Israel – Apartheid State?

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There has been a lot of discussion about SECSTATE John Kerry’s remarks about Israel, however I haven’t seen much push back with any detail. I may simply not get out much and have missed it,  but thought that I’d throw my cracker in the soup.
There are no Jews holding public office in Arab countries. Does anybody other than me find that ‘curious’? Does the lack of Muslims in high places in Muslim countries and the denial of any but Muslims men to vote constitute apartheid? Think about it.
Apartheid holds that all people are not equal under the law. Under this philosophy, one would not expect non-Jews to hold important public office in Israel – if Israel was an apartheid state as Secretary of State John Kerry asserts. 

We all know that Kerry is an insufferable, boorish, blow-hard of a man with very limited intellect, no shred of honor and that he fits very nicely in Hillary Clinton’s shoes as her successor as US Secretary of State in the Obama Administration.

Fact Check

Arab citizens of Israel have been elected to every Knesset and currently hold ten percent of its seats. Hussniya Jabara, a Muslim Arab was the first female Arab MP, elected in 1999.
Abdel Rahman Suabi was the first Muslim Arab to serve on the Israeli Supreme Court (1999). Salim Houbran, a Christian Arab was the first Arab to hold a permanent term on the court (2004).
Non-Jewish Israeli Ambassadors include:
  • Ali Yahya (Finland 1995) (Greece 2006)
  • Walid Mansour (Vietnam 1999)
  • Reda Mansour (Ecuador)
  • Mohammad Masarwa, (Consul General to US – Atlanta)
  • Ishmael Khalid (Consul General to US – San Francisco)
Arab leaders in the Israeli Defense Force:
Major General Hussain Fares (Commander of Border Police)
Major General Yosef Mishlav (Commander of Home Front Command)
LTC Abd el-Majid Hidr
Inspector General Jamal Hakroush – Israeli Police
It doesn’t sound that apartheid to me…

4 thoughts on “Israel – Apartheid State?

  1. Kerry is an intellectual light weight. But the reason you haven't seen much pointed criticism could be because it it is so obvious that NO JEWS hold office anywhere else in the middle-east because those countries are Islamic apartheid states because Islamic law PROHIBITS anyone but Muslims from holding state offices. Since the American Press has been rendered a Democrat owned lapdog, it will hardly point out the obvious and thereby embarrass a crown prince of the Obamaphate.

  2. You state the obvious – and explain with perfect clarity why it will never make the evening news.

    Kerry, along with the rest of the current administration, is a national embarrassment and disgrace.

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