Globalization in the Era of Pandemic

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The concept of “one world government” that would insure an end to war led to the League of Nations and later, the United Nations, both of which were abject failures. The USA is considering withdrawing from the World Health Organization and taking its money with it. The US is/was the single largest contributor to the WHO in contributions and donations, accounting for roughly 20% of the US$ 5 billion annual budget. (WHO chairman Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesu, one of your betters, threatened the US yesterday not to freeze funding for his operation. “You’ll all die” – or words to that effect, “if you cut our funding.” Right, Tedros.)

The WHO had one major job – forestalling a global pandemic – and they bungled that just about as thoroughly as anyone could, primarily because they acted as a pawn of the People’s Republic of China’s propaganda machine rather than in the interest of the world.

This example, which we are all living through at the moment, reveals the fatal flaw in the move away from nationalism and toward globalism.

President Trump’s election in 2016 can be credited in large part to his emphasis on protecting U.S. sovereignty. Hillary Clinton, a globalist, had a blind adherence to what the economist Dani Rodrik has called “hyper-globalization”—the idea that the interests of big corporations and the principle of market integration took precedence over widely shared prosperity and economic security—had come at the expense of domestic industries.

Anyone who disagreed with the Globalists (who also control the mainstream media almost exclusively) has been shouted down as ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobic’ or ‘on the wrong side of history’, if they warned about the consequences of surrendering national interests in exchange for “globalism”.

The coronavirus experience demonstrates that economic interaction does not occur in a vacuum of geopolitical competition. Dependence on China for crucial medical equipment throughout the pandemic has illuminated the dangers of a hyper-globalized economy. Experts had warned of American dependence on key drug ingredients from China. The Wall Street Journal has reported that China is the only maker of key ingredients for certain classes of drugs, including established antibiotics that treat a range of bacterial infections such as pneumonia.

In fact, the Chinese openly threatened to weaponize the global supply chain against the United States, by asserting that they’d withhold vital antibiotics if the USA blamed them for the pandemic that they started, and subsequently attempted to cover up.

America should not depend on an enemy/rival nation for its citizens’ health—any more than the United States and other free and open societies should give Chinese companies, and by extension the Chinese Communist Party, control over communications infrastructure and sensitive personal data in the 5G revolution.

The upcoming 2020 election is, more than any other single thing, about the future of American participation in surrendering its national sovereignty on the altar of globalization. The Democrat Party is pushing forward corrupt, sly, creepy, old, machine politician Joe Biden, whose senility makes him the perfect puppet. The news media will prop him up in their RELENTLESS propaganda campaign. The Republican Party is dominated by President Trump, whose warning voice has been shown to be unerringly correct.

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  1. You certainly couldn’t be more spot on, LL.

    The Wall Street Journal has reported that China is the only maker of key ingredients for certain classes of drugs.

    I’d be interested in what those key ingredients are.

    1. Most if not all, are made by US companies, doing business in China, but China gets the credit as the nation doing the manufacturing. Naturally, they have access to all of the trade secrets of those US businesses. We need to fix all this and bring it back at least to this hemisphere if not to the USA proper.

      1. P.S. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus lives in a mansion in Switzerland, paid for DONATIONS from USA, as opposed to the standard CONTRIBUTIONS from USGOV to the WHO. What a country! Old Tedros is a communist at heart, though, and makes common cause with his comrades in Beijing.

  2. Spot on…

    When any business fails miserably in their main charter investors do not continue to dump money into it. It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain it’s time to cut The WHO loose…we can fire-up manufacturing here without these clowns and grifter’s peeling off the top for their own benefit.

    The UN also…put their new offices on one of those cruise ships floating off the coast.

    As for Joe…where is he as the default “winner”? Thinking the DNC and their operatives made The Bern an offer he couldn’t refuse (Socialist elites have no problem taking large sums of cash when it suits them). It’ll be interesting to watch the Democrat games begin, doubtful they’ll even hide their criminal activities.

    Trump is “A Wall”…the guy outworks all of his haters. he’s constantly being underestimated (a good thing) despite everything they try falls flat. But watch for rampant voter fraud gearing up before November. Yesterday I heard the Left already speaking about another “pandemic resurgence before then, like they want it to happen. Pre-priming the pump in the heads of the mindless.

    Won’t matter…Trump wins in a landslide – too many people now see the handwriting on the wall of the seditious crowd (except for the brainwashed younger crowd, who without fail were ALL wearing masks in town yesterday…the bright side is that puts them in a moral dilemma having to vote for a non-Socialist senile old white lech.)

    Still waiting for my $1200 direct deposit (not really)….but the “process-masters” are tied up in their own knots and can’t get off dead-center (except for payments to NPR, the KC, or PP of course.)

    1. Take the free cheese and buy a new firearm or ammo with it. That’s what I intend to do with the government’s largess.

      As to putting the UN on a plague ship, that’s an excellent idea. It can float wherever it will. And we can put a torpedo into it if it comes to that.

      1. Excellent thinking on both accounts…hate “free gov’t cheese, feels weird, but maybe make an exception this time around.

        And really like keeping the Floating UN barge on notice with potential vaporization, might help them see straight (okay, probably not, but one can always hope.)

    2. Y’all are too kind, take them 100 miles out into the Atlantic, drop them off and tell them to start swimming.

      Paul L. Quandt

      1. You’re a diplomat, Paul…

        A lesser man would suggest opening a vein and dropping them in the Amazon.

      2. Probably [too kind]…just my Christian faith offering a small token of grace.

        Then again, maybe they’d get lucky and one of those “bad for the oceanic environment” float plastic rafts they all hate will come along, might change their tune. Then again, the scorpion’s nature doesn’t change.

        1. You’re a true Christian. I’d use a tactical nuke on the UN cruise ship on the high seas and vaporize it.

          1. Oh, for sure I’d do the same once they denied the initial olive branch…I may be Christian but am certainly not Christ.

  3. Bring it back home, America first. And it’s interesting to see Japan paying its businesses to get out of China. Smart move.

    1. I think that it will happen, LSP.

      US business accounts for 18% of Chinese commerce, but it’s the top end commerce. If Japan, Britain, Spain, Italy, and most of the rest of Europe pull out of China and move to vertical integration of the supply chain, it will send China into an economic death spiral. And that would please me.

  4. The WHO kept the PC Hood of Silence on the Chinese Virus from the beginning. This is a great example of just how PC can kill us all in the future.

  5. Since we owed this year, I don’t expect to see any donation in my account.
    I knew a long time ago that all the manufacturing needed to come back here. Definitely goes for medicine.
    It was brought back to me in particular when the pocket knife I got for joining the NRA was stamped “made in China”.
    I complained to them there there must be an American manufacturer that they could have gotten pocket knives from.

    1. It’s not a matter of oweing or not owing taxes. You’ll get the money dropped into your account if you filed.

      1. It’s disgraceful that a US Flag would be made in China and purchased here.

  6. There is the fantasy, deeply embedded in intellectual circles, that an integrated global economic system is the only answer to preventing devastating wars. It is a compelling argument. Their assumption is any rational person must agree.

    Why it will always fail is that some see war as a useful way to achieve objectives the “warmongers” want. The best way to thwart the war mongers is heeding Theodore Roosevelt’s wise words, “Carry a big stick”. That stick can take many forms and our current president seems to have a firm grasp of the concept, IMO.

    1. A well thought out response. Yes, President Trump seems to understand what makes things work, and what makes them fail…and the donkeys are furious.

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