Isn’t all News Paparazzi Now?

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The Dallas Daily chose to school President Trump on the role of the media. Frankly, who cares whether they hang out and watch he and his family eat at Twenty-One Club or not? Normally the mainstream news story would read “Evil, mysoganistic, racist, homophobe, President-Elect Trump had dinner at a restaurant that most American’s can’t afford to dine at (let along manage to reserve a table). The waiter, an African American underclass woman, served his family, harkening back to the days of the antebellum South.” Who needs that noise?

(Dallas News) Twice in a week, president-elect Donald Trump has ditched precedent and traveled without the press pool that normally moves with the president. The first was a trip from New York to Washington; the second for a dinner in a swanky New York restaurant after his press people told journalists that his day had ended.  

Trump may see these reporters as an extension of the Paparazzi that hounded him when he was a reality television promoter and real estate mogul. They aren’t. 

The press pool isn’t about staking out celebrities. The pool play an essential role in assuring government transparency and an informed American electorate.

President Trump and his family had expensive hamburgers across the street from Trump Tower. Maybe the media was excluded because the media is completely unfair. If the media doesn’t want to be treated like paparazzi, maybe they shouldn’t behave like them.

An American President is covered by the press. We all know that. Back when they wrote news instead of trying to make news, it was useful. It can be useful again but the media needs to change.

Their enthusiastic efforts (as disclosed by WikiLeaks) to get Hillary Clinton actually disqualifies them from any sort of journalistic respect from anyone. Dallas News, get over yourselves.

13 thoughts on “Isn’t all News Paparazzi Now?

  1. You're very kind calling them by the Italian word (paparazzi). I tend to use the more accurate English term that begins with 'wh' and rhymes with "snore."

  2. I'm sure that they will continue to make stuff up just to have mud to throw. Fair or Honest are not words they are familiar with.

  3. Ronaldus Magnus simply did an end around the media, and spoke directly to the population. It worked wonders. When you get your message filtered through the MSM, your message becomes whatever the MSM wants to convey (which is never good for conservatives).

    The Donald will play these communist pinko media types like Stradivariuses: he's pretty skilled at this whole show biz thing. You just watch.

  4. Every time I see a prog article in a magazine or newspaper now, I want to ask, "so how much did they pay you to write that drivel?" If they were in front of me, I would. It's all so reactionary, so Trumpophobic, so absurd.

  5. I believe you would actually ask that. I'm pretty sure that if I were in a social setting, say Thanksgiving at our house, and someone owned up to being an NBC journalist, I would immediately escort them to the front door, and I'd probably have no more questions for them except: "How does that sod taste?" And then, "Don't forget to place the divot back!"

  6. It's a dishonest culture filled with smug people who are paid a lot of money to produce propaganda. The Joseph Goebbels crew of the modern era.

  7. There must have been some on-line news source that supported Trump's run for the Presidency. It would be good if he could give them, or someone similar, the inside story. Just to show the population he is approachable, and the established media just how little they matter. Though you would think they ought to be able to see that by now.

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