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There is something special about grandparents. Mine saved me as a young boy — literally. I think of all of the old people in nursing homes who are neglected and disregarded and I can’t help but wonder what the disconnect is. Oh, I understand that there’s a time when you can’t take care of elderly parents and grandparents at home…but visiting them is always important. Because they’re not with you forever.
Just a thought. Not hardly a Sunday Sermonette.

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  1. I never knew my grandfathers. Oner grandma was a SERIOUS Baptist, and not too much fun. Once a pal of mine came to the house to pick me up – when I was a senior in high school – and my Baptist granny was visiting. As we left the house she said, "I guess you boys are going to go out and sin now." My buddy answered, "Yes ma'am, we sure gonna to try." She was shocked.

    My maternal grandmother was super. She worked hard, was very intelligent and liked to play. She was my "Grandma-Mama," and I miss her to this day.

  2. My maternal grandmother was the matriarch of the family. After her death, I realized, on talking to my cousins, that she made each and every one of us feel like her favorite grandchild. 😀 What a wonderful woman, to give sweet love to a child's heart.

  3. My MIL was a super gramma. My kids adored her and, happily, she was a big factor in their lives. She is sorely missed.

  4. I was lucky to have great grandparents on both sides. I cannot imagine any of them in a nursing home, much less the family ignoring them… That is just beyond the pale, but it does seem to happen on a routine basis according to my paramedic daughter.

  5. My parents moved me across the country from my grandparents when I was 11, so I didn't know my grandparents in their later years. Can't fault my parents; Dad had a family to raise and his job transferred him from Denver to Cleveland.

    Thirteen years ago I chose to move myself across the country, from Ohio to Arizona, in the effort to find happiness and hopefully a better life. It's worked out well after many trials and much tribulation, and my parents have always respected my decision and supported me in my endeavors. I don't have kids, and at 46 don't know if I ever will, so there's no grandparent element involved in my care for them, but they're my parents and thankfully we have a good relationship.

    Having said all that… I'm not sure how I'll handle my parents aging as they reach their final days… a lot of travelling I expect.

  6. It's a different and a challenging time of life – caring for your own parents. I can say that I would rather pass than end up being the one that needed tending to.

  7. Denver to Cleveland to AZ – you've got it all backwards! Or maybe I do. Anyway, enjoy the sun!

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