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 Darth Yoda 

The enticements of the Dark Side were just too appealing. Yoda became a Democrat—10% for the Little Guy. The Swamp takes care of its own – ask Darth Yoda if you don’t believe me.


Bullet Points:

** The now infamous binder contains hundreds of pages about the Crossfire Hurricane scandal. It contains damaging information about the corrupt actors involved in our government. Two different DOJ Attorney General’s have defied President Trump’s direct lawful order to publish the binder in the Federal Register. It’s been over three years, and the DOJ continues defying the presidential order and every FOIA request to make it public. Can we now raid the homes of former acting AG Monty Wilkinson and current AG Merrick Garland?

You can still find the link to this memorandum of declassification here.

** Inside every older person is a younger person who wonders what the hell happened.

** The Battle of the States – In a Surprise press conference, Republican Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell, citing the soft-on-crime practices of New York’s Democrat District Attorney Alan Bragg, stated that her office would not allow the extradition of Almansoori to New York. She added that the charges against him carry mandatory prison sentences and that charges will be issued promptly. Raad Almansoori will reportedly stay in Arizona, per NBC News.

** And yet, on any given day, you can tune in to CNN or MSDNC and hear “experts” lament that people don’t see how great Bidenomics is. This is because the people on TV haven’t bought their own groceries or gasoline since President Trump left office.

** The blog is still alive despite the blog hosts telling me that virtualmirage.org is “not a valid URL.” Riddle me this or that or whatever.

** Electrons have consequences – The electron is the basic unit of electricity, carrying a single negative charge. This is what we’re taught in high school physics, and it is overwhelmingly the case in most materials in nature.

But in extraordinary states of matter, electrons can splinter into fractions of their whole. This phenomenon, known as “fractional charge,” is exceedingly rare, and if it can be corralled and controlled, the exotic electronic state could help to build resilient, fault-tolerant quantum computers.

** From Claudio – This is not unexpected, but still very interesting: All told, the Russian defense industry, while firing on all cylinders, is behind the technology curve as Chinese substitutions are lackluster. As a result, it is easier for Russian industry to reproduce old Soviet equipment models rather than create technically more complex Armata tanks and Su-57 aircraft, Luzin explained.

The fact that most components are 25-year-old Russian used gear is also significant, as are the dire straits of the Russian machine tool industry. They cannot develop anything new nor compete in the long term.

** Exchange the college debt for years of service in the military – E-1, 11B (basic infantry), or 12B (find landmines) at no pay, possibly beyond bare subsistence, no rations in kind. Eat at the mess hall. Wear uniforms. Deploy, win glory in combat, and maybe an early out for exceptional valor. Save an officer’s life under fire and at great peril to yourself or something equally meritorious. (we officers appreciate that sort of sacrifice)


It’s so Woke!


Brave New World


Mike_C Prepping for Surgery

It’s only a little augmentation; don’t be a hater.


Reposted by Request – Cyclops

The fossil skulls of Pleistocene dwarf elephants scattered throughout the coastal caves in Italy and the Greek islands most likely inspired the one-eyed Cyclopes in ancient Greek mythology.

During the Pleistocene ice age (2,580,000 to 11,700 years ago), land bridges emerged, allowing ancient elephants to move to emerging islands to escape predators and/or find new food sources. As sea levels rose around the Mediterranean, these ancient elephants became trapped. They had to compete for limited food, leading to the island rule, where mammals tend to shrink or grow depending on resource availability in their environment.

The isolated ancient elephants evolved into different species depending on the island they found themselves on. Those in Cyprus were approximately 6 feet tall, nearly double the size of those in Sicily and Malta. Humans arrived on the islands around 11,000 years ago, leading to the overhunting and extinction of the ancient elephants within a century.

By the time the Romans and Greeks came to occupy the Mediterranean islands, all that remained were skulls twice the size of those belonging to humans, and these massive skulls had a single hole in the center, which the Greeks and Romans mistakenly believed was an eye socket. In fact, it was a socket connected to the trunk of an ancient elephant.


A Look Back – Shooting with LSP

Six years ago, LSP? I was a spring chicken then. Blue Terror was stealing cherry fried pies (as an adjunct to Cooking with LSP). Where does the time go? Nobody even knew what Covid was then! Alas, Blue Terminator crossed the rainbow bridge. I’ll look for him when I arrive on the other side and rub his ears. Likely, he is still stealing fried pies and biting the FedEx man.

Then, afterward, I sat on MaLSP’s porch with LSP and Bitty Woo, watching Dallas PD arrest miscreants. Those were the days.

I think that we even dropped in on Jenny 8675309 on that trip. As I recall, I was helping her play head games with her X. I’m giving up old pranks for Lent, but I sent her a couple of dozen red roses for Valentine’s Day and some CIA stuff from EAA (CIA Employee Assistance Activity sells CIA swag to employees. They use profits to send flowers and cards to families of sick or deceased employees.) to leave around her house. He came over to pick up his ex-kids and noticed the flowers and swag. She explained that she had found somebody new who would appreciate her. She did say that he started treating her more respectfully. She had a hedgehog that bit me while LSP held it, but I don’t recall its name. Six years? It feels like yesterday.


Identify the Vehicle

There were two manufacturers, and it had a nickname. Do you care to take a shot at getting all 3?

34 thoughts on “2-24-24

  1. IDV-
    Terrängbil m/42 KP (tgb m/42 KP) Two variants existed based on the chassis: a Scania-chassis-based variant, designated the “tgb m/42 SKP” (Scania KP), and a Volvo-chassis-based variant, designated the “tgb m/42 VKP” (Volvo KP). Nicknamed the, “PzG” or “PzGren” Panzergrenadier first generation infantry fighting vehicle.

  2. Identify the Vehicle:
    Timoney 4×4 APC. Built by Timoney of Ireland. by Belgium as the BDX and by Vickers as the Valkyr.

  3. “The blog is still alive despite the blog hosts telling me that virtualmirage.org is “not a valid URL.””

    Malwarebytes throws a hissy fit every morning, yet I can still participate here. If I had the slightest clue, I would share.

    Shooting with LSP.


    Only four years ago, but still… I have managed to muster the time and energy for a few trips back to Jim’s range since, but that’s about it. Life and family obligations have kept me busy. Our three-year-old grandson is inbound for the day as I type this. Not complaining, just an observation. We each tend our flock as best we can, which is a blessing.

  4. C-H Folder- Call me when someone goes to prison. The Skull-n-Bones (etc) Club protects its own to avoid being exposed for the grifters and reprobates they are. Look at Noam…I liked her…rancher daughter who took over running the operation after her dad passed, sounded measured and smart. She looks unrecognizable now, and every time she opens her mouth it’s to self-promote…and I can’t stand that, feels like a constant sales job. Contrast would be Lake, who is certainly more Thatcher-esque, including half the men in play.

    “You will recognize them by their fruits…” comes to mind.

    Sidebar (literally)- Your slide-over came up with a 2015 post with the Top Annual Deaths in the U.S. pie chart, half being abortion. Curious where that stands now Rv.W is gone and states have the control?

  5. Ah yes. The old days back when I did procedures and saw patients. I kind of miss that. (You can tell it was the old days on account of how skinny I am in the photo. I miss that too. ☹️)

    1. Be careful driving thru any small southern town, they might just need a doctor who wants to see patients…altho what would we call you since Doc Hollywood has already been taken?

        1. Ai Ya! Arways with the anti-Sinotisms. Prease to stop with youl velbar burrying. (Back in the days of the VAX 11/750 (which we timeshared 😳 to run our shitty FORTRAN code) it was trivial to remap the keyboard. I set someone’s keyboard so that the R’s and L’s were swapped. Good times.)

          “Doc Quadropus” half as scary as Doc Octopus, but MUCH cheaper than 50% off.

          1. RE: Photo, stitching up patients with spider web (some special formula of course) could be the thing in the DC Swamp. Catgut is so non-woke, presuming that it’s made from actual cats (Girl Scout Cookies are made from actual Girl Scouts, after all).

      1. It’s not like visitors and commenters here would use something like that against you. After all, aren’t 25% of all FBI special agents homosexual? And you know how revered they are here.

        1. I don’t know Larry, I don’t make it a habit of asking their preference. In fact my standard reply is I will speak with you with a lawyer present and I enjoy my right to keep my mouth shut.

    1. How would the kickbacks work for the democrat Party if they couldn’t use Ukraine to launder them? The Afghan War ended, too. I’m sure we could find some other worthy war for the taxpayers to fund. Africa is going to hell in a handbasket. Maybe Mali?

      1. Always Africa. Maybe through India? Seems like there’s a New Delhi community, restaurant, or development popping up in anytown U.S.A. Indians have alway been bitter about our relationship with the Paks. Rumored money networks ect.

    2. The other night during his speech in Nashville Trump said, “I’ll end this very quickly”…and…“I am the only President that can say this, and say it with great conviction, I will prevent World War Three!”

      He also said this: “No one will be touching the Cross of Christ under the Trump administration. That will never happen.”

      Don’t hear ANY of that from ANYONE in Washington…which speaks volumes as to where those people sit and their inherent cowardice.

      1. Those heresies against the permanent Washington establishment are precisely why President Trump must be stopped! Who spouts that sort of anti-Swamp rhetoric? We all love Big Brother….

  6. Daniel Penny- Did a quick search on his status…last report that came up was from last October where his attorneys demanded the case be dismissed (as it should). But no status that I can find…with this muckraking Lawfare wrecking this heroic former Marine’s life (former?) for over 10 months. Any smart person or business would escape NYC ASAP.

  7. Can’t pass the chance to be contrary. That 25 year old Russian may be more reliable than what is produced now. Too much plastic, too many electronics, too many places for failure might not be your best swag to have in combat.

    Isn’t it more likely the biggest weakness is Russian corruption? Some account say Ukraine big shots compete very well in that endeavor. After all, they have Democrat advisors.

    1. The Russian T-55, for example, is simple and rugged, and it works. The survivability factor isn’t taken into account by the Red Army – and never was. It’s not a historical imperative for the Russians. So why not?

  8. “Save an officer’s life under fire and at great peril to yourself or something equally meritorious. (we officers appreciate that sort of sacrifice)” Hmm, as a cynical (retired, enlisted) NCO of the glorious Lean Green Fighting Machine we don’t feel so meritorious towards most officers LL, you would have to be a superior officer in ALL respects…

    1. Wow, what cynicism. I wouldn’t have expected that coming from you. We’re talking about CONGRESSIONALLY APPOINTED officers here – stand in awe if you must.

    2. I had one CO who was a West Point grad. Good officer, very competent. One Sunday when we bridged the Rhine, the V Corps commander visited and was grilling Captain Bennett. All of us overhearing the conversation were impressed with the way our CO responded.

      Given the quality of most, not all, ROTC LTs he had to deal with, he had my sympathy.

      I always respected competent officers. It was much harder for them dealing with the BS than us enlisted swine. Would I have died saving them? Who knows, but there was one I would have shot at the first opportunity out of a need for self-preservation. Arrogant and stupid; he would have f**ked up a two car funeral.

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