Fun Cover Music (SYA)

Dutch ladies singing their hearts out.


Did somebody say STEAKS?


Bullet Points:

** How AI is helping with the treatment of stroke victims.

** Miranda Devine – NY Post – “Impossible to have a sensible debate when one person – Newsom – does nothing but lie. He gets away with it in California because it’s a one-party state, and the media is sycophantic. When he tries to run for president, he’ll be like Kamala Harris, (the Ho…) woefully ill-equipped for scrutiny.”

** Anchors Aweigh! Are you ready for a Life at Sea? (more here) “The 3-year cruise is canceled, leaving guests out hundreds of thousands of dollars.” The company — Life at Sea Cruises — meticulously planned the trip. They overlooked one little thing. The story said, “Life at Sea Cruises says it had to cancel its three-year inaugural cruise because it doesn’t have a ship.”

The company said it is working on refunding the money eventually. Another collapsed Ponzi scheme? You’re the judge.

** Redistribution of Wealth:

** Are terrorists planning to blow up the Snake River Dams? Bloomberg News uncovered a secret plan by terrorists to destroy the Snake River dams. (more here) A draft agreement negotiated behind closed doors by the Biden administration and advocates of tearing down the lower Snake River dams says the science is clear on removing the dams.

“In what some are calling a secret plan developed with four tribes, Washington and Oregon, the federal government would spend more than $1 billion to prepare for breaching the four hydroelectric dams and to promote fish populations.”

The dams provide cheap, carbon-neutral electricity. I thought that’s what the progs wanted. No, apparently not. They like windmills better.

** Thank a democrat! “The typical American household must spend an additional $11,434 annually just to maintain the same standard of living they enjoyed in January of 2021, right before inflation soared to 40-year highs, according to a recent analysis of government data.”


In the Days of Fighting Sail (Asian Edition)

Zheng Yi Sao the Chinese Pirate Queen

Born in 1775, Zheng Yi Sao, also known as Widow Cheng or Cheng Shi, began her career as a prostitute on a flower boat in  Guangdong province, sailing along the coasts with her customers. She is said to have quickly made a name for herself, and her beauty attracted many prestigious clients, including her later husband Zheng Yi, commander of the Red Flag Fleet, a notorious pirate fleet. They married in 1801 and had two sons. However, she is said to have married him only on the condition that she received half of everything he captured.


Zheng Yi Sao as portrayed in Pirates of the Caribbean:

…At World’s End 

His fleet grew quickly and is said to have grown from 200 to 1500 ships with c. 80,000 men, and both were quite successful. Until 1807, when her husband died for unknown reasons (some sources say he fell overboard and drowned), Zheng Yi Sao was alone and had a large fleet under him. She did not want to accept the captains of the other ships under her command and took Zhang Bao, the second commander and her adopted son, as her husband to secure her position. Even though he was now considered the command, it was she who gave the orders and selected the targets along the Chinese coast. Entire coastlines were captured to demonstrate total control and domination of the South China Sea. This was in addition to the difficulties faced by British and French colonizers as the pirates regularly plundered their ships.


Zheng Yi Sao in a battle, by unknown, 1836  

No sooner had the Red Flag Fleet conducted its business on a huge scale than there was not a single ship left in the South China Sea. Not a single ship moved in the South China Sea without the knowledge of the Zheng Yi Sao Army. Entire coastal towns worked for them, supplying them with food, goods, and other supplies. She, on the other hand, offered protection and gave them money to secure their goodwill. They also created a code of honor that everyone had to abide by.

Pirates who gave unauthorized orders or refused to obey orders were executed on the spot without being able to justify themselves.

All seized goods had to be presented for inspection. If a pirate was caught hiding goods or under-reporting, part of his body was chopped off depending on the severity of the crime.

Loyalty and honesty were highly valued, and deserving pirates were generously rewarded to set an example for others.

Female prisoners had to be treated with respect. They were segregated on the basis of their appearance. The weak, pregnant, and unattractive women were released as soon as possible.

The attractive female captives were held for ransom. The pirates were free to marry these attractive women by mutual consent.

Unfaithfulness and rape were treated as serious offenses. These offenders were hanged immediately. In cases of consensual premarital sex, both offenders were executed. In a few cases, the man was castrated, and the woman was banished from the fleet.

The pirates taxed ships that wanted to cross the South China Sea. If they refused, they were immediately attacked and looted.


An illustration from the early 19th century depicting piracy in the South China Sea 

The emperor wanted to put an end to all this by trading with the Westerners, but they were no longer willing to do so as long as the pirates were there. So, he tried a peace treaty. However, this did not come about, as the Portuguese and the British had had enough and attacked the Red Flag fleet. The Red Flag Fleet was literally chiseled out of the upper hand in terms of ships and weapons.

But since the emperor did not want a popular uprising against him, he granted the pirates amnesty. They were allowed to keep their booty, but they had to give up their ships and weapons. They were also allowed to join the navy. They all accepted this amnesty. Zhen Yi Sao went ashore with her children, got two more, and opened a casino a flower boat, and was very successful in opium smuggling. Her husband, now a captain in the Guangdong Navy, died in 1822, but she did not until 1844 at the age of 69.


Identify the Aircraft


Flown by Lt Jack Taylor of the RCAF. He hit a power line and brought back 62 feet of it wrapped around his wing.. luckily not shearing his wing off.


18 built


590 built


1418 built



  1. Eat too much of that Mac Cheese and you won’t be able to finish your steak. And geez, where’s the biscuits, gotta have biscuits.

    That table looks like a proper meal under PDJT, whereas the Bidenomics (can they get any more vacuous) version would be a Mickey D’s kids meal without the toy and only 2 little Shrinkflation chicken chunks, all for the don’t believe your lying eyes for the low, low price of $18 per person. Aren’t they merciful!

  2. WoW! That’s not a “meal”, it’s several days worth of food for me……at least!

    Sure looks good. I’ve heard good things about Cattleman’s.

    Tom will only surrender his apples when you peel his cold, dead fingers from them….

    • Drive Thru:

      Foreign Voice: “Are you using the [unintelligable] App today?”
      Me: “Uh, no. App, what App…and why would I do that?”
      Foreign Voice: “What can I get you?”
      Me: #3 medium.

      Didn’t get a #3 even though the order # was correct. Might need to start using the App.

  3. Grill marks, bud.
    How to cook steak the Canuck way.

    The context is that these guys are about to fight a bunch of natives from the Rez. To keep the natives from coming into town and selling cigarettes to school kids. And they clearly DGAF.

    Didn’t know about Cattlemans. PKG would have liked it. I have seen that girl literally eat a pound of steak (at a churrascaria) then go looking for desert. How she maintains a BMI under 20 I have no idea. Then again, The Swedish Disaster lived off of McDonalds (sometimes twice daily) and caffeine, and she’s 5’9” and 119 lbs. Me on the other hand, these days I can pack on five pounds in a week if I’m not careful ☹️


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