The Right Shift

(Daily Caller) Some of his friends blocked him on Instagram. Others would not answer his phone calls.

That was the response Victor Jimenez received when he switched parties and became a Republican last December. Jimenez and his family immigrated from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico in 2008 and shortly after he moved to Alaska alone despite speaking little English at the time.

“There’s a trend that … all Latinos when they come here, they need to be Democrats in that … everybody’s so racist and all that,” Jimenez told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “But, I can tell you that I’ve never experienced anything that I would consider racist in my years in this country like ever.” (continued)


This is CNN+

CNN+, the streaming service that was hyped as one of the most significant developments in the history of CNN, will shut down on April 30, just one month after it launched.

Some (not many) have asked what will happen to former Fox luminary and dedicated anti-Trump mogul Chris Wallace, who jumped ship to join the CNN+ lineup on the ground floor. Who cares? There must be some democrat news outlet that will hire him. But could anyone pay him enough to feed his massive ego? If you bought him for what he was worth and sold him for what he thought he was worth, you’d make a fortune.

The reality is that CNN’s brand took a nosedive once President Trump was out of office. The only thing that they do now is hate the former president 24 hours a day even though he’s out of office.

I have an idea. Why doesn’t CNN embed its progressive anchors with the Russian army in Ukraine? It would be great to have blow-by-blow reporting by the CNN luminaries from the front! They could ride in an old T-72 tank as it lumbers toward Ukrainian lines, taking the risks that correspondents used to take. The viewership would soar! I’d even watch. It might be tough to stuff portly Brian Seltzer through a tank hatch, but Jeffrey Toobin could use some his special lube to make it happen. Subscribe to CNN+? HELL YES!

Stick Chris Wallace in the back of an Mi-24 with a news crew and have them hover over Ukrainian positions to target them for the Russians. Oh, be still my heart – or maybe Wallace’s.


Discrimination is so Progressive

The Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo is seeking an exceptional scholar and researcher to fill a Natural Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Tier 2 Canada Research Chair and tenure track position at the rank of Assistant Professor with an anticipated start date of 1 July 2022. In the case of an exceptional candidate, an appointment at the rank of Associate Professor will be considered. This call is open only to qualified individuals who self-identify as women, transgender, non-binary, or two-spirit.

U of Waterloo Assistant Professor Faculty of Environment ad: “This call is open only to qualified individuals who self-identify as women, transgender, non-binary, or two-spirit.”

Ok, what the heck is “two spirit”? I recall Heinlein’s book, I Will Fear No Evil. Is that what they’re talking about?

Johann Sebastian Bach Smith was immensely rich—and very old. Though his mind was still keen, his body was worn out. His solution was to have surgeons transplant his brain into a new body. The operation was a great success—but the patient was no longer Johann Sebastian Bach Smith. He was now fused with the very vocal personality of his gorgeous, recently deceased secretary, Eunice—with mind-blowing results! Together they must learn to share control of her body.

Is Soros going to take things in this direction? Could George Soros get a job at a Canadian University if his brain was transplanted into the body of a supermodel? Is that what it takes to get a Canadian teaching job these days?


Blade Runner III

CW at Daily Timewaster posted THIS. It seems that corporations are fleeing San Francisco like rats leaving a sinking ship. Sadly, some are moving to Phoenix. Nevertheless, with an empty city except for the Pelosi Mansion, it would make a great set for either an Omega Man remake, with the homeless playing themselves or maybe another Blade Runner? Reality TV at its finest.

Having inched down to just under 20 percent at the end of last year, the effective office vacancy rate in San Francisco ticked back up to a pandemic high of 21.7 percent in the first quarter of 2022, representing 18.7 million square feet of vacant office space in the city, including 5.3 million square feet of space which is technically leased but sitting vacant and 13.4 million square feet of un-leased space, according to data from Cushman & Wakefield.

You know that once the government goes bankrupt, cannibalism in San Francisco will follow within a month. That’s when the robo-cams hit the street for fast-paced action to satisfy the ‘appetite’ of the pay-per-view customers.

It’s California, so the hero can’t have a firearm to defend himself/herself with. Thankfully, Hollywood has an inexhaustible supply of black (because the hero must be black in 2022) actors,  actresses, and people of indeterminate gender, to play in the role of their lives! Maybe Juicy Smollett could obtain an early release to run for his life from flesh-eating zombies on San Francisco’s mean streets. Don’t slip on the scat, Juicy! Your ratings depend on it.


WSF Hedges his Bets


    • Then he could star in the upcoming Survival: Flesh Eating Zombies in San Francisco And it might save Cook County a few bucks.

  1. C’mon LL, you need to get in touch with your feminine side, be that 80’s “fella”…then you’d know what “two-spirit” means. Me? had to ask MrsPaulM…her being a “she” and all I figured she’d know. Got a look I hadn’t seen before. Just wait until this becomes the norm for Air Force pilots, they’ll have to paint the planes in periwinkle to avoid any gender fluid anxiety.

    The fact these moronic admission “people/persons/potted plants are serious proves anyone spending money on mainstream college is a fool, like opening the septic lid and jumping in while hoping to not get covered in stink.

    WSF is onto something. Is that is print?

  2. The book “How to pretend to be indoctrinated enough so you can stay out of the re-education camps”? Don’t buy it from Amazon.. 🙂

          • A plain 70’s Chevy van would draw attention, it just wreaks trouble.

            Look for the Mercedes fully outfitted off-grid dark gray Revel van with weeds stuck in the grill and mud in the wheel wells…allows moving in stealth mode because it looks like all the other ones tooling around town by millennials who shucked the corporate office for life on the road, usually parked in a Starbucks for the free WiFi to upload the weekly “look at what we’re up to” podcast. No one will suspect a thing, especially if there’s the requisite “Natures Bounty” green cross sign out front (they look like regular brownies…).

          • Green 2002 Subaru Outback with bicycle roof racks and a “Ski Eldarado” bumper sticker.

          • WSF FTW! You can’t go 50′ around here without tripping over one of those green Outbacks. They damn things are everywhere…..

  3. Juicy is not Black. Or at least he used to make a big deal of his “mixed heritage” before his recent troubles. Going to YouTube and searching on (grandma) “Molly Smollett” will enlighten the viewer as to the validity of his assertions regarding his heritage.

    Later Heinlein works: I started with his later works (Friday, Stranger in an Strange Land, etc) rather than his earlier “juveniles”. What a bad decision. Only much later did I discover how wonderful his earlier works were. The later stuff was mildly off-putting at best and creepy at worst. Parenthetically, my attempts to read “The Big Three” of SF were not successful. Heinlein we just talked about. Clarke struck me as what these days we’d call “on the spectrum”. Asimov was “No. Just, no” (we, especially Beans, have talked about this too). Speaking of off putting, back then I didn’t know about the rumors of Clarke’s supposed short eyes. So after that bitching about The Big Three, do I like any SF authors? Well, yeah. Of the “older guard”: H. Beam Piper, Jerry Pournelle, Larry Niven, and of course Poul Anderson. Anderson was a skald with a physics degree.

    • The Half-Blood Prince isn’t all black either, but when he was buck dancing his way through the White House, it didn’t show. Since Barack and the Mooch have a contract with Netflix, they could star in the Netflix version.

      And Phillip K. Dick’s short stories. They were not “high end” but the art that they inspired in film was profound.

      I met Ray Bradbury when he came as a guest to a Sci-Fi literature class that I took in university. He was different in person than on the printed page.

      • Bo-Rock and Mooch on Netflicks. Ha, art imitates life. Kinda like that old Don Henley song Dirty Laundry. “I could have been an actor, but I wound up here” and etc.

    • Heinlein’s rapid shift from his ‘juvenile’ and ‘young adult’ series to weird-pedo-weirdness coincides with him having brain issues and almost dying. Seems his personality changed a tad from the internal hit.

      The early Asimov short SF stories are good to great. His decline occurred when he started to believe his own inflated ego.

      Clarke was a visionary science reporter and good writer who moved to SE Asia so he could diddle little boys safely. Before he moved, he hung with the Marion Zimmer Bradley crowd for a bit. Which explains lots. (For those who don’t know, MZB was a whack-job insane child torturing pedophililic lesbian married to the, at the time, the US #1 academic leader of the US pedophile movement. So, well, tried reading MZB before I found out what a loathesome creature she was and just didn’t get the fawning love affair so many have for her works.)

      Now, Bradbery? Never liked his garbage. Felt he ripped off other peoples’ stuff too much. PKD was good, but weird, but good.

      Now, Christopher Stasheff was a very good author that a lot of people never heard about. He believed in using Christian ideas in science fiction/fantasy. So, yes, whacking the monster with a holy book while ringing a holy bell while lighting a holy candle works wonders for dispelling the monster (the Christian version of ‘Bell, Book and Candle’, perverted by the Victorian new witches and druids and pseudo-satanists into what most people believe Bell, Book and Candle means. It was a Christian rite longtime before it was coopted by the Neuvo Wiccans.)

  4. Hmmmm. Maybe Fop Dandy Buffoon Malcom Nance will start a trend over at CNN? Mind you, MSNBC Dandy’s larping in Lvov, CNN will have to be front line.

  5. Since Spotify dumped the Obamas, I believe Netflix will do the same soon. They are dragging them down. I might sign up again if it happens.
    There’s actually more available good stuff on their without stuff I don’t want to watch.
    Like Netflix used to be.

    • The Obamas have lost a lot of the luster that some people felt toward them. Oh, don’t get me wrong, narcissism runs deep with them – but outside of their coterie of fawners, eating the scraps that fall from their tables – or who want to be known as ‘having a black friend’, it has faded.

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