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The Moon Vanished in 1110 AD (more here)

Wolf Moon

Almost a millennium ago, a major upheaval occurred in Earth’s atmosphere: a giant cloud of sulphur-rich particles flowed throughout the stratosphere, turning skies dark for months or even years, before ultimately falling down to Earth. People tend to take volcanos on the other side of the planet for granted. And in 1110, they didn’t know much about volcanoes or the other side of the planet. They just realized that the Moon couldn’t be seen anymore and wondered why.


Scientists Discover Evidence of Parallel Universe Where Time Flows Backward

A new discovery in Antarctica has caused a stir in scientific circles as possibly representing the first tangible physical evidence of a parallel universe. (more)


US Space Force

Yes, the actual (newly released) Space Force logo looks a LOT like a Star Trek logo. I am not sure how the people in the service feel about the ‘big beautiful space force’. Logo notwithstanding, I think that the focus on space, such that we would launch an independent branch of the US military is appropriate. We have lost our dominance in Space.

Context: In 2015, Russia combined their Space Force that manages their satellites and associated tracking and control networks with their Air Force and aerospace and missile defense force to create what they now call their Russian Aerospace Forces.

In 2015, China engaged in a massive reorganization of their military which saw the creation of the People’s Liberation Army’s Strategic Support Force bringing their electronic network, cyber and space warfare forces together into a single service.

One of the things that the Chinese and Russians can do that the United States can’t, is that they are able to put an an astronaut into space. That is about to change. But the eight miserable years of Obamanation gave our adversaries a big advantage, and in the case of the Chinese, they are actively preparing for a war with the United States – a Cyber War, A Space War and likely a Navy War.



Pandemic Take-Aways

The Communist Chinese are not your friends. They are waging a cold war against The West and particularly the United States and will resort to drastic measures to win that war.

Manufacturing capacity for necessary pharmaceuticals needs to return to the United States, or at the very least to North America. The same goes for any critical infrastructure requirement or military requirement.

The default setting for government would seem to be over-reach and a near complete disregard for the Bill of Rights. In this setting, the courts went along with that disregard. Electing people who understand the Constitution and their oath should be a high priority.

The mainstream media and their near total disregard for facts or objective truth means that they need to be treated with the irrelevance that they deserve.

National Debt matters.

Personal preparedness matters.

National borders are there for a reason.

Doctors, no matter how brilliant, can advise government, but they should not supplant it. Nowhere is this more evident than in the flip-flop of the policies surrounding responses to the Chinese Plague. I realize that we found ourselves in a difficult situation, largely because of China and China’s World Health Organization. That notwithstanding, we need to act in our own interests, China be damned.

12 thoughts on “Of Passing Interest

  1. I imagine the “end of the world” folks were pouring out of the woodwork in 1110.
    That last meme says it all.

    1. To be honest with you, if I lived in 1110 and didn’t know what the Moon was, and it vanished for a year, I’d be pretty freaked out myself.

  2. I like that last meme, she has such a look of defiance, even being overwhelmed by jack- booted thugs. I like to think she was thinking you won this little skirmish, but I will win the battle and war.

    1. Those officers should have some frigging self respect. But they are CHP – Auto Club with a gun, three copies, press hard.

  3. I thought the parallel universe where time flows backwards was D.C., where everything seems to flow backwards to Das Kapital.

    Those are CHPs in the last pic – pretty sure California has an anti-mask law, to go along with the mask-requiring proclamation (NOT law). So, what are you supposed to do, wear half a mask?

    It’s also very similar to the experience of being cited for not wearing a seat belt by a motorcycle cop.

    1. The anti-mask law is bullshit. BULL-Friging-SHIT.

      I have 3 granddaughters at the White Wolf Mine (live in AZ) and they will be joined by three sets of children and another three grandsons later today. They’re coming here for Memorial Day because I won’t wear the required mask. If I was sick, I’d wear the mask to protect others, but I’m not sick.

  4. Would be nice if we could use the reverse time particles to stop the dumbing down of America and a few other things.

    Sadly, as much as I despise I for what he did to the country, every president and Congress since the last moon landing is responsible for America’s sad position in space right now, I believe.

    1. Yes, Linda. They are all guilty. Republicans are only marginally better than the Donkeys. There are still a few Americans in their ranks, but precious few.

  5. The story about the moon disappearing because of a big volcanic eruption has got to happen more often in history but the records are lost or translated improperly.

    The one I find the most fascinating is the report of a red crucifix in the sky over Britain in 774AD that seems to have been a solar flare. 20 times larger than the Carrington event.

    1. Coronal MASS ejection? When Krakatoa (near Java) blew in 1883, as I understand it, the effect was similar. The Moon appeared red for a couple years. Likewise 1816 was known as “the year without summer” because of volcanic activity. Throw in a couple mini-ice ages and the people didn’t know whether they were coming or going.

      In 1816, my (several greats back) grandfather was a bridge builder in Yorkshire. The year without summer, which ended up having a big impact, caused him to pack his mason’s tools and take ship for the New World a year or so later. (He wasn’t from the pirate side of the family).

  6. Well, to shoot down Star Trek, the Space Force badge looks a lot like part of the AF Missileer’s badge from the late 50’s on. My dad had one. All that is missing is the big 50’s style spaceship over the delta thingy.

    As to volcanoes, there’s good evidence one or more eruptions caused the trigger point of the French Revolution. Crappy growing season after crappy growing season, colder weather overall, caused a bit of a food crisis, leading to Big Government forcing price fixing on flour and other food products. Ah, exciting times…

    1. Volcanoes should be made illegal. There is a good case to be made that they have been responsible for more climate change than all of the back yard BBQ’s on the planet.

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