Is Taco Tuesday Dead?

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There’s an article at Legal Insurrection regarding Taco Tuesday. You should read it before you eat any Mexican food again because unless you’re from the specific Latin American country and region that originated what you’re getting ready to bolt down, you’re likely guilty of cultural appropriation. And by extension, if your great grandfather was Chinese and immigrated to the USA, you’d better not be seen at McDonald’s (Scottish hamburger), or Dominoes Pizza (only Italian Americans can order a pizza), or if you’re Mexican, you’d better not order one from column A and one from column B at the Peking Moon. 
Furthermore, there are different styles of food served in Mexico. Does that mean if you’re from Jalisco that you can’t eat Sinaloa goat (delicious) or Yucatan style fish? Maybe we should narrow it down further and do away with restaurants all together. That would end food cultural appropriation. 
I have never eaten a Taco Bell style taco in Mexico. What should that tell me? 
Absolutely nothing, because this whole cultural appropriation thing is HOG WASH, and the people who buckle under to the social justice warriors are as goofy as the progs. 
Now a bit of cultural training for the social justice warriors:

16 thoughts on “Is Taco Tuesday Dead?

  1. (P)regressives. Their never ending quest for new ways to be offended, bless their hearts.

  2. >That would end food cultural appropriation.
    Not at all. If you drink pasteurized milk at home you're appropriating French culture, for example.

    Oh. Sorry. I forgot that things invented or developed by white people belong to the world, and that only persons of color can be appropriated from. That is if you are racist enough to believe that white people created anything, of course. EVERYTHING was stolen from bright, enterprising POCs. (Oddly reminiscent of everything having been invented by stalwart Russian peasants on cheerful collective farms, back when the USSR was a going concern.)

    Anyhoo, I had a bagel and some "Texas-style" brisket for lunch. So many transgressions it's hard to keep track….

  3. Peter was told "Kill and eat".
    Sorry libs, but if join the club, you get the same privileges.
    People want to live by a bunch of laws of their own creation when the rulemaker gave us one.

  4. Maybe you should step in front of a train (out of shame) or something for eating Texas style cooking when you are not from Texas.

    America is responsible for powered airplane flight, the lightbulb, the telephone, etc. The rest of the world should also step in front of trains (going to make the tracks messy) if they use any of those products — ever.

  5. Tea is not native to England. You can't drink any more tea, ever, warm, iced, pre-sweetened Southern US style, etc. No more tea. Or you can step in front of a train and end it all too.

  6. Shame is a flithy thing and you've culturally appropriated non-English people by drinking brewed tea that did not originate in England. Come to think of it, no more chips or crisps either. Potatoes originated in the New World. No more pizza. Tomatoes came from the New World too as did corn. To consume those things is to culturally appropriate indigenous people. South Americans can't eat North Sea Cod, though, if that's any help. You need to make reparations to those native peoples you've mocked through your consumption of tea, chips, crisps, etc. Send a really big check to me, have your friends do likewise. I'll see that the money goes to the right place. You'll feel better. You still can't drink tea or eat chips, but you'll feel as if you did the right thing. I will too…all the way to the bank…so that I can distribute the money properly. That new AM DB9 will look mighty good in the garage at the White Wolf Mine.

  7. OMG I had tacos yesterday *gasp* and on a Monday no less! I'll mail my guilt-drenched, virtue-signalling check tomorrow 😉

  8. Sigh… Guess we're all gonna have to do that 23 and me stuff, then based on that determine how much of what we can eat… NOT! I'm old and grumpy, I don't care… I eat what I like when I want to, or can find it!

  9. So, would it be cultural appropriation to put on the nearest Stahlhelm and march about the Compound whistling Erika? Or simply cultural reenactment?

    I'm not saying that either's right, just running a hypothetical.

  10. LSP, you can do whatever you want to. And it's OK.

    BUT if you were Greek Orthodox, you would be able to have a cooler title like Archimandrite or Metropolitan, and it wouldn't be cultural appropriation.

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