Is Anyone Surprised?

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (part of the US Justice Department headed by Obama crony Attorney General Eric Holder) found no criminal wrongdoing on the part of the Obama Administration in their probe of the IRS, which Congressional testimony clearly held, targeted Obama’s political enemies. Really.
The FBI has been used as a cat’s paw by the Obama Administration for a number of politically motivated “protection measures” designed to limit the government’s exposure. Remember the FBI visit to the US Consulate in Benghazi where CNN found Ambassador Chris Steven’s diary after they left following their search for evidence?
Attorney General Holder still stands accused of lying to Congress and true to his and the President’s Chicago roots, he remains in Obama’s good graces, well within the ‘circle of trust’.
Can the FBI regain their credibility? Yes – but not while Barack Obama is in office.

10 thoughts on “Is Anyone Surprised?

  1. Maybe FBI stands for something else now. Caption this?

    Foolish Bureaucrats Inbedwithpresidents

    Following Behind Imbeciles

    Failing Bureau of Investigation


  2. Can the FBI regain their credibility? No. Nor DOJ, the IRS, NSA, EPA, NLRB, State and probably a few others.

  3. They work for the Executive Branch, but their oath is not to Barack Obama. It's to uphold the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

  4. That no criminal act was uncovered was a "leak," likely by the DOJ hack assigned to lead the investigation. FBI Director Comey's comment was that it was still under investigation. Don't hold your breath, but the FBI did NOT say that there was no criminal activity. Just as the FBI did not release (yet) the details of the shooting of Tsanaev friend Ibragim Todashev (like that he stabbed the FBI agent interviewing him), the FBI will not release anything on the IRS scandal until its done. Comey stood up to his bosses in the Bush administration, it would be nice to see him to the same here. We'll see…

  5. I hope that FBI keeps its integrity here. The word from the Obama White House is always dismal and completely CYA.

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