Hollywood Holiday Dead Pool

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Hollywood Holiday Dead Pool
With the death of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s father, Fidel Castro; the Hollywood Holiday Dead Pool is rolling once more. Ask not for whom the bell tolls. 
Some contend that Castro was simply a brutal dictator who fathered somewhere under fifty likely lads, among which, Justin (possibly a Manchurian Candidate), and others in Cuba, followed their father into politics. 
Should politicians be included in the Hollywood Holiday Dead Pool or not? My sense is that they can be if they are entertaining. And Castro was nothing if not an entertainer.
Kieth Richards, will die, but his mummified corpse will continue to mount the stage to play with the Rolling Stones – for the next twenty years.
Rosie O’Donnell, famous for being a lesbian, obnoxious and a fat hog, will die, choking to death, while gnawing on a turkey leg in her Hollywood mansion.
Jane (Hanoi Jane) Fonda, treasonous Hollywood celebrity, and ex-wife of progressive media mogul Ted Turner will move to Africa to escape Trump’s America. She will immediately contract ebola and her flesh will drop off her bones. The death will be too good for her, but that’s how it goes.
Cher will die while launching herself to Jupiter in a home made rocket. She will join Sonny, wherever he is and it will be groundhog day…forever.

18 thoughts on “Hollywood Holiday Dead Pool

  1. Even nuclear radiation won't kill a cockroach. I expect that and whiskey instead of blood is what sustains him.

  2. Richards can play – even now. Rosie O'Donnell has no talent besides being able to fork pie into her mouth.

  3. Cher's not so stupid as to use a home made rocket; she has a 9th grade education, you know. Plenty of brains in that chick's head. She would charter one of Elon Musk's space ships.

    Yep, Cher's a real brainiac, unlike George W. Bush, whom Cher calls an idiot, that same Dubya who has an MBA from Harvard.

  4. Cher dropped out of high school when she was 16. I suspect that she may have even completed 10th grade, so I must give credit where credit is due. Cher is brilliant.

  5. Rosie is such a lick-sister, I thing it would be more appropriate if she died from choking on a hairball.

  6. I'd like to see the NY Times publish the autopsy report to that effect, as an effort to ingratiate themselves with President Trump.

  7. But before the ebola strips the flesh from her lanky bones, Fonda will contract Elephantiasis, and bloat up to the size of Rhode Island. Justice for her treasonous evil is served.

  8. Richards is healthier than any of us, and will outlive our dead pools. Nobody knows why this is, but it makes him really happy, because it pissed him off back in the 90s when everybody made jokes about him being dead.

    You're right about Justin being Fidel's kid, and a Mancho. Barack has an 82% chance of also being one of Fidel's son's. Michelle Obama: a 43% chance of also being one of Fidel's sons.

  9. > I actually do like Sonny.
    Which is why you matched up imperfectly-thawed postcryogenic Sonny Bono with LaShawnda Wosshername?

  10. Michelle Obama could indeed be one of Fidel Castro's sons. I hadn't thought about it until you brought it up, but it makes perfect sense.

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