hundreds of thousands of Mohammeds every week as well. Naturally, they'd all have fangs, horns, bifurcated tongues and spiked tails…

    With luck, the Muslims would come from far and wide to stop this practice and Texas law enforcement would get some valuable moving target experience. The Muslims could rise up and burn the buildings in their neighborhoods – because you know that the Texans would tolerantly stand by and let them. You need to encourage this freedom of expression.

  6. Texas is all about freedom, so I think your plan makes a lot of sense. Maybe I'll hold a contest here in Hill County, you can be on the panel with Pamela?

  7. It would be an honor to sit as a judge for the best cartoon of Mohammad. And it will be fun to flirt (discretely) with Pam Geller. I think that Pretty Jenny should join the panel and perhaps fly in Fredd and Old NFO to round out the cabal.

  8. No sign that Jesus gets upset about his drawings, so why should Mohammed?

  9. That's how I see it. I don't think that the off-duty motor cop that plugged the two jihadis will be able to buy a meal or a drink in Garland for a long — long time.

  10. Why wouldn't a panelist also be an active shooter? I wonder if USGOV would divert the billion rounds of .223 that they're buying to the Islamic Cartoon Active Shooters? Maybe not in the ObamaNation…but once the Muslim is gone?

  11. I won't be on the panel unless someone gives me a gun and let's me shoot. Mandatory.
    Also, you do highlight it in a comment below, but I was also going to point out– didn't even take a SWAT team in Texas… just your average traffic cop polished off the bad guys nicely.

  12. My point is that a relatively average Texan can handle a jihadnutjob (yes that's a word) just fine. But I don't mean to limit the fun-having. Hence my desire for a gun and shooting rights. And by all means, the more SWAT the merrier.

  13. I think that limiting the fun having is much like reducing the bag limit on ducks…and there would seem to be an inexhaustible supply of jihadis to go to Texas and screw with the locals who just want to draw a few cartoons of Mohammed…eat some bacon…and have a beer.

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