Going Galt?

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I really can’t stand the Republican Party. The GOP has lost all credibility with me. By that I mean the elite cadre who claim ownership of a party that generally stood for what I believe in. The foolish, childish games played by the “never Trump” gang goes against everything that the primary process should be.

I recommend an article, Ted Cruz: The Walking Ghost for your perusal.

Something needs to happen after this election cycle because watching how the sausage is made has seriously put me off the systems that both major parties use to rig a nominee of their choice. 
Maybe I will “go Galt”, or perhaps a credible third option will emerge, but what we have going with the scramble to knock off the front runner is wrong. Gleefully, Little Marco has entered this rat’s nest cabal with Cruz and Kasich to throw his delegates into the mix. In a world of small men, these guys are Lilliputians. 

13 thoughts on “Going Galt?

  1. Yup, this leaves me high and dry too. I've completely closed the wallet and am standing back, discussed, waiting to see who I support against The Wicked Witch from New York.

  2. I actually like Trump and think that he has the potential to be a good president. The's the only one in the race who has ever met a payroll, the only one who isn't on the political chum line, eating other men's bread for a living. I'll vote for him.

    But as for the GOP as an entity – they need to clean house or I'm out.

  3. Amen to that. But I confess I got an unexpected dose of positive WTF from Rinsed Prius a few days ago when he publicly berated the #NeverTrump crowd. For once, it seemed he was doing the right thing. Who knows, maybe he's finally getting tired of losing all the time?

  4. Priapus could lose the party.

    Trump could become president and announce that he's not longer a Republican and he could begin a Bull Moose Party – or something along that line. No matter what, the GOP needs to square itself away. Or it will go away.

    All I want to see and all the rank and file want to see is an honest contest. That's it. Win whoever may. That's not how the elites want to see it run and both Cruz and Kasich are playing into that – and into the Trump narrative.

  5. The GOP gets none of my money. A couple of Colorado pols do/will. Mike Coffman (R) 4th District. Goes after the VA and gets results.
    Sen Cory Gardner when he is up again.

  6. Agreed. The extreme, populist desire for an honest and straightforward contest this time should have been more obvious to Ted and John, methinks.

  7. Their heads are so far up their respective asses that they need a glass belly button to see out.

    They are cocooned in a bubble with panders whose sycophantic babble drowns out all common sense. Maybe when they can step back, they'll see what buffoons they made of themselves.

    All they are doing is prove Trump correct and they will secure the nomination for him by playing these games with the voting public.

  8. I was very disappointed with the Cruz/Kasich announcement. Except for the first one or two debates, there has been no substance to anything. All this back and forth belittling disgusts me.
    I wish there was a third option.

  9. I agree about Trump. I'll vote for anyone or anything before I vote for Hillary. I also agree with the RNC housekeeping.

  10. Trump will clean house, once in the door. And many of those GOP establishment that are in need of cleansing, a lot of those guys will 'self-cleanse,' or otherwise vacate the club, since an outsider will be in charge and extremely unfriendly to their cause. I think the cabal cobbled together by the Old Guard is in serious jeopardy, now that their sausage making is on the front pages of every newspaper in the country.

    People don't like scalawags promising them salvation, and yet they themselves are the devil in disguise. And that disguise has just been ripped off these guys, like a rubber mask off of a villain in "Mission Impossible."

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