USS Ohio, SSGN 726

It has 22 tubes, each tube contains 7 Tomahawk cruise missiles (154). There are 66 berths for SEALS or MARSOC operators. Two Trident tubes were converted for the purpose of providing combat swimmer lockout chambers. In the case of the photo above, there are two drydock shelters (DDS) that support one MK-VIII Seal Delivery Vehicle each. The DDSs have a drydock shelter platoon that operates them. The two SDVs would likely be operated by one SEAL platoon.  I am not aware of MARSOC personnel who are SDV trained, but maybe they are these days.

DDS view of MK 8 SDV

The MK-VIII SDVs are due to be replaced by the Shallow Water Combat Submersible (SWCS) which is also a “wet sub”, meaning that the operators will breathe from a Drager-style system (limiting the operational depth). Service in an SDV platoon is not considered to be a particularly desirable assignment because they are very uncomfortable, particularly on longer-duration missions.

SSGNs serve as a forward-deployed, clandestine Small Combatant Joint Command Center and if that C3 center is manned, there would be a headquarters SEAL squad assigned to handle that. 

The SSGNs will also be able to support two Dry Combat Submersibles, which will not need a drydock shelter to operate from. They will lock in and out from the submarine directly. As the name suggests, the Dry Combat Submersible has a dry interior, enabling longer mission durations in colder water. The DCS is designated the S351 Nemesis and should be coming online soon.

The Advanced SEAL Delivery Vehicle was canceled some years ago.

For those haters, developing and deploying mini-subs is a far more complicated business than you would think. The Beltway Bandit (contractor) problem is only one issue. The ROK SDVs are essentially torpedoes and you ride on them, with the counter-rotating screw screaming behind you (not unlike the SDVs of WW2 fame). I trained with the ROK SEALs at Squadron 56 some years ago and with their SDV platoons. No, one would not prefer to ride a torpedo, cavitating like a banshee, into combat.


Never give a Charlatan Power


Bullet Points:

* Joe Biden traveled to Oregon to campaign for the lesbian Marxist running for governor. Oregon is a mail-in voting state so only Democrats win. You know that Democrat Tina Kotek is a garbage candidate when she can’t even pull off an election in Oregon.

During his trip, Joe Biden and Kotek stopped at a Baskin Robbins for ice cream. Joe wasted no time in sniffing his latest victim. The fake news media pretends this isn’t happening. The mainstream media supports this degenerate behavior.

* The tendency of taxation is to create a class of persons who do not labor, to take from those who do labor the produce of that labor and to give it to those who do not labor.

* The playbook is to bomb Russian bridges, and ports and shoot up their trainees but then clutch pearls and feign outrage when guided missiles are used to blow up buildings in Kiev. Got it.

* How many of the 87,000 new IRS Agents will be targeting those 4 million illegal aliens working for cash? It’s a fair question.

* “Saruman believes it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.” The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 

* It’s the most vibrant economy that the US has ever experienced. What inflation? What market loss on Wall St. What 25% of pension value vanished into smoke? FJB is at the helm, Jack! However, this has been the first negative year for Harvard since 2016. Harvard’s massive endowment lost $2.3 billion in value this year. They may just not be woke enough. Hire more tranny professors or something and it will all turn around. Or maybe blame the weather!


From Canada (a year ago)

If somebody should run across Doug somewhere, you might want to give him a lift to the train station. Just to show there are no hard feelings…

From Dr. Brown:

What happened to Regan, was the same thing that has happened to most of the healthcare community.  She was a nursing student and worked as a CNA in a nursing home, and while SCHOOL did not require covid vaccines, the locations she did her clinicals at DID mandate the vaccine.  It is a catch-22.  Do you withdraw from school and forget about becoming a nurse, or do you bow down to the hospital corruption regime and do as you are told so you can go to clinicals……. without clinicals, you cannot graduate from nursing school.  I would suspect her job at the nursing home also required the covid vaccine to work there.

Regan made her decision to keep her job/clinical rotation spot and got the omicron bivalent booster.  24 hours later, she was dead.  She coded the day after her booster and collapsed, unresponsive.  Areas this rural do not have level 1 trauma centers down the street, so she was taken to the closest one in Nebraska.  She was put on all life-saving measures, but recovery was not her fortunate path.  Her family said goodbye to her.


For the Historical Record:


    • If you want to curb China’s technical growth, it makes sense to slap them where it hurts. There is a lot of dangerous stuff going on. The question of Xi’s political dominance will be answered very soon. The 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (commonly referred to as Èrshí Dà; Chinese: 二十大) opened in Beijing on 16 October 2022.

        • I’ve heard both ways. There are several factions in China and each will want something because it’s politics. Will Xi give them what they want? Or will he promise and then have them executed once he’s secure? It’s China.

    • Cracking down on China like that is not something I expected from the Biden clan seeing as they do get serious money for China, this just shows you that someone else is running things.

  1. It’s hard for me to imagine a politician like that Doug Little saying something like that tweet in public.

    “we … must crush the resistance and break their spirit in order to force compliance and so they learn not to resist government mandates” ?!?

    Who TF would say something like that publicly? Did Stalin or Mao say these things openly?

    Carl Sagan’s quote, OTOH, has a certain irony to it that makes it rich. He was bamboozled on some things himself, but was unable to see it. It’s an excellent point to go with Doug Little’s tweet, because the demons haunting Sagan’s world are a lot like Doug Little.

    • I agree. It would be interesting if Sagan (whose politics is not mine in the least) lived to see 2022 and beyond.

      • The irony is indeed deeper, since Sagan himself bamboozled everyone else with that “nuclear winter” crap. He has described himself perfectly, with the total lack of self-knowledge that is the hallmark of the celebrity.


    • it was about that time that the prevailing propaganda revolved around rounding us up for forced vaxxes so i think mr. little felt safe to say what he did.

    • “It’s hard for me to imagine …”
      That’s because you probably believe in things such as integrity (wherein one’s public and private faces are the same), and rejecting the proposition that ethics are situational (they are not). Such outmoded, archaic and regressive modes of thought identify you as an obselete Yesterday Man and an enemy of The People. When all of us Yesterday Men have been destroyed then utopia will be achieved. Sure the power grid will be down, water from the taps, if any, will be filthy, etc. But no more mean tweets.

      In the same vein, “but then clutch pearls and feign outrage“. Of course. State ethics are the same as Hollywood ethics. (And why not? The exact same kinds of people are powerful in both.) Sure there’s Weinstein, and Polanski, and even Woody Allen (making step-child sex trendy before modern porn got into it). Not to mention idiots like Penn and Baldwin. But WE are the violent misogynists who can’t be trusted with firearms.

      • Mike_C, my generation (including most of those who read this blog) will pass soon. The Neanderthals who know which restroom to use will pass as Hillary Clinton wished would happen sooner than later. It would be nice if we could leave the next generation something worth having.

        But I just don’t see that happening on a large enough scale to make a difference.

  2. One small caveat on the pictorial statement that Bernie “lifted himself from poverty”
    I would clarify that assertion to say “He used YOUR tax dollars to lift himself from his own slothful, and well earned poverty”…

    One note that always amuses me about Bernie,
    in the past he always spoke of “Those Evil Millionaires” in his diatribes…
    Until HE became one of those “Millionaires”,
    now he speaks of “Those Evil Billionaires”…
    It is to laugh that we have many young Socialist who still worship this “Millionaire” as a fighter for the working class…

    MSG Grumpy

    • Bernie is an old huckster, but he has more gray matter remaining than FJB, and still has the potential to interfere with the Swamp.

      • Despite is old cretin look that he uses to disarm the unsuspecting, The Bern is a very dangerous man. The fact Vermonter’s continue to elect him speaks to their lack of integrity and intellect…or…maybe they are Commies underneath the cute town white church/maple syrup facade.

  3. USS Ohio, SSGN 726
    I’ve posted this remark before. When she first entered Hood Canal en route to the new base at Bangor, WA I happened to be near the Hood Canal bridge and watched her pass by. One of the scariest man made objects I’ve ever seen.

    Side story. One of the first projects at Sub-base Bangor was 122 units of multi-family housing. The company employing me and others companies all bid and were within a few dollars. Morrison-Knudsen was 10% lower. We all saw the many trees that needed to be removed. M-K saw a prime stand of old growth Douglas Fir. True story of not seeing the forest for the trees.

      • As I understand it, SDVT-One was relocated from Naval Expeditionary Base Coronado to Submarine Base Bremerton. I served at SDVT-1 in Coronado but it was a long time ago, back when they still had MK-9 SDVs as well, but they were sunsetting that mission.

        • The boomers and SSGN’s pack an armageddon punch with their nukes. 154 Tomahawks in an SSGN can be either nuclear or tactical in nature. I have no idea what the load-out is, but it can be changed easily.

          • Even if it was a conventional loadout think what that would have done in WWII. We have come a long way in destructiveness in the past 75 years.

  4. On the illegals’ working for cash, there needs to be a tax on non-cooperate money transfers outside of the country.

    • President Trump threatened that and Mexico sent 25,000 soldiers to the border to deter illegal immigration.

  5. I had some interactions with SDVT-1 back in the day, and was on the Island when the ASDV caught fire. NOT fun. And that program was a cluster with the BS requirements laid on them and the SEALS. Not any way to succeed… sigh

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