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Those of you who have read this blog understand that there’s not much redeeming about Barack Obama’s tour as president. A crazed negro shooter takes a shotgun to some brave men and women in uniform at the Washington Navy Yard. As the event unfolds, what does he do — Blame Bush and the Republicans.
If the HONEST and NOBLE people at the Washington Navy Yard had been allowed to carry firearms on base, they’d have made short work of the shooter. Alas, the ObamaNation feels that only criminals should be armed.
Barack and friends only planned one state visit this year. President Dilma Rousseff from Brazil was coming on October 23 to hang with Barack. Barack couldn’t imagine that anyone wouldn’t want to bask in his glow — particularly with all that he’s lavished on Brazil.  Last Tuesday, President Rousseff said, “I’ll pass”. The mainstream media won’t mention it because…well it’s s a slap in Barack’s face. Brazil is choosing to get closer with Russia. I wonder WHY that is? 

(IBD) “It’s time for the United States to treat our engagement with Brazil on economic issues as seriously as we do with nations like China and India,” Obama declared when he arrived in Brazil last year. “The United States doesn’t simply recognize Brazil’s rise, we support it enthusiastically.” 
Obama sent one of America’s ablest professional diplomats, Tom Shannon, to be his ambassador to Brazil, pledged at least $2 billion in trade credits toward the development of Brazil’s energy — because “we want to be your best customer” — and recently wrested a $4 billion aircraft modernization deal from the French to the benefit of Boeing, a move so important he sent Vice President Joe Biden to Brasilia to seal the deal last May.
Feet on the Resoulute Desk = bad upbringing
From an international point of view, America is still a big market, but it’s becoming much less important to have America as a friend because we are not a reliable ally. The Brazilians don’t care how much money we give them to buy their friendship. They’ll take the cash and go with Putin and the Russians. Thanks Barack.

10 thoughts on “Join ranks with Barack and Friends?

  1. I hear she specified the NSA spying has her upset. And she is not alone. A number of our allies as well as enemies are subject to vast spying. Not to mention us.

    Way to alienate friends and influence nobody, Barack!

  2. The man is so far out of his element and beyond his abilities . . . . simply impossible to even put into words.

  3. I think that's one complaint. The NSA does tick people off — even though they know that we do it, Snowden rubbed their noses in it. But the fact that the US is no longer RELIABLE makes us an undesirable ally. Look at Barack's see/saw with Israel.

  4. I did not hear of any wounds from a shot gun – only bullet wounds;
    WHAT's Up with that?
    He took a ar15 from a guard and started firing.
    No more investigations – or info to the media?
    Maybe you can find some info that the media can't or wont report.

  5. Don't blame them a bit… And was 'this' another one of BO's "sons"??? Haven't heard if he claimed him yet or not.

  6. There is an information lock-down on the whole thing. First, the shooter is a negro and the press is loath to report details for fear of being racist. Second, he used a shotgun (Biden weapon of choice) which doesn't play with their gun control agenda. I've called people who are one step away from base security (contractors, not Navy people) at the Navy Yard and everyone involved was pulled from the job — which is normal in these situations.

  7. Barack hasn't said that the shooter could be his son/brother/cousin/cuzz yet. I don't know why. Apparently the shooter had a Muslim facebook page even though he's a Buddhist? People investigating this simply said that he's an "angry black man"… And as we all know, when a black man is angry, everyone else is to blame.

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