September 1, 1939, Invasion of Poland, World War II began.

This day in history.

France declared war after Germany invaded Poland. There was a Pact in place where the UK and France guaranteed Poland against foreign invasion. The French pact was weak but the British were heavily obligated. France did declare war against it after Germany invaded Poland. They did not declare war against Russia. The reason for this was the 1939 Pact where they guaranteed Poland against foreign invasion by Germany. Britain, on the other hand, was legally obliged to attack both Germany AND Soviet Union, literally “at once” and to provide “all the support and assistance in its power“, per the 1939 pact. There was no legal trick that would allow Britain to avoid this. But they did nothing.

“Peace in our Time” in 1939 did not extend to Poland.


Life in 2020


Economic Muscle

U.S. metro areas vs. countries of the same economic size.


The major import partners of every country, split between the United States, the European Union, and China.

And this map is slowly changing with less emphasis on RED CHINA



Largest non-human Land Predator (by weight) in Each US State




  1. If we could only find some ‘peace in our time’ and some leaders who believe in it. Oh, that’s right; we have an entire political party jam packed full of Neville Chamberlains just champing at the bit to get their hands on power so that they can appease every potentate, dictator and strong man out there who hates America.

    There’s nothing that says strength like a little appeasement here and there. Just ask Neville Chamberlain.

    • Barack had several of those apology tours where he bowed, scraped, and bad-mouthed the country as he appeased and gave cash to anyone who would listen to him. How did that end up? The Russians portrayed him as a homosexual monkey, the Chinese did the same, but more subtly and on and on.

  2. I don’t recall which Roman made the “if you want peace…” statement but it stands true to this day. Giving your enemies what they want is just a form of Danegeld and accomplishes nothing but a loss of respect.
    I never knew we had black bears here in Kansas. Though I’ve heard rumors of mountain lions, the largest predators I’ve seen here have been coyotes.
    The largest predator in DC should be the democratic politician, a species that is not actually human.

    • I never heard of black bears in Kansas either, Jim, but I nearly ran over a mountain lion on I-35 just west of Beto Junction one morning several years ago. I always said Parks and Wildlife would never admit mountain lions were in Kansas until one walked into their headquarters in Pratt and took a dump on the head biologist’s desk while a TV news crew got it on tape, but enough have shown up on game cams, and one was killed on the railroad tracks down by Winfield or maybe Ark City, so they’ve had to admit it. Now KP&W say they’re transient adolescents and a breeding population hasn’t been established yet. Sure. But I betcha the cats have other ideas.

  3. The Dem’s are operating under “The floggings will stop when moral improves” edict. Kamala (Cam-ah-la, Kah-mah-la??) and Basement Joe supported releasing criminal elements (aka human debris) from jail/prison before Floyd and continue to support the [bus’ed in] anarchists. Nuf said.

    Left Danmark off the map…and the Dane’s would rather have it that way. (hehe)

    Had the black bear show up last night, again…he likes the bird seed bin. Luckily he’s [still] flighty and ran off when the ranch dog made some noise.

      • The seed container was empty but surely smelled good. He was the young guy when we built the house years ago, sat on our [new] front porch looking in at 3 am. Seems he does a route, roughly 4-5 days apart. I tell people bears are cute, until they are in your fridge.

        • They are cute from a distance, but if they want to get in badly, they stand a good chance of success. They really like the smell of bacon.

  4. “There was no legal trick that would allow Britain to avoid this. But they did nothing.”.

    “No signed paper can hold the iron. It must come from men.”.
    Chief Ten Bears.

  5. Perfidious Albion!
    But then our own record is hardly unstained. Better to underpromise and keep your word, than make foolish commitments that you have no intention of keeping.

    Whoever made the country-equivalents map was clever and witty to match WDC with Belgium. Bravo! (Or Brava!) I’m pleased to be in the American Norway. Even more pleased things are MUCH cheaper here. On the downside, no Norwegian girls. On the upside, daily falling in love three times in the two blocks walking to the post office (or whatever) would be inconvenient. But I do sort of enjoy watching real-time travel videos, so that’s pretty Norwegian.

    Interesting that Bangladesh’s GDP exceeds New Zealand’s and is nearly on par with Finland. The Pretty Korean Girl spent a couple of months in B’desh and was appalled by the poverty and general s-holishness.

      • WSF had a bad experience. I had a good one. I think we’re back to Medusa with snakes on the inside. Some do, some don’t.

        As to Bangladesh, the Pretty Korean Girl is completely correct. The place is simply a repository of human misery & disease. It’s a real S-Hole.

  6. It must’ve taken extra balls to go to war in Panzer ones and twos.

    In fairness to Canada, the Tri-State Area does have about the same population.

    I’m surprised Idaho doesn’t have grizzlies.

    • The PzKwfw Mk-1 was on par with tanks of other nations at the time and I’m sure that a lot of crews preferred it to walking to war. Anti-tank weapons of the era (rifles and light guns) all punched through the armor.

      The Panzerjäger 1 kept the original Mk1’s in service and was the first of the German tank destroyers to see service. It mounted a Czech Škoda 4.7 cm (1.9 in) cm PaK (t) anti-tank gun on a converted Panzer I Ausf. B chassis. They used them mainly in France against the heavy French tanks.

      There are a lot of misconceptions about how the Germans went to war. For the most part, the German infantry in WW2 moved on horse drawn conveyance. They’d commandeer busses or vehicles if they could from conquered territory, but they never dreamed that the allies could field the number of trucks, jeeps, etc. that they were able to produce. Of course that war production extends to Liberty ships, aircraft, etc.

  7. Some take a broader view and call it World War (Act II). Point taken.

    In the second photo, I’ve read that the French found the white crosses on the vehicles to be excellent aiming points.

  8. The last 4 years should have been a time of economic/political relationship building with Russia. But the Democrats and their lying satraps in the corrupt media wrecked that. Then again, they wreck everything they touch.

    • Yes, that’s true. We need to make common cause with the Russians against the Chinese, but there are globalist interests who don’t want to see that happen.

      • Generally, the best way for a small group to control large populations is to encourage factionalism, sow dissent, and keep the majority from uniting.
        Specifically, globalists had Russia in their grasp for decades, lost it after the fall of The Wall, then rallied to loot the country as the first batch of “Oligarchs” — but that’s not enough apparently. Because of this sense that Russia and the Ukraine are their preserves (as in hunting preserve), there is personal animosity against Putin, and all those who are not opposed to him. At least that’s how I see it.

        I have to admit being a bit surprised the globalists have not gone after the Chicoms more aggressively. Chinese cannot be controlled the methods used to control the West. (Chinese don’t care about guilt and victimhood narratives, and have low empathy for non-Han.) China is a threat to the West, but it’s also a threat to the globalists.

  9. Funny, over at Chant du Depart, OldAFSarge touches upon this, and many of the commenters point out the continuation of WWI or the earlier actions that should be considered part of WWII.

    Wicked, how all of WWII almost seems pre-ordained from the Franco-Prussian War and the Russo-Japanese War. Toss in a few extremely long-term hatreds and, yikes, so much for ‘End of War in our Times.’

    As to Government Satellites, I tend to stay under tree cover to hide both from satellites and the local cop-choppers. That way they can’t get a clear picture of my face. The bastards.

    And the largest predator in Florida is rapidly becoming the python (of various origins.) Though we do have black bears, panthers, alligators, many many local snakes, sharks, crabs (what, you don’t think crabs will kill you (aquatic or skin variations?)

    • Don’t throw your toothpick in a toilet in Florida. I’ve heard that the crabs have evolved to the point where they use them to pole vault.

  10. As has been pointed out before Alaska is a big place and only a comparatively small area is the home of the polar bear who resides primarily on sea ice and shore line in summer. A much greater area is the home of the grizzly and the coastal brown bear. They are basicly the same species except that the coastal brown has better nutrition because of spawning salmon.

  11. “This piece of paper….”

    What a ghastly error. Yep, I vote for “WW Act 2”. Matters left undone, and scores to settle.

    Good to see “my” area has something in common with New Zealand. I have several good Ham friends down in “ZL”, and they’re very nice people. Weird government, but the people I know from there seem to be decent folks.

    And I’d like to know what land predator in Colorado weighs in at over a ton! Black bears are hard pushed to break 1,000lbs. The only thing I can think of that’s that big is a bison, but they’re hardly “predators”.

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