Halcyon Days for Conservative Bloggers

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Russian Collusion – that is the problem isn’t it? It is summarized HERE (h/t Woodsterman) very well. If the corrupt, sly, elite media focused on what happened and followed evidence, the way that journalists once did, it would become more clear. Sadly what we have in America is a cynical propaganda machine that blasts on 24/7/365. 
The Democrat Party is fighting for its existence. The Hollywood moguls are all off trying to defend themselves from the me-too movement and aren’t sending in million dollar checks to the DNC. In fact, the DNC will likely be insolvent by the end of February absent some serious money coming in. Hillary is on the rubber chicken circuit, telling people who to blame for her election loss (not her) and the Clinton Foundation has laid off staff because no additional money is going there either and the principal Clintons have to eat.
It’s a great time to be a blogger, to sit back and watch the fireworks.

16 thoughts on “Halcyon Days for Conservative Bloggers

  1. Thanks for the HT, LL. It just seemed so appropriate to enjoy Andrew Clavin's chuckin n' jivin on the subject.

  2. Democrats have been revealed as the wicked, conniving, buffoons we all thought that they were. The FBI is revealed as a bunch of craven bureaucrats who play at law enforcement but with dark motives that are not in keeping with American values – they're STILL Hoover's FBI.

  3. It may split into two asses – the donkey, which would be a moderate Party and the ass, which would represent the radical left. What do YOU think? Bernie, Poke-a-haunt-us and the socialists, with the angry negroes, and more of a mainstream Democrat machine? The radicals don't want to give to the mainstream people and the mainstreamers are nervous because Trump has occupied the position that many Democrats used to advocate for (working men and women, etc).

  4. I didn't like his dad either. Another legacy arrangement.

    It turns out that only the Democrats colluded with Russia. Poetic justice.

  5. You'd think the dems would've realized by now that their use of projection has been shown to be their default go-to tactic and one which has become tiresome to many Americans. Their playbook is an open book now and they need some new plays or it's game over for them.

  6. DJT is winning the Blacks and the Unions. The Deep State is pure Globalism/Elitism like Orwell's pigs. Millenials love to say they love Bernie. Hollyweird is totally anti-Trump. I agree with whoever said, "A 25 year-old who is not a Liberal is heartless. A 45 year-old who is not a Conservative is brainless." The upcoming midterm election will set the stage for DJT against Kamala Harris in November of 2019! Soros will fund Harris since the DNC is broke.

  7. They can't even agree on the time of day. But most agree that killing the unborn for fun and profit is something that is good and must be continued.

  8. I'm not sure who Soros will back, but likely there will be two or three. He threw all in with Hillary last time and it didn't work out.

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