Goat Circus

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I hear that civilian workers at the Pentagon have been furloughed by the executive branch even though Congress voted them money to stay on the job. And that would seem to be the case across the board. The one group that seems to be fully funded and hard at work is the Health and Human Services people who are pushing ObamaCare down the throats of an unhappy nation. They need not worry about furloughs. Funny, huh?
Better to close a park and put more guards on it than the Consulate at Benghazi, Libya had to protect it from the Muslim hoard  — for the stated purpose of keeping US WW2 veterans out.
It’s what we’ve come to expect from the ObamaNation.

8 thoughts on “Goat Circus

  1. The Obananation couldn't possibly show respect for WWII veterans by doing the right thing and allowing them to visit the memorials. Nope. He just cares about instituting his ruinous health care law.

  2. I read articles regarding all the things shut down at the service academies…wouldn't you know, service men and women know how to work around problems, and most things mentioned in the article are getting done anyway.

    Makes you think about all the wasted money spent that will never be thought of as waste…

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