Breakfast Tacos

Even though 2020 sucks, you still need to have breakfast. Here is an LL favorite recipe.

Start with large corn tortillas, warm them on the grill, then set them aside for the moment.

Cook cubed potatoes (best if you parboil them first) on the grill in olive oil until crispy brown on the outside and soft on the inside.

Cook up some sausage. Pick your favorite because you’re the one whose eating it. I prefer chorizo. Crumble it.

You need to make perfect fried eggs – as many as you’re in the mood for. I’ve been cutting and splitting wood for winter so I work up a powerful appetite.

Assemble the lot, pour salsa over the mess, garnish with green onions.

They’re messy but they’re good.


Nevada Relishes its Importance


It is Time for Another Tea Party?

My sense is that this spring, we will need to push for hope, change and election integrity. The second Tea Party wrested the Congress from the pigs. The first Tea Party sent a message to King George.

Maybe I’m jumping the gun, but maybe I’m not. We have grown complacent from the days when we helped to neuter the Obama agenda. Yes, it’s true that there my never be a free and fair election in the US again. That remains to be seen. The media will not cover the tea party this time around. Maybe protesters will be rounded up and sent to the camps for re-education?

Hitler sent out the Brown Shirts to silence dissent. This time BLM thugs? Will we see that this time?

Arizona needs to mobilize and drive all democrats from office to the extent possible (non-violently) irrespective of the results of the national election. We need to reverse the curse and stop the Californication of the state.

That is your sermonette.



The image Above is of F-80s from the 8th Fighter-Bomber Group in Korea showing a bomb load they could not carry from bases in Japan to Korea.

The Air Force was proud of the F-80, but they had no reason to be.


In History

The Battle of Droop Mountain (WVA)

5,000 Federal soldiers under General W W Averell attacked 1,200 Confederates under John Echols. Despite the almost 5 to 1 odds against him Echols managed to hold his ground all morning.

In the afternoon’ Averell turned Echols left flank with his infantry and then sent his cavalry in a frontal assault’ against the confederate main lines. After a violent battle Echols, was forced to withdraw. Some of his men threw down their weapons and scattered for safety but Echols rallied most of his force. however he was forced to retreat into Virginia. this battle effectively ended organized confederate resistance in West Virginia. The Yankees lost 119 the confederates 275.

Though a minor pinprick compared to the scale of battles throughout the nation, it must be noted that in the war between the states/War of Northern Aggression, there were close to 10,000 military engagements ranging from St Albans, Vermont to Peralta, New Mexico. All of the little pinpricks added up to significant losses on both sides.





  1. Another Tea Party – this time, whenever they go out in the streets, they’ll need to have people who can identify the target spotters and gunmen from the left wing death squads.

    • I’m sure that will often be the case, and the police will be ordered to back down and allow the BLM thugs to attack the peaceful protesters. The media will spin it.

  2. Good Sermonette, and nice “protest” poster. To me America looks like two wolves and a chicken deciding what’s for lunch, except this time the chicken is a sheepdog underneath. It’s going to get ugly.

    One minor nit: The blue blotch on the map for Colorado does not go all the way to the border, it stops 40 miles shy, that’s ranch country, and theres lots of it. The discouraging part is that tiny blotch of trust-funder, pot-smoking, Cali-transplanted blue overruns the rest of the state, and trying to change that with our cowardly Republican reps is next to useless. Life goes on though, being this far from the those who willfully embrace the darkness affords a reasonable buffer.

    • Politicians really like money (well above and beyond that princely pay shelled out by the tax paying public for their maintenance). The marijuana/synthetic dope business is open to buying what politicians they need to be able to peddle drugs.

      • Truckers are talking about shutting down the end of the month for a few days, Dems forgot the goods and services folks support Trump…hit ‘em in the pocketbook…death by a thousand cuts. Let the lawsuits run their course (36 days that Gore claimed he was president), pull support from subversive businesses and networks (FOX good guys should move to Newsmax)…bleed them dry, show them they are not to big to fail. We have two and a half months.

        • None, the guy is a goof, even as a kid. But goofs from money have a way of ending up in positions of power because they are useless at anything else. Gardner did a Romney, never went after The Looper for his 90+ ethic violations, ran a wussy campaign. Still have not received an answer from Larimer County if my vote was counted and tallied. Yeah, I trust them…uh huh, sure.

          This debacle isn’t over by a long shot…give it a few weeks.

  3. Love the history snippets you post here. The small battles can be interesting. The area I live in was the heart of what was called Bleeding Kansas back in the day. That continued into the Civil War and beyond. The Battle of Westport, sometimes referred to as the Gettysburg of the west, took place in what is now mid-town Kansas City MO in 1864 and resulted in a Union victory. One of the follow ups was the Battle of Mine Creek, a short drive from me. Union troops under Col. John Philips were victorious and the Confederate commander, General John Marmaduke, was captured. Philips’ second in command was LTC Frederick Benteen, Custer’s third in command at the Little Bighorn.
    Those tacos look good. I may have to try that one.

    • I’m not as schooled on the campaigns in Kansas as I should be. Bill Anderson, Bill Quantril, and others hoisted the black flag and pursued their military and personal interests. In that time, Kansas was The West (the wild west) and the area was sparsely settled. A lot of people who moved west to Kansas were trying to distance themselves form civilization or were too poor to afford bottom land in the Eastern US.

      LTC (later CAPT) Benteen was a warrior, and not a man to be trifled with. He and Custer did not get along (at all).

      • It was an interesting period. I live in Miami County, or Lykins County as it was known in the ante-bellum period, at one time included both John Brown and William Quantrill as residents. Brown lived in Osawatomie and was sometimes referred to as Osawatomie Brown. Quantrill lived in Paola, the county seat, and taught school in Stanton, a small community in the west part of the county. Violence was commonplace.

        • Jim, you probably know about it already but The Devil Knows How to Ride by Edward Leslie seems to be a good one on Quantrill, his life and times and a good bit of the really bad stuff that went down on both sides of the Missouri/Kansas border.

          One of the local boys here dug this out of the Aug. 24, 1938 edition of The Hutchinson News and passed it around: “It was 75 years ago Sunday that Quantrill raided Lawrence. The story has been incorrectly learned by every schoolboy since. While it makes him no less black a scoundrel, Quantrill was doing only what Brown, Jennison and Lane had previously done in Missouri. It was war, moreover, and the preponderance of the evidence is Quantrill had a Confederate commission in his pocket. There were two heroes of the day. The mayor who prudently sought refuge in a well only to be asphyxiated, and General Jim Lane who courageously dashed after the marauders when sufficient time had elapsed so there wasn’t the slightest chance of catching up with them.”

          You can bet your sweet bippy you’ll not see anything like that in the Hutch News again anytime soon…………..

    • During the War of Northern Aggression, none of the elite abolitionists were hurt with the exception of President Lincoln, who died after the war was over. Pawns were sacrificed.

    • If you’re in a hurry, use flour tortillas. Lay flat on a plate, shred sliced ham and grated Sharp Cheddar Cheese. Microwave until cheese melts then apply generous amounts of taco sauce and roll up and enjoy. I always seem to have a few taco tortillas left over after taco night.

  4. The Tea Party. It apparently was effective for the brief time it was real, but in the final analysis it was killed off by the professional politicians. One of those was Jenny Beth Martin, founder of Tea Party Patriots – who still gets air time. I saw her a few weeks ago. She was the self-appointed national voice of a group that had no national headquarters and no recognized leaders. A true bottom-up, decentralized, starfish organization. In 2014, Tea Party Patriots group spent 10 percent of the $14.4 million it collected actually following its mission. The other 90% went to consultants, vendors and Jenny Beth Martin’s $450,000 a year. I’m not begrudging Jenny a salary, I’m just saying I would never donate to a charity that spent 10% of the money it raised on its reason for existence.

    But it wasn’t all Jenny and the TPP. The Tea Party was also ravaged by professional fund raisers who’d call with “drop everything you’re doing and send us money” messages. The PACs found anger at the Republican Party profitable. Again, there were groups like the Tea Party Leadership Fund, that collected millions and directed about 13% to the causes they were supposed to be funding, with 87% to overhead and salaries.

    We talk about DC as “the swamp” and the “Den of Criminals” – and it is. But groups like the various PACs and Tea Party Imposters that killed the Tea Party like a giant cloud of mosquitoes sucking the blood out of some hapless animal are the real establishment. Not elected leaders in Washington, but a swirling flock of vultures that feed on the corpses of great expectation.

    • That’s 100% true. The Tea Party that stood for the rights of Americans had no leader. Some claimed that, but the majority of the people involved didn’t recognize them. Breitbart was as close to a leader as it got. I was at the rally at Searchlight Nevada next to Harry Reid’s house and at other events. No money changed hands. They were making burritos at Breitbart’s motor home and I was parked about 20′ away. I did avail myself of a burrito and a cola. But that was it. (I had packed some tuna salad, gatorade, etc. but the burrito and the soda was better)

  5. The F-80/T-33 was a good 1st gen fighter. Not great, but good. It flew, it could fight, it could train.

    And it taught a new generation about aircraft design.

    Heck, it was a ton better than the P-59, which was a concurrent design.

    As to politics and the stolen election? I’m ready to start decorating trees.

  6. I found a local mexican restaurant that does those for breakfast! GOOD!!! Re the rest, yeah, time to step up and take whatever action is required. Rubin et al may not like the ‘pushback’ they are going to get.

    • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I remember a very good Mexican restaurant the last time I was in Amarillo, but I don’t recall the name.

      • Well there’s always Mi Tierra in the Mercado in San Antone, 24/7/366 “we never close” but, I suspect their politics are a little suspect.

  7. tea party 3? i believe we’ll be shooting at each other by the time april passes. history likes april for big changes.

      • Excellent point…I always contended that service attendance was up significantly when food was present. Seems Jesus knew that as well.

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