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** Apocalypse Now – I’m just happy that we have a climate czar…

Press accounts were similarly Chicken Little-esque. If developed nations don’t phase out oil and gas and give $100 billion in “climate financing,” Paul Behrens, professor in environmental change, told Politico that “the only fact about the future I can declare with certainty is that the world as we know it is coming to an end.”

If it all sounds slightly familiar, consider this news story from 1972: “We have ten years to stop the catastrophe,” said the UN’s environmental protection boss. That’s one of the headlines collected by Bjorn Lomberg, author of “False Alarm: How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet.”

Lomberg notes that, for more than 50 years, the United Nations and the media have regularly predicted we’re on the verge of calamity. And they always seem to forget about the last warning.”

They wallow in the lies like a drunk trying to drink himself sober.

** Project MKNAOMI was initiated to provide the CIA with a covert support base to meet its top-secret operational requirements. The goal was to have a robust arsenal of lethal and incapacitating materials within the CIA’s Technical Services Division (TSD). This would enable the TSD to serve as a center for supplying biological and chemical materials. When the program concluded, no biological agents could be stored in the US. But they could be stored in third-party countries because the law didn’t prohibit THAT.

** “Now grown men who have spent their lives training for battle meekly embrace ever-changing Marxist planks before millions of spectators, who likewise are allowed to watch only if they implicitly accept the State’s woke dogma.  Will players and fans be forced to kneel during the National Anthem this week?  To reject their religious faith as an expression of “hate”?  To applaud child-grooming and predation?  To cheer the World Health Organization’s dictatorial control over their lives? “

** The Federal Reserve —


      • The Fed Reserve fellow, felt like I got a reach around and he missed or did a poor job. Why does Congress allow this type of pandering and back pedaling? I know the answer, they all are in bed with each other. This Lets meet in your office and discuss this, this right here should have garnered him a Contempt of Congress arrest. All this in front of a committee or full house in public view and discourse.

        • A forthwith public hanging of the smug IG from a light pole in front of Congress would have sent a chill through the swamp.

          • There’s a reason there’s so much roof-line on the Capital building. More room to hang traitors and scofflaws and creepers.

            There’s enough room for most of Congress and their staff and the Capital Police brass and many of their members.

            The really nice thing is, it’s summer, so between the heat, birds and bugs, openings for new bodies will start showing up within 12 hours.

  1. So what I am getting out of Senator Kennedy’s questioning is the less well prepared a person is to answer questions the better off you will be. It might be a little embarrassing at the time (well it would if you cared about doing a good job) but in the long run it is easier. Then when the direct questioning is over you can just play written badminton with continuing sets of questions and obfuscating answers in reply.

    Good on the South Carolina teen and good on his mom to (or other relatives) to get him (can we even say him?) familiar with firearms.

    • Yeah, you just assure the lawmaker that your staff will send you answers off-camera. It’s a familiar shuffle.

    • Funny how if a conservative waffles and stalls, he/she is threatened with criminal charges and jail time, but if a leftist waffles and stalls, he/she/it gets money put in their bank account by Soros/Obama/Clinton… and doesn’t get threatened with criminal charges and jail time.

  2. “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” Henry Ford.

  3. “Will players and fans be forced to kneel during the National Anthem this week?”

    The Capitol Hill Police actually forbid schoolchildren from singing the national anthem inside the Capitol because marxist lefties might get upset. Speaker McCarthy and the press silent on the matter.

      • Lindsey Graham will be making the rounds on Hannity and Ingraham soon, he’s been quiet…what…about a week and a half. He can do the moral outrage thing for the R’s…again. Nothing will happen…again.

        • He has become wealthy playing the loyal opposition role – should be awarded an Oscar or something. More appropriate, a firing squad.


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