The Map of a Neutron Star

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Pulsars are the lighthouses of the universe. These tiny, compact objects are neutron stars — the remnants of once-massive stars — that spin rapidly, beaming radiation into space. Now, for the first time, astronomers have mapped the surface of a 16-mile-wide pulsar in exquisite detail.


A thing for bling…

Combining Masks with High Fashion (retro)

One take on masks, 1920

It’s said that if you hang onto any fashion that goes out of use, if you keep it long enough, it will come back in a big way. You would only need to have kept them for 100 years in this case.


The Sovietization of California

There is an on-point article by Dennis Prager that I refer you to, that mirrors my experiences lately.  …more here

Yes, it feels as if we are living in a Sci-Fi book. Is the “California 2020 Experience” some sort of weird social experiment? Maybe. It depends on how paranoid you are. Is it a model for the American future?  Did anyone in 2018 think that President Trump’s Administration would be followed by a walking corpse and a whore running the place? And that Jo an Ho wouldn’t have to campaign, but just relied on rigged voting machines? It’s obvious that somebody did.

And in NY City it hasn’t taken long to turn the place into Caracas.

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The American Future


Just a(nother) Mini-Rant

  • If Pakistan can afford nuclear weapons, they can afford to pay for their own gender studies programs.
  • Is there any nation that taxes its people so that they can send money to America?



  1. What the heck is Gender Studies…and what nimrod in congress included that garbage in a [supposed] Relief bill? This 5800 page graft is not relief for American’s. JUST ONE aspect is subsidies for the Wind & Solar gambit industry, who managed to get their unreliable energy source baloney included this round when they failed all year.

    Now we have Biden back peddling on his [non] “campaign” promises and the Marxists are ticked, and now openly sending data to China. Unless the cheaters start eating their own (rats in a cage), America is toast.

    • “The Biden Legacy”, such as it is will be a swamp creature selling out his country in the same way that he did when was VP and in the US Senate. No difference, just back in the saddle again, same parasites surrounding him.

      Gender Studies: A guy having his pecker whacked off doesn’t make him a woman. It just makes him a guy without a pecker. Maybe he plays dress-up too?

      • Haaavaaad just decided that woman are to be called ‘birthing people’ because ‘not all who give birth’ are women. Can’t help the deluded. Leave them to their devices…until the money runs out. Maybe the PhD eggheads running that shop are emboldened with a hidden endowment from the American people in this Relief porker.

        I’m thinking the Biden shoehorned presidency will backfire on his handlers, assuming chaos and/or an ‘Epstein” does not happen between now and the 20th.

        • Does that mean that it’s politically correct now to refer to women you meet in this way, “Good morning birthing person!” ? I somehow feel that there might be a disproportionate reaction.

          They can Epstein, Biden, anytime they want after Jan 20. I give it six months.

          • “Does that mean that it’s politically correct now to refer to women you meet in this way, “Good morning birthing person!” ?”

            Only in Boulder, but not cowgirls, they might just shoot you then step over your twitching body.

          • cowgirls… might just shoot you then step over your twitching body.

            They might just do that for shits and giggles anyway even if I didn’t give them the Harvard salutation.

  2. Anyone serving in the armed forces now will be nothing but fodder to the incoming administration. If they are giving info on naval movements already then selling out in a time of conflict will mean defeat and many lives wasted. My grandson who is 9, loves all things military and wants to serve when he comes of age. Who knows how he will feel in 10 years but at this point i would counsel him against joining.
    The anger and frustration i feel at what is happening grows daily. I hope Trump actually tries to reverse this steal and the hundreds that participated in treason are dealt with, harshly. We shall see. My grandkids deserve the country I grew up in.

    • Yes, but what difference will it make if Biden and his shameful crew take office? They will exempt themselves from any conduct, no matter how outrageous.

  3. The picture at the top appears to be a future photo of an American city taken during the third term of President Harris.

      • No more terms for president. It will be President for Life of the Chinese North American Provinces and 妾 of Xi Xinping Kamala Harris ( 妾 is Chinese for concubine a Consort of the Emporer and pronounced Qie in English)

    • When he signed it, I was reminded of the time when Sen. Fred Thompson believed the Dems when they promised to do something and then, when they reneged on their promise, said something like ‘and now we know’. Some of us knew from the git-go that this was going to happen, it’s the Dem M.O.

      • President Trump is a populist. He’s not a conservative and he has never been shy about spending money. I know that he did shrink some portions of government while in office, but it would be interesting to know whether or not the size of government grew in actual terms the way it did during the Obama regime.

        The Republicans have never liked President Trump, with some exceptions.

        I have a difficult time telling many Republicans from Democrats. There are a lot of globalists in the Republican ranks.

  4. I thought the Joe and Ho team was stupid, but feeding disinformation to a suspected spy has got to be one of the oldest tricks in the book. Kudos for someone at the Pentagon for doing it, but it raises a serious question:

    Does the leaker get arrested or promoted?

    • The transition team obviously includes a PRC spy. Big shock there. There must have been some concern about said person in the first place because having SECDEF provide false information (at that level) is quite unusual.

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