How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

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Many. American cities were not nuked and are a lot worse off than Hiroshima. I can only surmise that a lot has to do with the inner-city people who occupy them and the inner-city people elected to office. Yes, in this case, “inner-city” is a code word or a dog whistle and you can make of it what you will. Maybe we should nuke those locations (thinking of Baltimore) and just start over.

I have been to a number of immigrant-owned businesses in the US where the husband and wife are engaged in commerce and their children are there with them, either working in the business actively or sitting in the back doing school work. In some cases, the children serve as translators because they speak the lingua franca better than Mom and Dad do. Usually, these businesses require the family to work exceptionally long hours.

In my life, I don’t recall a situation where this labor applied to inner-city people toiling endlessly as a family to launch a business of this nature. Maybe I just don’t get out enough. The inner city model is a mother working at whatever, an absent father/sperm donor who does not support his family financially, and a grandma who watches the (often unruly) children.


Bullet Points:

** 53% of all shootings are by black men under 30. 3% of the US population does more than ½ the killing. 83% of all shootings are gang and drug-related.

It is generally true that a small percentage of people in a community commit the overwhelming majority of crimes. If you catch and punish those people, society accomplishes at least two things;

You separate the criminals from their prospective victims for a time, and if they re-offend, you increase the length of incarceration to separate them for longer periods of time from their potential prey. This fulfills a necessary prerequisite for the functioning of a stable and safe society. and…

You hopefully instill in them (and others who are tempted to emulate them) that there are unpleasant consequences for their unlawful and predatory actions that will be consistently imposed. This serves to preserve respect for the law and the rights of all persons generally across all of society, as well as safeguard the lives and property of all persons.

These are simple concepts to grasp and it is disturbing that certain persons in positions of authority and power, often well-educated and otherwise well-meaning, do not understand the fundamental importance of these concepts which are essential to the establishment and maintenance of a functioning society.

** Scientists may have finally identified the origins of a deep “gravity hole” in the Indian Ocean — a mysterious region where Earth’s gravitational pull is weaker than at other parts of our planet.



John Henry “Doc” Holliday

(b. August 14, 1851, d. November 8, 1887).

This is one of only two confirmed pictures of Doc Holliday, taken in Prescott in 1879 between October and December.

‘Doc’ Holliday arrived in Prescott, Arizona in October of 1879 from Las Vegas, New Mexico with ‘Big Nose’ Kate. Wyatt Earp, James Earp, and their wives had come from Dodge City and were also with ‘Doc’ and Kate. They came to Prescott to pick up Virgil, who was the Constable of Prescott. Virgil had written Wyatt about the new boom town at Tombstone, and the brothers and ‘Doc’ were off to make their fortunes.

When the brothers left for Tombstone at the end of November, the 28-year-old ‘Doc’ stayed behind with Kate – no doubt lured by the gaming tables of Whiskey Row. He would remain in Prescott for 11 months. Local legend states ‘Doc’ won $10,000 on Whiskey Row.

During this time, ‘Doc’ lived in a boarding house (rumored to have been on Montezuma St.), sharing a roof with the acting governor of the Arizona Territory. I know of no reports of ‘Doc’ Holliday while in Prescott, apparently, the lawful and civilized nature of Prescott kept ‘Doc’ in check. ‘Doc’ Holliday left Prescott in late September of 1880 and made his way south to Tombstone.

Virgil Earp:

“There was something very peculiar about Doc. He was gentlemanly, a good dentist, a friendly man, and yet outside of us boys I don’t think he had a friend in the Territory. Tales were told that he had murdered men in different parts of the country; that he had robbed and committed all manner of crimes, and yet when persons were asked how they knew it, they could only admit that it was hearsay and that nothing of the kind could really be traced up to Doc’s account. He was a slender, sickly fellow, but whenever a stage was robbed or a row was started, and help was needed, Doc was the first to saddle his horse and report for duty.”

Wyatt Earp:

“Doc was a dentist, not a lawman or an assassin, whom necessity had made a gambler; a gentleman whom disease had made a frontier vagabond; a philosopher whom life had made a caustic wit; a long lean, ash blond fellow nearly dead with consumption, at at the same time the most skillful gambler and the nerviest, speediest, deadliest man with a six-gun that I ever knew.”

Bat Masterson:

“Holliday had a mean disposition and an ungovernable temper, and under the influence of liquor was a most dangerous man. Physically, Doc Holliday was a weakling who could not have whipped a healthy fifteen-year-old boy in a go-as-you-please fistfight, and no one knew this better than himself, and the knowledge of this fact was perhaps why he was so ready to resort to a weapon of some kind whenever he got himself into difficulty. He was hot-headed and impetuous and very much given to both drinking and quarreling and, among men who did not fear him, was very much disliked.”

Courtesy of Yavapai County Constable Ron Williams

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  1. I dunno whah but dentists always get a bad name. Ah do know one thang: they caincertainly leave y’ less incisive. Ah wunder if’n Masterson had poorly fittin’ dentures n’ hadda gum his food?

    1. Masterson lied his teeth off about the particulars of his participation in the Adobe Walls fight, so he had that going for him.

  2. if I may, I’d like to make a few other comments:
    !.I’d like to suggest a few more cities other than Bal’mer, but the list might be too long for this blog; however, I might begin with NYC, then most of Choisey, then…
    2. “53% of all shootings…” bringing back the death penalty might be a consideration
    Nah! come to think ’bout it: jurors, judges, 50+ years worth of appeals – Nah! Just Nah!
    3, wonder what they’ll find if they ever do cores in the Indian Ocean – y’ think the coring machines might fly off into space or maybe they’ll run into the Tethys Sea?

  3. “Usually, these businesses require the family to work exceptionally long hours.”
    A Chinese restaurant owner recently retired to spend less time with the family.

  4. I had a friend in Detroit. I assistant pastored with him.
    He ran a tax business to pay the bills, which was tough, given the economy there.
    I knew inner city people who were decent God-loving (not fearing) people who were doing their best in that environment. Because they were surrounded by the ones who weren’t.
    Bill got a job with the IRS as an auditor. Humongous money for him and his family.
    He had to quit after a while. As a Christian, he could not continue in good conscience.

  5. Black on black crime is tenfold more than any other demographic…yet the Left/Dems say it’s unfair and racist that “more blacks are incarcerated than whites and that’s wrong and not equitable or some such blather nonsense.

    The answer is simple, quit shooting each other, be a proper father and family unit, and separate yourselves from then Democrats who hold you as pawns and slave to the system…”What thenhell do you you have to lose?”

    Doc Hollywood…still an enigma. This is how I prefer to “see” him:

    1. If you gambled with Doc, you’d best keep an eye on Kate, and if she wasn’t wearing a bustle, well…you know.

      1. If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow… leave Big Nose Kate alone…in fact ruuunnn

  6. “It is generally true that a small percentage of people in a community commit the overwhelming majority of crimes”.
    There you go again publishing uncomfortable facts. A couple of points. In any area or population there are the ‘usual suspects’ and are known to law enforcement. They don’t want to change. In the same area and populations there will be ‘activists’ who exploit the situation for their own benefit (usually power) and/or excuse their own guilt over their personal shortcomings.

      1. Facts is facts, ain’t they?

        Yes, LL is quite the ourveyor of Uncomfortable Facts, and truly Inconvenient Truths..

        Keep up the good work!

        1. He should make a movie. Heck, Al Gore did and made millions…could call it as you suggest, “Uncomfortable Truths”.

  7. Welfare is far more destructive than the bomb. Formerly productive adults lose the dignity and power of control over their own economic destiny, children don’t learn they should spend much of their adult life producing things other people want. Orwell coined “Ingsoc” for ‘English Socialism’. It’s no dogwhistle that soccer yobs in England who live in council houses on the dole are the Anglo version of the American inner cities. After Andrew Jackson ethnically cleansed the native Americans down the Trail of Tears onto the Bad Lands, where nobody could make a living, victims were given government handouts. At that time rulers knew the purpose of welfare was to destroy, but with better optics.

    When we re-legalized alcohol the drive-by shootings between alcohol gangs ended. But “we” can’t re-legalize narcotics because conservatives are control freaks and narcotic gangs need the government price supports (“Baptists & Bootleggers”). Just say ‘no, I am not going to pay taxes to be used for welfare or prohibition, because it ruins people’, and see who lines up behind the spear point to continue the status quo. It’s not just one small ethnic minority, it’s 90% of population.

    1. We’ve essentially re-legalized narcotics in many states and yet, the inner-city people in Chicago have a higher body count than the Russian-Ukrainian front.

    2. Pure heroin, cocaine, meth, etc. are now as cheap, widespread, and easy to get as glasses and bottles of liquor? Just go to the bar or package store and show proof of age, but there’s no individualized prescription or tracking? The drug enforcement police specialty has ended, because as with liquor the stores are licensed/approved but customers are not? There is no longer such a thing as smuggling drugs across the border from Mexico, because importing drugs is now legal?

      1. The purity and cost are a matter of both branding and supply and demand. Depending on where you live, it’s plentiful, with no proof of age required, and no prescription. In some states, mere possession or influence is punishable by diversion. You sit in a class.

        Enforcement is spotty. Jumping the border is not really a crime anymore and with people looking the other way, smuggling is winked at for the most part – unless you’re unlucky.

        Unfortunately, people are still treated medically at public expense. We need to cut that out and the drug problem will wipe out the addicts. Fentanyl advances that process. Libertarians should be doing back-flips.

    1. I thought she was ‘Big Nose’ Kate cause she kept sticking it where it didn’t belong.

      1. I think that you’re accurate, rel. No account listed her physical nose as being large. She was a busybody and a gossip.

  8. OT: sitting on a Delta flight in Basic Scum class, being tortured by emo self-affirmation music on the 1MC. Some low-T male with a vague Ebonix (sic) accent is warbling about how he “don’t say ‘I love you’ enough to myself.” By Sleipnir’s seventh leg this is agony.

          1. Better…plus Mike-C could paint his face blue and every few minutes yell Freeedom!.

  9. The adjective to describe the offspring of the welfare queens is “obstreperous,” noisy and difficult to control.

  10. “These are simple concepts to grasp and it is disturbing that certain persons in positions of authority and power, often well-educated and otherwise well-meaning, do not understand the fundamental importance of these concepts which are essential to the establishment and maintenance of a functioning society.” Actually, they ‘know’ but to admit that would doom their grip on the base electorate!

    Holliday was an ‘interesting’ character in the Old West, given his frailty and choice of ‘entertainment’. Big Nosed Kate obviously had his back literally…

  11. A few years ago, The City of Richmond, CA did a study and discovered that there were seven individuals that were responsible for the majority (90% IIRC) of the violent crime in the city.
    The obvious solution (which I am sure occurred to this blogs readers) was not even discussed by the city council instead they told the miscreants that they would give them $1500 per month if they did not commit a crime. A percentage was deducted from the $1500 for every crime they committed that month.

    Danegeld anyone?

    1. Given how much they make per kilogram of coke or meth, I’d think that the danegeld is way too low to be meaningful.

        1. i remember when some cops in dade county did just that. afaik, they got away with it, though just barely.

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