Slow Joe (caption)

Democrat insiders say that Creepy old Joe Brandon fully intends to run for president in 2024 if he lives that long. (old father time might stop the clock on the geezer at any moment) He reasons that he received 81 million votes in 2020, the most popular president in American history and all he did was cower in his basement. Who knows how he’ll do if he campaigns? He may get more votes than America has voters!

And it’s summer – vacation time.


Why hasn’t Hooters started a home delivery service called Knockers? I call it a big missed opportunity.


The Coming Black Sea Conflict (h/t Claudio)

NATO has been preparing a plan, that would establish a safe corridor from Odessa via coastal waters of NATO members Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey to the Turkish straits so that grain shipments can make it to market. Russia is expected to oppose the move with the four conventionally powered submarines that it has in the Black Sea.

For this NATO plan to work, Ukraine must have the weapons to keep Russian surface ships and submarines out of that corridor until it reaches Romanian waters. That means Snake Island must be retaken. If Russia tries to attack the grain ships off the coasts of Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey, NATO can fight back. The Ukraine/NATO “humanitarian corridor” is seen as a lifesaver for millions of people worldwide.

In the next few months, there will be a battle for control of that coastal corridor and Russia will have to send its Black Sea Fleet ships to sea to do it, which means those must get close enough to make them more vulnerable to anti-ship missiles.

Submarines are another issue. The Romanian Navy is small, and its ASW capacity rests with 2 old British frigates and three helicopters. It might be possible to flag grain ships with British colors and have them send their newly acquired (US-built) P-8 Poseidon ASW aircraft into the area to escort “their” ships through the maritime corridor. The British have already provided the Ukrainians with anti-shipping missiles.

Sinking Russian submarines in the Black Sea (flagged grain ships notwithstanding) is a risky matter and could lead to an expanded war that would lead to World War III.

We live in interesting times.


Eggs meet the Sunrise in Finnland

Ice eggs form because of wave action on pieces of sea ice that formed. Once washed ashore they have their own look, don’t they?


Can THEY pull it off?

Facing what should be a catastrophic political defeat in November, Team Biden is “plotting to transform federal agencies into corrupt ballot harvesting operations. And much worse–all while hiding their plans from the American people.” He has the backing of the media and the J6 made-for-TV drama.


Katie Britt – in Alabama

“I’m thankful to have President Trump’s endorsement and strong support,” Britt in a statement. “President Trump knows that Alabamians are sick and tired of failed, do-nothing career politicians. It’s time for the next generation of conservatives to step up and shake things up in Washington to save the country we know and love for our children and our children’s children. In the Senate, I will fight to defend Alabama’s Christian conservative values, advance the America First agenda, and preserve the American Dream for generations to come.”

I think that President Trump’s endorsement of Katie Britt for the US Senate, representing Alabama, was a good one.


Nationalist China

Taiwan has been home to the Nationalist Chinese people (Kuomintang) since the Chinese civil war in the 1940’s. The PRC claims Taiwan but they claim almost everything on the planet in their secret hearts. As Celestials, it’s theirs and you are subject to them (whoever “you” happen to be). It’s an interesting take on the world. Keep it in mind when thinking of the Communist Chinese.

(BBC). Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe said yesterday, “If anyone dares to split Taiwan from China, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) will have no choice but fight at any cost and crush any attempt of ‘Taiwan independence’ and safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Surveys conducted by the National Chengchi University since the early 1990s indicate that the proportion of people who identify as Chinese, or both Chinese and Taiwanese, has fallen and that most people consider themselves as Taiwanese.


Ah, the British

Paratroops of the 22nd Independent Parachute Company, British 6th Airborne Division, with their plush toy mascot ‘Pegasus’ at RAF Harwell, 5 June 1944. At least it wasn’t a rainbow unicorn…


This is WSF, throwing his cracker in the soup…



  1. Most of what I’ve read, the major impediment to grain leaving Odessa is Ukraine. The Russians have repeatedly opened humanitarian corridors for ships to leave, but the Ukrainians refuse to allow it.

    More recently the Russians have started to demand guarantees, like Ukraine removing the mines blocking passage and removal of some of the sanctions.

    Much to my surprise even CNN has had articles about it

    How much is believable I don’t know, too much advantage for both sides to have no shipments. Russia can take market share, and Ukraine get to say how evil Russia is. Given how the two sides treated the offered humanitarian corridors from the cities, I’m inclined to give a nod to Russia on this.

    Incidentally, there’s a video of a mine flail clearing the beach in Mariupol. Very dense minefield, I was trained to spread them out more than that. Would hate to have to land and clear it, especially under fire. I’d hope there’d be some specialist equipment, like mine clearing tanks, or use of clearance charges.

    • The NATO plan appears to provoke a wider conflict. Yes, the Russians have offered, but they also attacked civilian cargo ships early in the war. Those ships remain in Odessa (without insurance, should they decide to run the blockade). Finding the truth in this morass where everyone has an agenda to spin things in their own direction is challenging.

      Maybe placing American politicians on the grain ships from Odessa through the straits to insure that they make it through would be a good idea. I have a long list of suggested “hostages”.

        • They could be shackled to the bow so they can stand up, arms spread, and say, “I’m king of the world!” as the ship sinks slowly into the dark, cold waters of the Black Sea.

      • There’s another plus for the Ukraine: Zelensky cries red, white and blue borscht and the West pities him and supplies more weaponry (at what cost/price?)
        I agree with DanH. WWIII has begun. At the very least, President Biden (or his handlers) has placed us in the middle of four fronts: the obvious Zelensky/Putin conflict, the Communist Chinese/Taiwan conflict, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and CWII.
        I’m glad I don’t have much longer, but I pray for my children and theirs.

  2. Thank you for the Katie Britt info. My sister lives in Alabama and usually asks my opinion on elections. I passed it along to Sis.

  3. Ukrainian grain is reportedly 7% of the world’s supply, compared to Russia’s 18%. The Russians don’t need to sink any grain ships, they only needto blow up the grain elevators near the loading docks. They haven’t run out of cruise missles have they?

    As to our most popular president’s GOTV EO, if you can’t beat ‘am, join ’em. How do I get some of that fedearal GOTV money for my Rainbow Vote Initiative NGO? it sure worked for Patrice Cullors.

    • You know that Ukrainian oil and gas lines still flow from Ukraine, east into Russia – still. And the Russians pay for it.

      There are a lot of curious things going on.

  4. I have no idea how far TPTB will go to put Democrats in office in November 22. TPTB are setting up many avenues to cheat; using Federal agencies to harvest “votes” is just one. Though they didn’t get their treaty through the World Health Organization to be able to declare something like monkey pox a pandemic to steal or even shut down this Fall’s election, they may well resort to extraordinary means to increase their power in D.C. and the States. TPTB want to have an outward appearance of doing things “legally” so they need a 2/3 rds majority in both Houses of Congress and the take over of 3/4 of the States Legislatures to gut the Constitution.

  5. Alabama- She’ll be hated by the Satan worshiper’s for being decent, grounded, forthright…and Christian. (Ask the High School coach who lost his job for praying with the team.) This is a spiritual war.

    Last week the token Lefty on The Five (Tarlov) ADAMANTLY REFUTED that Biden “sat in his basement with a few 2-minute wonder 6 people standing in circles rallys.” She was emphatic it was not true…because…81 million people l-o-v-e him. The self-delusion is incredible. Chuck-less Todd with his AR/M-16 idiocy proves everything about these people.

    Sidebar (because elections matter): We won’t fly. Mainly to minimize control by The Morons. Neighbors took a Mexican vacation. They like going. Got to the airport to go home….NOT ALLOWED to return for 5 days because one child “tested positive” for The Covid! Asymptomatic, healthy. Total life halt over the Magical Lurking Covid…PLUS costs. REFUSED reentry because of The Hologram’s “policies”, while his treasonous activities foster the rampant scourge of untested Mexicans, etc. to waltz in, unchecked, giving them cash and bus/plane tickets anywhere they want to go. BUT, neighbors could fly to Tijuana then walk back across the border THEN fly home. This is more screwed up than Putin’s war.

    By all accounts the government is AT WAR WITH US. The hangings should begin, that’ll wake them the hell up. Maybe. Their demand for power runs too deep.

    • Fox has repeatedly tried to clean up Tarlov but she doesn’t clean up easily, and the remakes still leave her looking less polished than the women who sit on the couch next to her.

      The rules for flying across the border and driving or walking across the border are completely different, FYI. I’ve had this discussion with fellow bloggers interested in traveling from overseas and not wanting to take the plague vax. The requirement for a plague vax before entry (foreign travelers) into the US by AIR will be lifted next week.

      People can do what they want, and I’ve worked in Mexico in the past, know people there, but I won’t go there on vacation. There are other options in this lifetime.

      • None of them do. Gerry. Juan. All the same shills. Tarlov has the adder of an annoying gravel voice, seems like an act to “be the calm one” while trashing everyone else’s opinions…or the facts.

        I relate the Mexico debacle figuring you’d know the deal. It’s a cautionary tale…one needs contingencies beforehand.

        • People ask me whether they should take their families on vacation to Mexico. I ask them what the most valuable thing they have is. They always say, “family.” And you’re seriously taking them to Mexico? Do you have other vacation options?

          “But it’s cheap, LL” – you get what you pay for.

          I tell them that if they’re going, take my phone number with them and call me if things go sideways. Usually, they get through it. Sometimes they call.

          • Just heard that the all inclusive resorts offer “pre-checkout testing”. If “positive” the resorts are required to put you up at no charge for whatever time needed. (They come home sooner than 14 days because – as you said – the travel restriction was lifted this week.) Apparently our neighbors did not do this, tested at the airport instead. Apparently they also booked a trip to China because “it was cheap” and “comes with a government guide” (aka monitor). Told them might as well go to Chernobyl or Kiev on the cheap while they’re at it. Probably should leave their Bible at home.

          • Remind them that Otto Frederick Warmbier (December 12, 1994 – June 19, 2017) traveled to North Korea on a woke college field trip and ended up being tortured to death.

          • In Dr. Strangelove the aircrew was issued a combination Roosian phrasebook and Bible. (nylon stockings, gold coins and chocolate bars)

    • Just yesterday I relearned another lesson. The coffee maker only works when you turn it on.

    • Thing is, you can see the mistakes coming from a ways off, and can do nothing to stop it. Life’s momentum on one side, slow to act on the other.

      I keep telling myself, “slow is smooth, smooth is fast.” Not working as expected.

      • The mantra, “Two is one and one is none” comes to mind. It was drilled into me in my youth. You always need to be prepared and two is better than one in both horseshoes and hand grenades.

        • Me too…be prepared.

          Ya know, we have “One” Federal government (a bloated elephant cooking in the sun, stench and all). Yet it’s not “none” lately, seems to be sitting in my living room thrashing around like an unwelcome guest. Wish it could be “none”.

    • I always buy the better quality tube steaks. I don’t know if it means that they are more pure or not but they taste better.

      • Indeed. All beef are the best. That said, after my last (long overdue) checkup, my doc emphasized several points (which I already knew). So, I have leaned out my diet and gotten off my rear to exercise more. Chicken tube steaks for me now. Results are encouraging as I have shed some pounds and my wind and endurance are improving.

        I tried some turkey franks. No. There are standards to which even I will not stoop.

        • Wait ’til they come out with (if not already) Lab Grown Fake Dogs…200 chemical ingredients and they stink when you cook them (as I am told). But they’re good for you since they’re NOT beef (according to them).

  6. NATO has a plan. Damn, now I am worried. Will not be surprised if things go further south this summer/fall

    Ice eggs, simply amazing what nature has to show us.

    In my mind paratroopers on the day before D Day can have any darn mascot they want. Certainly they don”t have anything to prove.

    Hot dogs. Being blessed with hereditary low cholesterol (I am certainly not doing much to keep it low), I go with beef hot dogs and pork polish sausages, just seem to taste better.

  7. I still believe that WWIII has already begun. The conflict is still at a low level but contributing factors are global and intensifying.
    Future generations will look back on this time and wonder how we “didn’t see it coming”, that the signs were obvious and why didn’t we stop ourselves from plunging headlong into the abyss, just as we often think when studying the lead up to the first two world wars.
    America is on the very brink of a hot CW. There is abundant evidence that our food production and power infrastructure is under physical attack, being aided and abetted by our own government. Many in government are saying publicly that our rights exist solely upon their largesse and our consent, or lack thereof, to their governance is irrelevant.
    It is very possible that the upcoming election will provide the final straw, but I am 95% convinced that the camel is already dead. I think many others are coming to the same conclusion.
    Hama Rules.
    We have gone over the cliff; we just haven’t hit the bottom yet.

    • Time for local militias to form up and start guarding these critical assets. It should be Open Season, No Limit on arsonists, looters, and others who mean to do us harm.

    • X2

      The Chinese declared war on us years ago and have taken active measures to support the war. It will escalate.

  8. What a brave airborne plushy! Respect to those paras. Then there’s clownshow Biden. Will its handlers take us to WWIII in an act of psychopathic, sociopath bravado? I guess we’ll see.

    • So Long Mom, by Tom Leherer

      So long, mom!
      I’m off to drop the Bomb
      So don’t wait up for me
      But while you swelter
      Down there in your shelter
      You can see me
      On your TV

      While we’re attacking frontally
      Watch Brin-k-ley and Hun-t-ley
      Describing contrapuntally
      The cities we have lost
      No need for you to miss a minute
      Of the agonizing holocaust

      Little Johnny Jones
      He was a US pilot
      And no shrinking violet
      Was he, he was mighty proud
      When World War III was declared
      He wasn’t scared
      No siree!

      And this is what he said on
      His way to Armageddon:

      So long, mom!
      I’m off to drop the Bomb
      So don’t wait up for me
      But though I may roam
      I’ll come back to my home
      Although it may be
      A pile of debris

      Remember, mommy!
      I’m off to get a commie
      So send me a salami
      And try to smile somehow
      I’ll look for you
      When the war is over
      An hour and a half from now!

  9. I’m not sure if Ukraine has even been able to harvest many crops, much less enough to ship anything out! Re the Chinese, they did another ‘close encounter’ with an Aussie P-8 that had to go home and get ‘junk’ pulled out of the engines. Tarlov is a whiny bitch who ‘loves’ trashing everybody else, but goes ballistic when anyone calls her on it!

  10. Katie Britt – in Alabama….Katie is a long term lobbyist, buying politicians. She’s never been elected to any office and is backed by never Trump RINO’s .She untested and untried. Remember the old adage ‘never put a novice in high office’. Don’t listen to me look it up this is all true. Joe Heavy….

  11. Trying to convoy grin ships through the Black Sea is one of the most imbecilic ideas I’ve ever heard.

    So, probably going to happen.

    I wonder what possible benefit the simpletons in the Halls of Power see in doing this is, to risk a global nuclear exchange over?


    • It’s a serious plan. Whether they will actually do it when there are far wiser scenarios is another matter. Think of Jo and Ho. Two of the biggest chuckle-heads in history leading America — yeah they might do it.

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