Bullet Points

** 30 days – 31 days out. For those of you who were planning to send me expensive gifts, I’d rather receive gold one-ounce Krugerrands. But yes, I’ll still accept the expensive gifts.

** Thanksgiving is over, so Christmas music on the radio may be appropriate even though it’s still November.

** Sometimes, I wonder what happened to people who asked me for directions.

** If your wife/girlfriend/significant whatever is upset with you, tell her that you’ll buy her some crayons if she wants to keep acting like a child. After hearing this, she’ll reflect on her behavior and calm down. Follow this blog for more helpful relationship advice.

** Are any of you willing to be selfless and serve your fellow man?

** If you want to know what the future holds (according to experts), you can look here. They’ll tell you that we are on the verge of an ice age and will burn to death from global warming at the same time (a fine trick). Naturally, paying more taxes to the government and donating liberally to communist activists and wizards will avert these disasters.

** In Canada – Passing through Hope-

** President Donald Trump said he’d consider Tucker Carlson as his running mate if he becomes the GOP’s 2024 nominee. If that happened, it would spice things up even more.

** NATO doesn’t want to sell Turkey (a sorta NATO member) fighter jets. Turkey, an undependable ally, is now threatening to buy Russian crap that has been so successful in Ukraine…it’s all a bit like bad kabuki theater. Would the Turks sell NATO tech to China or Russia? Does a turkey crap in the woods? Does it make a fine holiday meal? Does it pair well with avocado on a sandwich?

** And what of Fearless Leader, Boris & Natasha?


From the Days of Fighting Sail


HMS Victory’s gun ports, photo by Final Approach

A gun port is a square hole that is cut in the hull through which the cannons/ guns are fired. Each had its own port, and they lined the gun decks at the height of the gun’s muzzle, being closed with a port lid, hinged on the top, when not in use.

Early gunports were placed directly below each other (e.g., on the galleon Great Harry of 1514). But depictions from the 1520s already show the staggered arrangement. This reduced the stress on the ship’s hull caused by the recoil.

Until the Revolutionary War with France (1793–1801), the outside of the port-lid in the British Navy was painted the same color as the outside of the ship; the inside was red, as also were the sides of the ship, and, in a few cases, a strip of the gun-decks in the vicinity of the guns as well. The reason for this, it was said, was that any blood spilled in action would not show against the red paint and would, therefore not have a depressing effect on the gun crews.


USS Constitution’ s gun ports

Later, the fashion changed, and port-lids were painted in contrasting colors on the outside, usually black against white or yellow with the gun decks. This was known in the British Navy as ‘Nelson Chequer” and was introduced around 1805 when Nelson fought the battle of Trafalgar. This gave the familiar chequer pattern of British ships of the line. At about the same time, the inside color was changed to yellow. Since the War of 1812, the general ship color scheme changed to black and white the color scheme of American ships. And as painting became more and more expensive, the Royal Navy simply kept this color scheme.

But beware, not every gun port was a real one, especially larger merchant vessels like the India Companies painted gunports on their ships to suggest that it was a warship and not a merchant ship.


Identify the Aircraft


hint: Germany built 37 of these night bombers during WW1.






  1. EV Charging, now that’s efficient. Fully attributed to when social attitudes override intelligence. What’s worse is no amount of data, functional problems, or bad anecdotal evidence will change their stuck minds, they’ll happily fritter their lives away waiting in that line while the petrol vehicles are already home. Same mentality as those with phones held high recording a stunning sunset for an Instagram “look at what I’m doing” post instead of enjoying it with the eyes God gave them, and all done for the newest drug, “likes”.

    Gun Ports are cool.

  2. Trump/Carlson ticket- Someone once asked Rush why he didn’t run for office, even President?…said he couldn’t afford the pay cut. Heh

    • Tucker has a huge trust fund in addition to his personal fortune. Not as big as Trump’s, but big. He can afford to work for free just like The Donald can.

  3. Asking her “are you on the rag?” and telling her “make me a sammich” are equally helpful in restoring domestic tranquility.

    In other news, hurrah! Sudbury Wolves (playing as the “Blueberry Bulldogs” in honor of the fictional team on Shoresy) trounced the visiting London (Ontario) Knights 9 to 2. In the last minutes of the third period the crowd started a chant. I heard “We want Ken! We want Ken!” Who’s Ken I thought to myself. Apparently “ken” is one more than nine. I am reminded that I should consult an audiologist. Or maybe some kind of doctor that specializes in adult-onset enstupidization.

  4. “Just calm down!”
    A sure ticket to whatever supper one can find (as our ancestors did) under a rock and a cold bed near the cave entrance…away from the fire.

    • “I was wrrrronnng” usually works (said in the Fonzerelli manner)…then hoof it to the garage or shop as a buffering stayawaycation.

    • Gungor is great, and spot on…thx, hadn’t seen this in moons. He’s also a pastor…imagine sitting for one of his sermons.

      Her: What are you doing?
      Him: Nothing.

      Heh…so true.

    • With all their emotional energy, it behooves us men why they cannot understand that “nothing box?” We are not thinking of other women, we aren’t even thinking about a car/truck/gun/fishing reel/electronic toys/ATVs/motorcycle. Just absolutely nothing and it feels great!

      I used to tell me my now ex-wife to: “Leave my Nothing Box alone.” She finally understood that concept, hence, the EX part.

  5. Larry, did you make the Christmas pirates? I made a quick search for similar pirates and didn’t find anything close to these.

    If you did make them, would you mind telling us what program you used to make such fine examples of pirates?

  6. ** If your wife/girlfriend/significant whatever is upset with you, tell her that you’ll buy her some crayons if she wants to keep acting like a child. After hearing this, she’ll reflect on her behavior and calm down. Follow this blog for more helpful relationship advice.

    I shall internalize this and pass on to all the world.

    Is Black Friday some kind of POC thing? Confused.


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